In Sevastopol the land speculator

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As reported DZG that MD Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Sevastopol on materials of the pre-investigation check held by employees of department of Public service on fight against economic crime, the business owner is exposed.

38- the summer resident, for the purpose of mastering someone else's property (the land plots for maintaining personal country economy for the purpose of further resale), organized and carried out a number of meetings of labor collectives in hospital and kindergarten of the Balaklavsky area.

At meeting, being guided p.1 Art. 121 of the Land code of Ukraine where it is specified that "citizens of Ukraine have the right for gratuitous transfer of the land plots to them from lands of the state or municipal ownership for maintaining personal country economy - no more than two hectares".

The businessman suggested people to use this right to the land plots for maintaining personal country economy from lands which are in continuous using of the collective agricultural enterprise. The malefactor convinced members of labor collectives that is independent, without financial investments, those won't be able to use the right to the land plots.

At the same time, abusing trust of potential shareholders, the sly fellow offered citizens the services in receiving the land plots of 0,33 hectares by them for their consent on further sale of these sites to it for 3000 US dollars.

63 persons agreed with such offer - employees of hospital and kindergarten of one of settlements who mainly are pensioners and have low level of the income. For the purpose of documentation registration they transferred to the land plots to the businessman of the reference from a place of work, a photocopy of passports and the statement for earth allocation for maintaining personal country economy.

Besides, trustful citizens, working according to instructions of the businessman, in advance issued at the notary the power of attorney on representation of their interests, and also the will and the previous contract of intent to sell in the future the land plots in case of registration of the property right of the business owner on them.However in one of documents the area of the land plot wasn't specified, in the text there were blank spaces where over time the sly fellow entered the area - two hectares.

After registration of all these documents, the businessman reported to everyone from 63 citizens on 3 thousand US dollars.

On the basis of the power of attorney, the swindler addressed to the Sevastopol city public administration with statements for allocation of the land plot in a size of two hectares to everyone for personal country economy. Having received official refusal, it appealed on behalf of citizens to Balaklavsky district court with statements of claim about transfer to a private property of the land plots of two hectares.

On the basis of judgments to 63 citizens it was allocated on two hectares of the earth though actually citizens considered that with it it is allocated on 0,33 hectares. In general 126 hectares from lands of reserve fund of the collective agricultural enterprise were allocated.

On the specified 126 hectares of lands of a reserve of agricultural purpose the state acts on the right of a private property which the sly fellow, using powers of attorney earlier received by it were issued, intended to appropriate, having put thus to the state losses on the sum over 2,18 million UAH

At present rather business owner criminal case on signs of structure of a crime provided ч.4 by Art. 190 "fraud" of the Criminal code of Ukraine is brought.


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