On earnings - in a brothel

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Oh, this persuasive advertizing! As we quickly get used to it as blindly we trust it. And then we repent that got on "rod", and in certain cases and in sexual slavery. As it was in these real stories.

Nikolaev prostitutes abroad

There lived to themselves in Nikolaev two sisters - nineteen-year-old Rita and eighteen-year-old Vika. After leaving school they began to look for acceptable options of future work taking into account the appearance. It is necessary to pay tribute to sisters: there were they high, harmonous, blue-eyed - though at once on the Pleyboy magazine cover. Not couple to cachectic western beauties.

They began to thumb through pages of advertizing newspapers, and there a shaft of tempting offers. In the majority of such offers on work abroad there was one indispensable condition - knowledge of a foreign language. Because girls also registered in English language courses on Ilona Davydova's method, This two-month science was given to sisters without special tension, they even were the best schoolgirls. Such is there was their aspiration to leave for earnings for a cordon. Here - that a certain Angela also noticed sisters. I invited them home, I laid a table which burst with refined drinks, snack, exotic fruit. As usual, cut, have a snack. Cunning Angela gradually began to have provocative conversations supposedly you won't find decent work in our city. At your external data, girls, to you direct road abroad. From there you will arrive all in brilliants, by smart car, you will earn money and for the decent apartment. Little girls only silently nodded …

Having convinced that her "clients" ripened for subject conversation, Angela called someone by the mobile phone. Soon there was the high broad-shouldered young guy who was called as Jean. Also conversation that lives led and works in Spain. And it arrived to Ukraine together with the partner to take young beautiful girls for work as waiters in the bar. Conditions are as follows: free housing, food, plus of 50 euros for change, and any prostitution. If girls wish, can sign with it the contract, for a start for half a year. At the expense of firm to them will issue foreign visas, will pay flight by plane to Spain. All these expenses on an arrival into place from them will hold in parts.

Prospects were very iridescent, and unsophisticated young girls agreed. Here that Rita was going to marry was decisive factor. And now it had a real opportunity to earn money for a wedding.

Soon sisters invited to organizational meeting. In one of apartments in the quiet district of Nikolaev already there were six pretenders to a trip to Spain. They as according to the painted scenario to the arena there was certain Eduard didn't manage to get acquainted. Also I told to the gathered maidens what exactly he keeps bar in Valencia. Also takes there for work only Russians and Ukrainians. During easy conversation it began to describe delights of their future work. As if hypnotized, girls gave the final consent to a trip.

To them quickly processed necessary documents, and they sat down in magnificent salon of "Boeing". In the warm October afternoon when we already had rains and slush, they were accepted by blessed Spain. Our heroines were in the seventh heaven …

Vika got to the apartment where lived five Russians. 23 years were the most senior. In the neighboring room there lived Artur. It kept order, and also was responsible for protection of concubines. On the same day trustful Nikolaevka understood that lodged them not to waitresses, and to ordinary prostitutes. For these purposes in bar special rooms are equipped. There is also a price-list for all types of intimate services - on the average to 100 "dollars" for one session. For young Victoria such opening was the real blow. And she began to sob, ask for suggestions more skilled girlfriends - as her to be. Those advised to make to themselves "mastyrka" (to simulate a small trauma). That it without hesitation also made.

That evening Artur carried girls to restaurant, to celebrate birthday of one of Muscovites. At a table he saw a wound on Wicky's hand and very much became angry - who from clients will take it now with the cut hand. And suddenly it infectious - scrupulous foreigners very much are afraid of AIDS …

Having come back home, drunk Artur beat Vika. In the morning he reported on the incident on the boss. That, to its surprise, not really mourned - in exchange always there will be another, more appeasable - wishing though take away. I ordered to give it the passport, to buy a plane ticket and the first flight to send to Kiev …

But partners left the senior Rita, having declared that she will fulfill for herself and for the sister. And Vika, having arrived to Nikolaev, I told about everything to Rita's groom. That immediately went on "dismantlings" to Angela.However her husband began to threaten it that if he will stir much, his bride will have too many problems. To the guy remained nothing how to go for the help to militia. Also the roundabout twirled. Our employees asked for the help in National bureau of the Interpol in Ukraine to promote Rita's return home.

The Spanish police worked quickly. Against souteneurs and holders of an underground brothel criminal case was brought. Soon the court took place. Rita was on it a witness. Being guided by the Spanish laws, souteneurs and holders of a brothel were condemned to long terms of imprisonment.

But, it appears, not only behind a cordon are able to earn money on operation sex - slaves. Such case took place and in Nikolaev, but about everything one after another.

Money doesn't smell

Now life is so difficult that everyone in it tries to earn means as can. One plow on building, other in the days stand behind the lathe or behind a counter. But there is in Nikolaev a category of people who seek to earn money by merciless operation of other people. Also work thus proceeding from the banal principle: money has no smell.

To field investigators the Organized Crime Control Department of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of area information arrived that in Nikolaev the underground brothel works. The opera collected necessary information and appeared suddenly to the imperceptible apartment down the street Sevastopol. And there already at full speed there was a process of "rendering to clients of sexual services". On a bedside table - packings of condoms. And in the Kodak camera naked beauties behind "work" are recorded. During a search field investigators withdrew negatives with nude women, notebooks with "black" accounts department, marked notes. It didn't make sense to open to holders of an underground brothel. And they admitted everything.
The following was during the investigation established. There lived to himself on light a certain Valery to Bob. In the 35 years, having behind shoulders only technical training college, it didn't reach anything essential in this life. But very much I wanted to have a lot of money, with pleasure to eat - to drink, softly to have a sleep, thus especially myself without tiring. As - that he came across the announcement in the newspaper: "Beautiful girls will brighten up your loneliness for the corresponding remuneration! ". Here - that the idea to create underground "brothel" in Nikolaev came to it to mind also. I talked about it to the former wife Nadezhda. That gave the consent to the organization of such specific type of "services".And to Bob, inspired to earn by thought a lot of money, I got down to business seriously, because and I advertized in advertizing newspapers. Moreover, on columns near female hostels I pasted announcements that the girls ready for money to render intimate services are necessary. Also present, were wishing to work on a field of sexual "work" for good money. Soon them 10 "women of easy virtue" were taken already. One of them told to investigators as began to work in underground "brothel". It arrived to Nikolaev from one of villages of the Bashtansky area to find in hope here good work. In one of advertizing newspapers I came across the tempting offer on "highly paid work". Also I came to the specified address to Sevastopolskaya Street. Here to it explained an essence of its "work". Feeling a severe need for money, she agreed, and began "to work". Approximately according to such scheme came here to work and other "women of easy virtue".
To bean printed and I distributed business cards with "brothel" coordinates to taxi drivers, owners of saunas, administrators of hotels. And clients went here in flocks.

Because business went, to Bob rented the additional apartment in the house No. 159 on Lenin Avenue. There also the underground brothel for conspiracy moved. And in the apartment down the street Sevastopol there was brothel "human resources department". Here "boss" accepted new workers. And everyone at first passed through his hands.

The discipline here kept up to standard. To bean forbade "women of easy virtue" to give to clients the home address and phone number that maidens had no temptation to serve clients in free from "the main work" time. Those were compelled to be all the time in apartments rented under a brothel. And they had only one day off in a week according to "sliding" schedule. Over time to Bob rented one more apartment, on the street of Frunze.

It supported discipline and by introduction of penalties from 100 to 1000 hryvnias for various sins. The heaviest of them was concealment of the money received from clients. From 100 hryvnias it took away to itself(himself) a half.

Staff of the Nikolaev Organized Crime Control Department soon covered this "shop". Then there was a court. To bean Valery for the organization of underground "brothel" was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment. To the same terms, but with a trial period three and two years were received respectively to Bob by Nadezhda and Ivashchenko Natalia. And "staff" of a brothel passed in quality of witnesses.


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