In Nikolaev passed the first game FootQuest

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In Nikolaev passed 10-й the Nikolaev quest and the first championship of the city on FootQuest under the name "S.T.A.L.K.E.R". Teams took part in it from the majority of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of the city and team simply fans of a quest, but the victory only got to one - team of the Nikolaev state humanities university of a name of Pyotr Mogila of "Smersh".

About forty people took part in game. In a line-up - the winner was played by Mikhail and Alexander Yatsenko, Artem Taran, Anastasia Ivanova, Sergey Lysenko and Oleg Dony.
The plot of game was based on a fantastic invention of the organizer Victor Kolomiyts. Before the beginning participants already knew part of history:

"July 5, 2020. Exactly 11 years passed from the moment of awful accident.
South Ukrainian nuclear power plant. Destruction of the first power unit. The reactor was
it is completely destroyed. Radiation caused the greatest damage to Nikolaev.
Officially the territory of the city is recognized as the ZONE-2. It was succeeded to evacuate
thousands to cure units. Being near an explosion place again
treated in dumb toys of invisible forces, in madmen the erased persons. Also there were unsuccessful attempts of army will cope with a new illness of a planet or at least to prevent its development and distribution, but everything was unsuccessfully, groups of scientists and military vanished in ZONE2 which continued to grow steadily. 2 accidents less than in 25 years. The economy stopped. The country gave up as a bad job. The only thing that managed to be understood for certain: accidents weren't casual. Ukraine not responsible, and victim, purpose someone or something. The world countries in a panic, after all "damnation" can be thrown and on them. Came to place time everything in places".

Before game participants received still part of history:
"The all-terrain vehicle stopped on the city suburb. The hatch opened, and the head of the person seemed, the gas mask hid features, from - for backs the machine gun trunk was seen.
- Well that you there?
- Don't disturb. As here everything changed. The city didn't transfer consequences of Kuzkiny mother. Itself look.
- Yes on what here to look? Stones and the boards, the destroyed houses, the burned-out earth. We have business, not time for memoirs, climb inside.
- And after all I once here lived. Here my parents were lost.
- Passed ten years. I understand. Therefore you also were called on this operation.
- Not only. And to what to you it? All right, went.
The cover with a force slammed, and the all-terrain vehicle started. The city was ready to a meeting of guests".

And so with each new stage of team all received new and new part of history and became its part. Dynamically events developed. Teams overtook each other, one even had to withdraw. But the finish was reached. Last message:
"The all-terrain vehicle stopped on a burned glade. Among the charred branches and heaps of stones there was an indestructible monolith, very clearly showing a superiority and greatness. The weak luminescence proceeded from it.
- What it for the devil? Next anomaly?
- It seems to me, here everything is much more serious. I think, it and generated all anomalies. This heart of a zone 2. It is his soul.
- It is necessary to destroy it.
- Kite, Bald, you drag explosive, we will undermine him to hell
Suddenly the space recovered. Directly from anywhere on soldiers tumbled down hundreds unclear, disgusting and vile creatures.
- Fire children, каменюка resists
Shots rang out. All military training was put to use. Grenades, machine guns, monsters didn't become less. Before eyes darkened.
- "STOP!! ! "
This order stopped approach. It was distributed in ears, penetrated a body through. Soldiers too ceased firing and stood in catalepsy.
- Who are we? Who is it? What is going on? Kite, recover, - the glazed-over eyes of the soldier spoke about his death
- Better death than to live in slavery.
The crash was suddenly distributed, the space began to boil. The part of monsters scattered on pieces and in the formed aperture the truck shrouded in languid shine, which right there охваило and the soldier drove. There already familiar stalker with the unknown sat:
- I see, all of you forced to earn my device? Otlichnenko, we don't waste time. This field will be able to constrain them, but is short.
- And fight, appears, only begins. Children, in the car.
The truck went on the charred earth, gathering speed, and behind there was a monolith, majestic and unapproachable … "
Game over.


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