Serious misfortune: the Post-Soviet countries endure boom of pedophilia

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Russia endures the real boom of pedophilia, but the huge share of such crimes isn't revealed yet. And in Ukraine defects of laws on a hand to perverts. Some children too early learn that the world of adults not such and colourful.

The other day the Central district court of Tyumen sentenced to 10 years of a colony of a high security 49 - the summer children's tyrant Vasily Turovts who in February of this year in broad daylight stole 9 - the summer boy going to school, and outraged upon it. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the quantity of sexual crimes against children increased in four years by 25,6 times.

In the ministry claim that this problem arose not in recent years, simply now such crimes began a thicket to reveal and report about them. The public is excited by infinite disputes what to do with pedophiles - to execute, castrate or treat. Experts are sure of one: if it is simple to close eyes to this misfortune, similar crises will happen everyone five - seven years.

Forty-nine-year-old Vasily Turovets moved to Tyumen from Novy Urengoy, having left there the wife and children. It didn't find work, escaping from disorder by means of alcohol. On February 15, as always tipsy, he walked around the city and saw going to school 9 - the summer boy. "It overtook the child and substituted a knife to his back, - the senior assistant prosecutor of the Tyumen region Elena Melnikova told "Noviye Izvestia". - He violently took juvenile to itself(himself) home and within eight hours forced the victim, and then released". By then the father of the child, having declared loss in militia, I searched for the son on all city and I encountered it when that left an entrance. "The boy became reserved, told about everything not at once, - Elena Melnikova explained. - The militia found the pedophile without delay". The court sentenced Vasily Turovts to 10 years of a colony of a high security. "Examination revealed at it anomaly - an inclination to little boys. But before on similar affairs Turovets wasn't attracted, - the assistant to the regional prosecutor added. - We in horror because that children can't quietly reach in broad daylight school".

Hidden epidemic

According to the department of protection of a public order (DPPO) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, in 2007 more than 3 thousand sexual crimes against children whereas in 2003 the militia revealed only 129 such cases were registered. "But even these three thousand incidents don't reflect all volume of similar crimes, - noted in interview the head a press - the Ministry of Internal Affairs center of Russia Oleg Yellnikoff. - A large number of latent crimes though their huge layer all - was opened in recent years" remains. In the ministry connect this tendency with the advent of the governmental commission on protection of the rights of kids which the second year functions under the auspices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. "The whole complex of actions for detection of offenses against children in regions is carried out - both territorial law-enforcement bodies, and local police inspectors, - states g - N Yellnikoff. - Often with statements in militia on such affairs nobody addresses. The child in 8-10 years of it won't do. And if it from a dysfunctional family, and parents don't begin to find out anything". Experts note that pedophilia epidemic in Russia expanded at all in the eyes, but it was noticed just now when news of new violations of children come nearly an every day. "We predicted this crisis in 2002, - admitted the coordinator of the working group of a site "Pedophiles. Ру" (national base of pedophiles of Russia. - ) Sergey Ivanov. - If not to solve a problem of pedophilia in a complex, such crises will happen everyone five - seven years".

I went to prison, but I promised to return

"In catching the pedophile, the problem isn't present, - declared a source in Moscow criminal investigation department. - But criminals are released soon from - that in UK for them small terms" are provided. If for rape of the child the pedophile risks to receive from eight to 15 years of imprisonment, for the sexual intercourse without violence application - till four years, and for dissolute actions concerning the kid the criminal at all can get off with a penalty. "It is necessary that to articles connected with rapes of minors, it wasn't applied conditionally - an early release, - I expressed the opinion the lawyer Georgy Ter - Akopov. - By means of UDO the state indulges recurrence of these crimes". At the end of March of this year in Petersburg the pedophile Dmitro Voronenko was sentenced to life imprisonment.Before the maniac had some criminal records for rapes, but each time him let out conditionally - ahead of schedule.

The head of the Center of a legal and psychological assistance in extreme situations, the psychiatrist - the criminalist Mikhail Vinogradov claims that on sexual crimes against children recurrence makes 100%. "In the West to pedophiles after release put on a bracelet or implant the chip, and each their movement is around the city traced, - noted g - N Vinogradov in conversation with. - If the tyrant happens is noticed about schools and other child care facilities, him can detain again. In Russia of such control isn't present". At the beginning of a month the Civic chamber of the Russian Federation offered other way of fight against this evil - chemical castration of pedophiles. Such measure is applied in many countries of Europe, and in some states of the USA of pedophiles castrate forcibly. According to the deputy director of scientific center of social and judicial psychiatry of a name Serbian, professor Zurab Kekelidze, chemical castration is possible if it do at the request of the patient. "The part of criminals has a sense of guilt, they are ready to be punished and will agree that them castrated, - speaks Zurab Kekelidze. - They can be compared to patients with a game addiction who are lost and ask not to let them in a casino. Thus compulsory castration won't give effect, after all the impossibility of an erection yet doesn't mean disappearance of desires". Besides, chemical castration is dangerous only to men, and there is a lot of pedophiles and among women.

"It is an illness"

Doctors, however, yet didn't lose hope to win against pedophilia in more humane ways. "The state and society offer the people committing such crimes, only one - punishment, - professor Kekelidze argues. - It is necessary that society realized that the pedophilia is an illness, then there will be also methods of its elimination". However, psychiatrists recognize that while the medicine yet didn't find a way to relieve the person of this criminal bent. Moreover, it is much more than potential pedophiles, than those who actually commits crimes. "The people inclined to children's violence, nobody considered, - reported Mikhail Vinogradov. - How many Russians want to get drunk? Half-countries. And become an inveterate drunkard much less. Also large number of people have pathological thirst for children, but control itself".Doctors suggest to put some idea since the childhood that the pedophilia is a diagnosis that at emergence of criminal thoughts people knew that it is necessary to address to the doctor. "It is necessary that children were told about it at school, - Zurab Kekelizde is sure. - In educational institutions psychiatrists because every fifth school student has this or that mental disorder are anyway necessary. Doctors and to potential pedophiles" will help.

The people have to know

At the end of March of this year it became clear that the pedophile - the recidivist Vladimir Naumov who raped and brutally killed five-year-old Polina Malkova from Krasnoyarsk and which the militia looked for more than a year, lived with her in the house opposite. Since the maniac was released from a colony in 2004 (there he got too for minor rape), he managed to outrage upon one girl living in the same area. "Unlike many other countries we, unfortunately, have no means of the notification of citizens that near them there lives the pedophile, - complains a source in Moscow criminal investigation department. - In the West, where there left this person after release, all will know who is he such - by means of mass media, the Internet and municipalities". "To the USA on the house where the pedophile lives, write: "There lives the person who has served sentence for a crime against children", - Mikhail Vinogradov added.

On the Internet the sixth year there is a site "Pedophiles. Ру" on which the database of detainees and searched pedophiles and constantly being updated news about the next crimes is laid out. "We created the portal first of all in order that parents had information that occurs in their region, - the coordinator of the working group of a site Sergey Ivanov told us. - Certainly, a good few of visitors of our portal is made by pedophiles. But we consider, as for them it too is useful".

Mother - the security guard

Impossibility to isolate perverts from society of the power want to replace with control strengthening over parents and their children. Last week the Interior Minister of the Russian Federation Rashid Nurgaliyev suggested to enter about the country a curfew for minors which already works in Moscow. Shortly to all children and teenagers can forbid to go outside after 22.00 without adults. "If in England the child till 14 years even appears in a public place one in the afternoon, his parents bear criminal liability, - Mikhail Vinogradov claims.- And in Russia Polina Malkova's mother didn't drive the child in a kindergarten because it was laziness". The State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children Affairs prepares the bill according to which parents will bear legal responsibility for location of the child when it not at school and not in a kindergarten.

However, experts doubt effectiveness of this idea. "Formally strengthening of responsibility has to conduct to an aggravation of call of duty, - Oleg Yellnikoff argues. - But often parents who don't watch the offsprings, don't watch and themselves too. Mother - the alcoholic to fine it is useless". Moreover, many experts are sure that the number of sexual crimes against children increases in many respects due to violence from parents and close relatives. "Especially it concerns stepfathers, - declared the Ombudsman for Children in Moscow Alexey Guolowan. - Such problem exists around the world because the institute of a family becomes more and more closed. When in militia signals of unsuccessful cells of society arrive, guards usually speak: "There will be in a family a corpse, then will come".

Margarita Vverkhovskaya, Noviye Izvestia


Psychiatrists from the USA for decades are engaged in researches of the sexual perversiya connected with violence concerning children. Some of these works draw absolutely unexpected conclusions. So, one of scientists found out that a half of 50 interrogated pedophiles had the first sexual experience with children at teenage age. 8% admitted that found the sexual interest to other children in ten years. The share of pedophiles among people with various perversions makes 40-50%. The American researchers note that pedophiles on the average have lower intelligence, than other tyrants and more often than ordinary people, had any injuries of the head aged till 13 years. Psychiatrists Kortoni and Marshal put forward the theory that tyrants lacked for parental love the childhood or became objects of sexual violence. Coming into sexual contacts with children, they solve problems of the childhood, identifying itself with those who once offended them. This process lets to them know the power. It is curious that information on female pedophilia is limited. Generally it is nurses or parents. Researchers conducted anonymous survey among 546 American students.4% had at least one intimate relations with children till five years.

Evgeny Shipilov


Belgians take offense when at foreigners their country associates with the word "pedophile". The high-profile case about pedophilia not exposed one year Belgium around the world not in the best light. On June 24, 1995 about Liege eight-year-old girls Julie Le Jeune and Melissa Ryusso were gone. Announcements of search were stuck at bus stops and stations of all EU countries. In some months in Ostende two more girls, then and two more disappeared. On August 15, 1996 somebody was arrested Mark Dyutru, and from a cellar of his house live two captives are released. Soon found bodies of the previous four victims. Million people took to the streets with white balloons over the heads. They accused the power of connivance and demanded to clear hearings about a criminal network of pedophiles which works allegedly with the assistance of politicians and businessmen. The power reacted resignations of Ministers of Justice and internal affairs, reform of police and judicial system. On June 22, 2004 Mark Dyutra condemned for life. Activists of "white marches" created social movement in child protection from pedophiles, and the state - body on coordination of search of children on all EU. But the problem together with business to Dyutr wasn't resolved. During the period of "sexual revolution" 1960-x years in Belgium there were the organizations supporting legalization of sexual contacts with minors. But society apprehended this initiative in bayonets. In the next France today for rape of the child 15 years to the criminal are younger threatens till 20 years of prison, and under aggravating circumstances - and a life imprisonment. But pedophiles don't become less. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of France, only in one year in the country with 64 - the million population in 6193 cases from 10506 were raped or minors underwent sexual aggression. Legislators didn't think up ways of fight against this evil. The president Nicolas Sarkozy offered two ideas - to exclude possibility of an early release condemned for sexual crimes and to create special board of psychiatrists which would define degree of probability of recurrence after prison term. If the person recognize dangerous, from prison him will send to the closed clinic.

Alexander Mineev, Brussels


Cases of infringement of sexual inviolability of children in Ukraine are fixed nearly an every day. Experts explain such terrible statistics with lack of mechanisms of fight against pedophilia and loyalty of the Ukrainian UK to it. Last year in Kerch detained and subsequently judged five pedophiles aged from 50 till 70 years. 15 victims are only those girls who gave the evidences. To work with them it appeared hard. Not each militiaman is capable to interrogate the eight-year-old child who has fallen a victim of a sexual crime. Besides the current legislation only helps perverts. The most active of them at all didn't recognize socially dangerous. He received in court of the first instance of 10 years, and in appellate court to it "knocked off" four years. Lawyers consider that in three years it will release, after all the tyrant - the person of old age at which there are a lot of diseases not less awards which have been given out still at the time of the USSR. Militiamen claim that the appropriate section of UK of Ukraine needs essential changes. How many all pedophiles in the country - isn't known. Them counted only in one area - Donetsk. There names of 98 tyrants are established. Anybody wouldn't learn and about this figure, if not the resonant business which has riveted on this region attention of all country and the Interior Minister. Long time in Donetsk and its vicinities bosses the serial maniac. Entices girls in the car and, sticking to them a medical preparation, forces. The identikit is made, and search of the malefactor is conducted. But after a sensation round this business in March - April of similar crimes militia it isn't recorded. The pedophile hid and, probably, already "hunts" on children in other area. The Interior Minister of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko accused a number of militia heads that they "didn't register the statement of victims, pretended that it is accident, without noticing the same handwriting".

Yana Sergeyeva, Kiev


In Poland even more often the loud crimes connected with pedophilia become a subject number one. Last year the Polish police together with the West European colleagues "covered" the international network of pedophiles. Staff - the apartment of this organization was in Brussels. In 2007 the wide resonance was received by business of the children's psychiatrist working with kids with inadequate mentality.It got after threw out in the container for garbage a pile of photos with the naked patients. On a consequence the pediatrician explained that such treatment of children was demanded by its technique of stressful treatment allegedly yielding results. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland, now behind a lattice are about 1300 criminals condemned on article 200 UK "pedophilia". But, by words a press - the secretary of management of Louise Salapy's penitentiary institutions, from this mass of only 10% serving sentence pass as pedophiles. For them in seven Polish prisons special departments where tyrants try to return on the correct way are organized. For pedophilia punishment from a year to 10 years of prison is prescribed. Law enforcement officers don't control the pedophile who has left a jail. The management of prison is obliged to inform only guards on places of where the released will live. In diet the law on supervision of the stayed pedophiles was considered more than once. Deputies suggested to band perverts special bracelets, as in the USA that it was possible to trace location of such people at any time. The law is now finished. As a whole the pedophilia in the country extends everything more strongly.

Victor Shankov, Warsaw


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