Odessa swindlers: on a front line of technical progress

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In mass media messages that in Odessa the group of swindlers who had at the order the modern well equipped workshop - laboratory where false documents were made is opened already flew: passports, certificates, forms, decisions of the courts, etc. There was a huge arsenal of the various seals, stamps, a cliche for "firm" papers.

How used this "linden"? We spoke about it in an office of the senior investigator of the Odessa city prosecutor's office Sergey Nikolaevich Popov who runs business on swindlers. In conversation the member of his working group, the known investigator Evgeny Aleksandrovich Nikulin participated in Odessa. They frankly answered all questions, however the names of persons under investigation didn't tell (secrecy of the investigation! ).


On December 12 last year on the street of Zhukovsky in private notary office field investigators detained three people with false passports which tried to turn the transaction on apartment purchase and sale in Odessa. One person, having the general power of attorney of the hostess of the apartment, I sold it to other person, and that, in turn, had to sell its to the third...

It is clear that it was as though the zapevka of future action. Further sale already would follow the fourth person through real estate agency.

We explain: the first three sellers - members of criminal group who as though stole the apartment and very skillfully covered up tracks. The fourth - normal if it is so possible to be expressed, the buyer: he long looked for the apartment, he found it, the price suits him. No "contraindications" are present: the successors, the disguised registration... Everything is pure. Bear money, receive all documents, keys. Go and live.

So - that it so, but "the general power of attorney" which is made in due form, legal and bureaucratic, - the mosquito of a nose won't undermine, the hostess of the apartment gave nobody. About it I didn't hear anything. At this time it stayed in Moscow on a visit at relatives.

How came to a trio of swindlers? Certainly, not incidentally.The detention, and then their arrest were preceded by long and difficult work of field investigators.

Running forward, we will tell: for today arrested six members of this gang of swindlers. Four already know by name: they are put on the wanted list.


During the investigation, investigators tell further, found the secret apartment of this group - we will call it a workshop - laboratory. And there - thousands false documents... One only passports with photos about 500. Plus various certificates, beginning from "ксивы" the militiaman in the beat and finishing certificates of the judge, the prosecutor, the notary. We will add here the press - stamp, not stamp, various stamps. Everything, without exception, the press of district courts of Odessa and that outside the city - the hero. In general it is difficultly to list - too big list.

Children who were served by secret laboratory, "hilled" not only the Southern Palmira, but also it is a lot of objects beyond its limits.


You ask: why to these children it is so much seals, stamps, forms firm and other "linden"? You think, they sold production of the underground factory to other figures of a crime and on similar operations profited? Yes, sold. But if to speak about a serious profit... Certainly, the consequence didn't reach everything yet, however that knows, doesn't deserve close attention. Well, what such to sell the driver's license for 50 dollars, any admission - for 30, the passport - for one hundred dollars? Trifles.

- You know, what equipment we withdrew from a workshop - laboratory? - investigators tell. - New and the most modern: computers, copiers, printers and scanners - laser, color, jet. Cars for production of the seals and stamps. It is unlikely similar you will find something on any state enterprise - unless on the Mint.

But here that main thing: here, in underground a staff - the apartment, we found huge archive, a peculiar chronicle of criminal activity of our "clients". You can trust or not trust, but in this "library" was about 10000 (yes, yes, exactly about ten thousand) cards - traces of activity of criminal group. In cards of the address, a surname of victims, the sums for which them "heated". We will tell, for one apartment 50000 dollars, are received for another 125 thousand, for a ground on Timiryazevskaya Street - 270 thousand. You represent, what total income was gained by underground firm? Even approximately, offhand, none of us don't call figure.

But work goes, materials are investigated, to hryvnia and dollars are counted. As it was already spoken, business is run by special group into which prosecutors and militias enter: two investigators, two investigators, two quick employees. They carried out already more than 200 expertizes, including the pocherkovedcheskikh. Search of members of group with whom yet it wasn't succeeded to get acquainted is conducted.


You ask who they are? In total - inhabitants of Odessa. Age - of 26 years to 58. Their foreman (we will call him so) - 45 - the summer man with the higher education. Formally he as though the farmer, but actually never was engaged in processing of the earth. That you won't tell about his family.

And here we concern very thin, delicate sphere. What do you think: whether members of families of swindlers knew about a sort of their activity? If knew, in what limits? How to prove it? Certainly, the person, bringing to the wife or the mistress big money as - that I explained the nature of their emergence...

On the other hand, conspiracy in group was faultless. For example, none of privates didn't know about existence of secret laboratory. Its address was known only by the person whom we called the foreman. He leased this apartment, in coordination with the owner put an armor door. Here secretly delivered the necessary equipment, two experts sat here all day long and prepared "papers by request". The owner - the tenant regularly paid that is necessary, was polite and friendly. From the apartment never reached any noise, even loud voices. To neighbors to mind didn't come that happens at them behind a wall.

Certainly, someone "protected" children. In a group payroll they, naturally, weren't registered. As they say, not imperial this business to hob-nob on trifles with criminals, and here to receive "bucks" envelopes for information services is always please.

- You doubt, what we will bring the matter to court? We will finish, - investigators speak. - Business at all only in our professional honor. Matter in pure psychology: there is a fight - who whom! On the one hand, we are knights of the law, defenders of the deceived and robed honest people, on the other hand - underground businessmen, sophisticated swindlers. Who has to win this duel? We aren't going to lose. "Business" surely moves to court especially as to us help including the regional prosecutor Prisyazhnyuk, his deputy Shakhov.

What waits for swindlers? Article 190 of item 4 is from 8 to 12 years of imprisonment.However, the word behind court. What us confuses? Certainly, that we won't reveal all officials - kryshevatel, selling informants, the same "werewolves in shoulder straps". There is more: offensively for those old men and old women, disabled people and it is simple "driven into a corner" people whom black businessmen made destitute, dishomed over the head, the land plot, etc. And there is a wish to repeat the known slogan: "People, be vigilant! " After all if to speak openly, in Odessa there are also other nests of swindlers. Perhaps, two or three, maybe, not so well equipped with equipment. But the main thing - they act, still field investigators didn't calculate them.


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