The room thief was twisted by neighbors of the victim

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Militiamen claim: solvability of burglaries depending on a way of commission of theft and a season (there are more than "fortochnik" in the summer) makes 45, 7%. To catch the room thief difficult and troublesome. But sometimes strangers not unsuccessfully interfere with this "process of hunting for thieves" absolutely.

Recently inhabitants of the house No. 23 on Lenin Ave.detained the room thief, which tried to get into one of apartments. He wasn't lucky at once: the hostess of the dwelling came back home earlier, than he assumed. It faced the pilferer at an entrance. Having risen by the ladder flight, the woman found out that one lock on doors of her apartment is damaged, and another - is pulled out "with meat". The hostess of the apartment ran for the doubtful guy, called to him, that ran. Neighbors - men caught up with the thief, twisted him and caused militia.

It became clear that the detainee was expected round the corner by the accomplice. He was soon detained also. According to both thieves, 25 - summer guys - "guest performers" from Kiev, theymade 8 burglariesonly in Nikolaev. And still they managed "to be noted" in Kherson, Zaporozhye and the capital: in their "track record" in total - about five tens robed apartments for half a year.

And, on one staircase they cleaned at once all apartments and left them with gold products, laptops, small appliances.


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