As the general of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Nikolaev businessman taught raiding

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In June, 2003 I got down to work as the manager on the recreation facility "Vinnytsia" located in the Nikolaev area of the Berezansky area (a recreation area of Koblevo). In November, 2004, being at that time already the director of base, I headed construction of one more sleeping case in the base territory.

On July 15, 2005 construction of the case was finished, and it was put in operation, but on unclear to me to the reasons it leased to Gutsolu Pavel Ivanovich - it then held a position of the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area. By the end of a season of rest, on how many I know, neither a rent, nor payment of utilities, any other payments our firm from it didn't see. Besides, it didn't return us the case back, and began construction, without any permissions and coordination, one more sleeping case in the territory of our recreation facility. Construction was conducted by the Nikolaev firm JSC Zhilpromstroy No. 8. I with full confidence call this construction - ILLEGAL as at that time it there was a territory of our base and any contracts, on work, at the above civil engineering firm wasn't! As well as there were no permissions and coordination with bodies of local government (architecture, firemen, ecology, labor protection and so on).

As there was a representative who supervised construction. It was Gutsol Leonid Ivanovich - the brother of Gutsola Pavel Ivanovich. In the territory settled down a large number the specialist - technicians, tower cranes and more than 100 people of builders. Besides, he started disposing of our equipment (the excavator, the dump truck) and the staff of our firm, as own. In case its instructions weren't followed - we were exposed to pressure from its party: on GAI post at departure from a recreation area without any reasons, with words: "The general ordered", stopped, withdrew documents and made protocols at all staff of our firm, without looking, they go on personal motor transport or on enterprise motor transport. It obliged our firm for a ridiculous payment (at the rate of 18 hryvnias on one person) to organize three meals a day for his workers.

Workers, leading construction works at - on the general, in the evening constantly were in a state of intoxication, disturbed public peace, spoiled the property, for which I was responsible. On all my attempts to stop this disgrace, I received "the intelligible answer": "Don't poke the nose into other people's affairs who you are here such, I here the owner and everything will be as I will tell! ! ! " Having felt full impunity in the actions, builders started behaving impudently, defiantly, repeatedly offended me and my spouse who was pregnant. In their phrases I constantly heard words: yes who is he here such that he to us will make, to us all how much, we work for the general!

The employee of our firm holding a position of the deputy director on construction, Papenko Valery Demidovich, on unknown to me to the reasons, entered arrangement to the general, and issued a ground which at the time of recreation facility purchase by our firm, was put in the project of development of infrastructure of the enterprise on the general. As it became clear after g - N the general, using the shoulder straps, Papenko - the son Papenko, the same the employee of militia thanked, received the apartment in Kiev.

Using the influence on bodies of local government, g - N the general completely paralyzed work on development of infrastructure of our recreation facility. And itself at this time, without looking on any rules, requirements, norms and laws, already I constructed three sleeping cases. To me, to the person with economic education and not small experience, it is absolutely unclear on what means the civil servant, for the budgetary salary, is able to do it? ! !

On November 15, 2005 near 19.30ч. and in this time of the year already a night-time, two unknown men earlier to me, being drunk, перелазили through a protection on the recreation facility territory. Having heard noise and voices, I came to a balcony under construction at that time from the number (the balcony represented a platform without protection at the height about 1,5 meters from the earth) and asked them a question: who are they such and why here climbed? In reply I heard obscene abuse, threats and the beer bottle was thrown into me. There was a conflict, as a result, which I for a foot was pulled down from a balcony and tried to beat. Defending, I was compelled to apply, belonging to me legally, the gas gun. On noise workers of base ran together. Hooligans calmed down and left the territory. I considered that the conflict is settled …

In two days of one of the attacking hospitalized in hospital with suspicion on brain concussion.Passed four days and he ran away from hospital, without having finished a course of treatment. Thus he came to work and was allowed to control of the heavy-load MAZ car. And in five days him found dead in the bus which carried workers from building home.

As it became clear subsequently, attacking appeared builders of JSC ZHILPROMSTROY № 8. As a part of the crew they were engaged in construction of the new inhabited case for the general Gutsal in the territory of a recreation area of "Koblevo".

I am sure that from - for my unshakable position to return the earth which has been illegally "privatized" by the general Gutsol, and a fight was "played". And the death of the hooligan and mine not desire to make concessions, thanks to "diligence" of the general, became for me fatal.

The Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine brought criminal case where I passed the main thing accused on this fact 20.04.2006. The pretrial investigation repeatedly stopped as in business there was the explanation still during lifetime written by "victim" that he confirms the fight fact, but was traumatized on own imprudence, not during a fight, and circumstances under which it was traumatized, refuses to disclose. As it agrees the carried out it is judicial - to medical examination it was established that nature of formation of injuries on all signs corresponds to falling from small height and to blow about the plane. But the general wasn't appeased and continued to blackmail me. It used the numerous and influential communications, "pressed" on a consequence in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and local prosecutor's office - business went on a doprassledovaniye twice, qualification on business changed twice: from p.1 Art. 121 on Art. 124 and back. My fault in death of the builder wasn't that confirmed a sentence of Berezansky district court of the Nikolaev area: I exceeded necessary self-defense, but after all in a critical situation when your life under the threat, not many are capable to keep cool...

But the sentence of local court didn't suit the general - I bailed and therefore could counteract its plans. And its "game" cost candles - the earth price in a resort zone some million dollars and to receive it in using it is necessary to lock only "the obstinate boy" up. Therefore Gutsol promoted "emergence" of the appeal, and then achieved the sentence "necessary" to it in the Supreme Court of Ukraine - five years of imprisonment …


But here the fact which a consequence why - that "missed" in due time "emerged".In 2 days after an ill-fated fight, "the victim of my hands" the builder fell from a ladder of the second floor of the case under construction by the general! For this reason it also got to hospital, this circumstance, and that he refused necessary medical aid and led to his death to which so easily the general "brought" me!

The fact of a production trauma was skillfully suppressed as the production trauma on illegal construction is a serious offense, and responsibility for it falls both on the director of civil engineering firm, and on the customer, that is for - on the general and when I learned about it, the general told me: "I all the same will put you also you in prison сгниёшь - live from there won't leave!... ". For this reason I, being afraid for the life, it was compelled to leave a family, work and to leave out of borders of Ukraine.

I continue to fight and wrote the complaint to the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine. My business on again opened circumstances came to supplementary examination to SU of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Nikolaev area. I hope that this time "general shoulder straps" won't be able to influence objective investigation - justice will triumph.

Otkidach Igor Vasilyevich,
at present constant
I have no residence.

P.S. At present Pavel Gutsol holds a position of the deputy chief of transport militia of Ukraine (editor's note).


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