Mass storm by swindlers of card accounts of Ukrainians

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Mass storm by swindlers of card accounts of Ukrainians is observed the second month in succession. Victims of the swindlers who were up in arms against the Internet - payments, become fans of "easy money". Malefactors, as a rule, apply some main receptions to obtaining data on the card.

Card swindlers closely were engaged in the Internet. Last week one of the largest payment systems in the country - - reported about activization of swindlers who under different pretexts extorted information on payment cards then in only a few minutes devastated their accounts from users. According to financiers, it not only this year attack of criminals who for quite some time now even more often began to attack elite plastic and plastic cards with credit limits.

Spring aggravation

As reported in the company, massive storm by swindlers of card accounts of Ukrainians is observed the second month in succession. "Happens that we block in day to 500 cards which are defined by our monitoring system as roguish", - told "DS" the president of interbank system of electronic delivery and payment of accounts Igor Gorin. Malefactors, as a rule, apply some main receptions to obtaining data on the card. The most widespread - placement on information sites about allegedly carried-out payment on a card of money for viewing of advertizing and its regular visit. Also data on plasticity extort under the pretext of receiving monetary prizes or any other gratuitous earnings (very often such advertisements are placed on sites on job search). "Opportunity to encash a prize for what it is necessary to approach where - нибудь in area, or alternative option - comfortably to receive money for the bank account which requisites need to be provided is offered to the card holder. Thus terms of payment are limited", - concretized "DS" the chief of processing center ПУМБа Yulia Shatrova. "The naive victim in a pursuit of a profit enters all requisites of the card.Further swindlers use this card for purchase of anonymous electronic vouchers of mobile operators on the Internet and resell them", - added it with g - N Gorin. Are less widespread, according to financiers, cases with mailing of requests for card requisites under the guise of bank security service. Such messages often come to e-mail of Ukrainians: financial establishment refers to that it had a failure in computer system, and asks clients to submit it lost information.

Experts claim that in recent months faced the real rise in crime in a plastic segment. "If in 2007 attacks to cards often happened time in one - two months, this year they occur several times a month", - told "DS" the head of department of prevention of fraud the Bank Delta Olga Kaftanova. Swindlers competently approach to a choice of victims, attacking mainly clients of financial establishments of the country with million issues of cards and the solid remains on accounts, and often holders of elite plastic and cards with credit limits become victims. One of the largest attacks experts called storm of client accounts Aval Bank Raiffeisen in the fall of last year: then swindlers used the special computer program - a trojan by means of which got access to system "the client - bank" and to impressive means on accounts. "At the end of 2007. criminals actively traded in a telephone phishing. The most serious attack was undertaken on one of the largest Ukrainian financial establishments. Malefactors, obviously, having received contact information on credit card holders, rang out clients and under the pretext of a mistake in the credit suggested to specify card requisites. Further the same scheme with vouchers of mobile operators" was applied, - told "DS" Igor Gorin.

Swindlers form bases of future victims of the data bought from employees of banks or intercepted during payments in a distribution network (communication channels not always are protected as appropriate), and also collecting information on users of the payment systems working in a mode the Internet - banking. "Other sources are used also. For example, the clients, fallen into a trap swindlers, remembered later that left data that they have a card of our financial establishment in several questioning on receiving discount cards in a number of outlets", - the head of department of payment cards of Hreshchatik bank Sergey Guolowan noted in conversation with "DS".

Stolen not to return

As reported in the company, it this year managed to stop to 90% of roguish transactions and to block sites by means of which swindlers fooled Ukrainians. It is more difficult to prevent a robbery if holders of cards independently provide data on the plastic to malefactors at a telephone or post phishing. In these cases bankers prefer not to remember that the client database fell into hands to criminals from - for negligence of employees of financial institutions, and sometimes - thanks to a collusion. As a rule, they refer to that, giving information to the third parties, the owner of plastic violates agreement conditions with bank, and refuse to it compensation. As soon as the crime wave started covering the plastic market, bankers quickly revised contracts on service of cards and as far as it was possible, reduced the responsibility for loss of money from card accounts. "Today in 70-80% of cases of fraud the client loses money", - the chief of sector of electronic channels of sales of OTP Bank Vladimir Shvedchenko stated.

The only thing, on what victims can count, is on detention of criminals, though then chances to get the refund at them are insignificant. "As a rule, to return the means illegally charged off a card account of the holder as a result of a phishing, rather difficult. On carrying out investigation and capture of the swindler the long time" can be demanded, - the head of department of monitoring of operations and control of risks of department of payment cards of Finance and Credit bank Olesya Gutnik recognized.

Swindlers will breed

Not to fall into a trap swindlers, to Ukrainians advise not to respond to offers on the fast earnings, captivated today the Internet and getting to their e-mail. "It is necessary to realize that the bank doesn't address to clients through post systems. In case such offers arrive on behalf of financial establishment, it is necessary to report about them to bankers", - told "DS" Vladimir Shvedchenko. Besides, financiers demand that at payments in the Network clients reported only necessary data, instead of everything that is printed on plasticity. "For transfer of money it is enough only number of the card and term of its action. If the site requests for card replenishment, say, a prize additional information on CVV2 (the code put on a turn of a card.- "DS"), it precisely sign of fraud", - were explained by g "DS" - N of Guolowan. Still actual it is necessary also - to be connected classical council to the banking service SMS which allows the holder to receive quickly data on all the transactions on the mobile phone. At detection of the first unfamiliar payments it is necessary to block a card, and to do it it is necessary very quickly. "Usually the card "bomb" throughout five - seven minutes after obtaining information on it", - I told "DS" Olga Kaftanova.

If to trust bankers, they will undertake introduction of new technologies which will complicate penetration of swindlers into databases of holders of cards. "The main lack of many banking systems - application of the technological decisions which have been obviously doomed to theft of client information", - I recognized g - Shvedchenko's N. However, even on condition of introduction of the last ноу - Hau, financiers don't count on recession of crime in a card segment and train Ukrainians for the worst. "The number of roguish attacks in 2008 can significantly grow, after all the number of emitted cards constantly increases. The responsibility question isn't less important: so far in Ukraine yet didn't detain any the Internet - the swindler", - I summarized - жа Kaftanov. Experts consider that the phishing remains the most favourite receptions of criminals this year, also they allow repetition of breakings by hackers of the bank servers which are carrying out client payments in the Network.


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