Best defense is offense! About it, it is better than someone, TV men

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Yesterday, in some Nikolaev mass media there was information that on July 9, Nikolaev Broadcasting Company "the NORM - the Center" rushed into the room group of people in number of 20 people and arranged a search. How to be reported in a note, this information was given by the director of this of Broadcasting Company Oleg Baranov. But we will return to it a little later.

This note, simply ideal example of how any PR-service has to work.

For whom a secret that the best protection is an attack and the skilled director Nikolayevskoy of Broadcasting Company "NORM - the Center" everything, proved once again that he is down on to rules by which "information wars" are waged. And they in the XXI century became almost the most decisive. Having lost such war, it is very difficult to prove the case. After all presently, thanks to correctly constructed PR-to campaigns, the largest enterprises are seized, revolutions …

are created

It isn't difficult to imagine as this small note affected moods of citizens of Nikolaev, to tell on subscribers of Broadcasting Company "the NORM - the Center" more precisely. And to the word not so it isn't enough of them! This cable network serves 17000 subscribers in different districts of the city of Nikolaev.

Imagine their reaction when they will read placed, let even on the Internet. It is natural that all of them become on protection "the window to the world", that is those who for many years gave the chance to them, for rather small money, to watch foreign channels which, and with it it is difficult to argue, 10 times more the national.

And one more very important question which involuntarily arises during note reading - as the same 17000 subscribers of "Norm" will treat law enforcement officers who instead of watching observance of laws, it appears, participate in competitive dismantlings, protecting interests of one of the parties? !

We will begin on - to an order! The first, very interesting fact - Nikolaev Broadcasting Company "NORM - the Center", actually, isn't broadcasting company. As we were told in National council of Ukraine on television and broadcasting, the license of Broadcasting Company granted by National council at "Norm".By and large, this open company is provider of a cable network, that is provides carrying out a cable network to users and their service.

"One of the arrived showed the certificate of the worker of the Nikolaev UBEP then the group (we will remind 20 people) blocked premises of broadcasting company. During the day in "NORM" carried out searches and interrogations of employees of broadcasting company", - it was written in a note.

Really, as it became known "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", the authorized search of non-residential premises of JSC MSP NT Norma-center was carried out on July 9. It is authentically known that in a search took part on some employees from UBEP, investigative Management of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area and representatives of prosecutor's office. From where the citizen Baranov counted 20 people not clearly!

From reliable sources in prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area it was succeeded to learn that the search was carried out absolutely lawfully - to be available the sanction on its carrying out, given out by prosecutor's office.

As the attention is deserved by one more fact which was mentioned. "On a question, within what criminal case investigative actions are carried out, the following answer was received - "Criminal case isn't openly! "", - apparently, this phrase as is written according to the director of "Norm".

Strange, why to field investigators so to answer if, actually, Investigative Management of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area, brought criminal case on signs of the crime provided by h. 2 Art. 176 of UK of Ukraine. The this criminal case was brought concerning officials of JSC MSP NT Norma-center who during the period from November, 2005 to February, 2008 purposely, for mercenary reasons, carried out illegal relaying in own cable network of separate Russian TV channels. The actions they broke breaking the Law of Ukraine "About the author's and adjacent right" and the Law of Ukraine "About television and broadcasting". For objective investigation of this criminal case it was created it is investigative - task force which structure included employees UGSBEP of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

So can employees of UBEP such phrase and didn't speak?

One more phrase from an above-mentioned note, is at least surprising."I revolted the staff of broadcasting company not only impudence of such actions, but also that about a third arrived - employees of the Kiev company "Torsat" - the organization - the competitor with which "NORM - the Center" is in the judicial relations and courts wins", - it was printed on the Internet.

From what employees "NORM - the Center" took that among checking "a third - employees of the Kiev company "Torsat"" it isn't clear. They that so often communicate with them, what know all by sight?

And here when the speech came for the relations with the Kiev company "Torsat", everything cleared up a little and it became clear that mister Baranov tried to achieve this publication.

As it was succeeded to learn from sources in JSC Torsat, legal department of the company, at the beginning of 2008, I submitted the written address in UGSBEP to Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area in whom it was indicated current legislation violations from outside "NORM - the center". On the basis of this address, JSC MSP NT Norma-center check on legality of granting to the population of channels of the Russian television, the right on which, in Ukraine was carried out, belong to JSC Torsat.

All the matter is that JSC Torsat is the official representative of the Russian TV channels in Ukraine and only on a contractual basis provides the right to the companies which provide services of a cable television to the subscribers, to relay a package of TV channels.

Here it should be noted that TV channels "The first channel. The worldwide network", "RTR - a planet", "TVCI" is international, is license the cleared versions of the Russian TV channels "Channel One", "Russia" and "Culture", "TV Center".

It follows from this that the international versions are made by TV channels for distribution of programs of channels outside Russia. Means, owners strictly forbade to extend "Channel One", "Russia" and "Culture", "TV Center" TV channels to territories of Ukraine. In this regard their relaying roughly violates the law of Ukraine, the right of TV channels and the right of JSC Torsat.

It turns out that according to requirements of owners, for granting possibility of revision of TV channels to subscribers of any network, the company of a cable television has to pay remuneration for the right of relaying, having signed thus exclusively written contract.If the company relayed to subscribers TV channels, but contracts didn't sign - it means carried out such relaying "piratically", that is it is illegal.

And really some years judicial proceedings between JSC MSP NT Norma-center and JSC Torsat last. By and large, such controversial questions also have to be solved in a judicial order and only who can solve court in this situation is right and who is guilty.

Possibly, for collecting objective information on activity "The norm - the center" also was carried out this inspection, especially within the brought criminal case.

According to the available information, necessary contracts between JSC Norma-center and JSC Torsat aren't signed. Moreover, allegedly, exactly "NORM" refused to conclude them. It to last some years, since that moment when mister O. Baranov, being the head of the SPU city organization and the deputy of the Nikolaev city council, lobbied interests of the company.

During the carried-out inspections, employees UGSBEP Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area carried out fixing of relaying of TV channels of JSC MSP NT Norma center on a magnetic film at subscribers of JSC MSP NT Norma center in different districts of the city. And the authorized search of non-residential premises of JSC MSP NT Norma-center was carried out for the purpose of withdrawal of documentation and repeated check before established facts.

As it was already mentioned, for 2005-2008 of JSC MSP NT Norma-center in own cable network relayed noted TV channels in open form, without the concluded agreements with owners.

And only for 2007, those owners suffered losses, from relaying of one TV channel, for the sum about 300 thousand UAH

Funny still here that - "Forbade to use mobile phones, to fix the events - too though thus carried out video filming", - it was noted in a note.

There is a question - and where PR-service of law enforcement agencies? Why she is silent? Video filming is. Information has to be, after all criminal case …

is brought

If all and proceeds, in the near future we will observe pickets under the regional Department of Internal Affairs where people will hold posters with inscriptions, approximately such contents: "Hands off "NORM"", "Don't close to us a window to the world", etc.

And the most interesting in all this, as the Island.Rams I could tell about details of a search which passed on July 9 in Nikolaev, after all it was at this time in the capital and not to be believed that it left the laptop at office which as it was written, was withdrawn.

Now the consequence proceeds and "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" will watch closely very much the events.


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