Operation "Envelope"

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Source: "Day"

Field investigators of tax police and employees of its divisions on fight against laundering of income gained by a criminal way, and also the staff of prosecutor's office in April exposed one of the most powerful the konvertatsionnykh of the centers. Illegal business worked under patronage of the organized criminal group consisting of inhabitants of Zhitomir area and inhabitants of the capital. Shady businessmen created a network from several tens of "fictitious" firms registered on figureheads житомирян who of $100-500 received the status of business owners for a reward and registered firms in Kiev. Through settlement accounts of these firms cash flows of clients of "envelope" to which the wide range of criminal services was provided also went: legalization of the means received by plunder of assets of the enterprises of the state form of ownership, artificial formation of the tax credit from a value added tax and overestimate of expenses of the enterprise. In two years of activity of an organized criminal group total amounts of illegal converting exceeded 200 million hryvnias.

Activity of villains was deeply kept dark. At the separate hidden office in Kiev on behalf of the fictitious and transit enterprises accompanying documents for clients, and also documentation on registration of fictitious firms were processed. Here cover documents for urgent closing of these firms and removal from the accounting of business owners after completion of their use in the converting scheme prepared. In office there was a computer equipment with system the client - the bank, used for carrying out operations on transfer of means. Cash which was delivered by couriers of the konvertatsionny center was stored in separate safes. After receiving cash and its transportation in office accountants of the konvertatsionny center of means were distributed between customers and accounting documents - tax consignment notes, acts of the performed works and so forth prepared. When accompanying documentation was ready, separate packages for each client which together with cash were delivered by couriers of the konvertatsionny center to representatives of customers were formed.

During searches it is revealed and withdrawn 300 thousand hryvnias, 43 thousand dollars., 885 euros, bills of the fictitious enterprises for total amount more than 50 million hryvnias, six seals and forms with prints of the seals of the enterprises having signs of fictitiousness, more than 25 system units with shadow accounts department of persons involved, primary financially - the accounting documents confirming criminal activity, computer and office equipment, packages of documents on cash removal from cash desk, a compact - disks with information.

At present organizers of criminal group are detained, accounts of the konvertatsionny center is seized. The cycle of the persons involved in criminal business is established.

25 konvertatsionnykh of the centers in various regions of Ukraine opened only for the last half-month during carrying out the operation "Envelope" tax police of Ukraine. Under the certificate of tax experts, illegal converting of means is the most profitable and widespread type of illegal business. And the corresponding services are rendered both to organized crime structures, and quite respectable enterprises which officials thus evade paying taxes.

As a result - the income received by a criminal way, gets into legal economy and leads to its criminalization. This phenomenon creates threat not only national economic security, but also economy, and safety of the whole world. Untangling the intricate schemes used by criminals, tax specialists thereby force criminals to invent new and new ways of illegal enrichment. But militiamen too improve a technique of exposure of crimes and today have at the order the real arsenal of means for prevention of plunder of the state treasury and an economy tenization. Recently the tax police departed from practice of control of small business and concentrated the main attention on multimillion transactions. It allows to prevent evasion of taxes in especially large sizes.

The lion's share of illegally earned money gets to a shadow through the konvertatsionny centers. Therefore for prevention of their creation, and also exposure and the termination of activity of subjects of business with fictitiousness signs tax authorities direct the efforts not only to identification of separate firms, and mainly on establishment of persons or the whole criminal groups which have made processes of creation and functioning of "fictitious" subjects of business activity the business.

Only in April the tax police found 25 konvertatsionnykh of the centers and exposed 352 firms with fictitiousness signs (for January - March 92 konvertatsionnykh of the center and 1345 fictitious firms). For the first quarter in the state budget about 10 million hryvnias are collected from "konvertator" and is seized on 15 million hryvnias.

So the staff of management of tax police of GNA in Poltava region stopped activity of the powerful shadow "konvertatsionny" center of the interregional character operating under cover of one of private enterprises Kremenchug. The actual owner of the specified subject of housekeeping, and also some other the similar fictitious economic structures registered on false people in different regions of Ukraine, it was 46 - the summer local who a few years ago was already brought to trial for the crimes connected with evasion of taxes, and till today yet I didn't serve the sentence appointed by court.

As it became clear, the organizer and the coordinator of "shadow" financial transactions maintained the close relations with many subjects of economic activity, regularly providing them services in converting of non-cash means in cash or from their "transit" through settlement accounts of under control firms for the purpose of minimization of the tax obligations by them. Working according to the fulfilled scheme, "konvertator" at first stipulated with contractors nature of this or that operation, a way of its carrying out on accounting and tax accounting, conditions of transfer of the corresponding packages of primary documents necessary for veiling and legalization of illegal actions, and also - the corresponding percent which is due to it for rendered "services".

Further his niece who nominally was considered as the owner of the "basic" enterprise was filed and played a role of the courier, ordering and receiving the pro-converted monetary weight in regional branch of one of bank structures.

The edge of illegal activity of a criminal conglomerate was put directly in the moment of carrying out by financial speculators of the next transaction on receiving cash of a "shadow" origin for total amount more than half a million hryvnias.Carrying out a further inspection, tax specialists found in the small room in the territory of one of the local enterprises, serving as "office" at the same time for two subjects of housekeeping entering into this illegal structure, the press, constituent and accounting documents of a number of the enterprises, and also some hundred thousands of hryvnias and the considerable sum of currency means of a "shadow" origin.

Now the organizer of illegal konvertatsionny structure is detained. Investigators of tax police incriminate it commission of serious crime ("Evasion of taxes in especially large sizes"). The investigative actions directed on establishment of all persons involved, involved in the specified illegal transactions and compensation of the losses put with them to the state, proceed.

In Krivoi Rog (The Dnepropetrovsk area) employees of tax police also stopped activity of the center of converting. Two locals who for 2007-2008 through accounts of the business owners who are under control to the center, illegally transferred more than 60 million hryvnias to cash organized it. It is established that organizers for cover of illegal activity of the center processed "phony" documents on acquisition of construction materials. The money arriving into accounts of the under control enterprises as payment for construction materials, organizers received cash on check-books.

The prosecutor's office of Krivoi Rog on materials of tax specialists brought criminal case concerning the organizer of the konvertatsionny center. During carrying out quickly - investigative actions by the staff of tax police the operational combination on detention of criminal group and neutralization of the konvertatsionny center was developed. Four searches in the location of office of this center and accommodation of the organizer and accomplices were for this purpose at the same time arranged. More than 480 thousand hryvnias by cash, 20 thousand dollars and more than 10 thousand euros, nine seals of firms with fictitiousness signs, the system unit on which hard disk the tax reporting of above-mentioned business owners, and also 20 check-books of the enterprises, more than one hundred blank forms with prints of the seals was stored are as a result revealed and withdrawn. At present the circle of clients of konvertator is established, the investigation is carried.

One more konvertatsionny center with the big address of means was exposed in Kiev. I organized an illegal financial network 25 - the summer inhabitant of Kiev.For a short time he managed to create about 10 fictitious enterprises registered on false people. And I helped it with it 31 - the summer native of Latvia.

Under the guise of payment of nonexistent goods and services the legal commercial enterprises washed here the profits hidden from the taxation. At least withdrawn shadow cash desk testifies to serious scope of activity of the konvertatsionny center - about $400 thousand. By the way, withdrew it in the car of the courier who went not on usual, and by expensive SUV "Porsche Kayen".

The underground structure settled down at several offices and the apartments belonging to konvertator. During detention of schemers field investigators had to act at the same time to several addresses where the press of the fictitious enterprises and documentation testifying to illegal activity were withdrawn. Now functionaries of the center offer explanations, and tax specialists carry out actions for compensation of the losses put to the state.


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