Yury Lutsenko estimated work of the Kiev militia

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The Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko who as a whole well estimated work of capital garrison of militia took part in work of board. However, the Minister noted that activity of the economic block is insufficient.

Doesn't accept Yury Lutsenko that results of counteraction to bribery and office crimes don't answer those to scales and number of criminal manifestations that is observed practically in all spheres of life of the capital. It is a question and of office crimes, as in central offices of executive power, and local administrations.

- Unfortunately, everywhere it is possible to find examples of abuses, crimes, criminal encroachments and, first of all, corruption, - Yury Lutsenko noted. The minister paid attention to activity of service of fight against economic crime, in particular activization of its work to stages of disclosure of crimes which prepare. As an example, Yury Lutsenko guided murder in the capital of presidium of NAN of Ukraine managing affairs of Valery Arsenyuk.

- We learned many "dark" stories from economic activity round NAN of Ukraine. Attempt of illegal use of property and the earth - one of possible causes of the murder of Arsenyuk, - the Minister told. - But the militia had to know still before these facts and give them an assessment not to allow such annoying case. Therefore counteraction to economic crimes is a priority number one.

Also Yury Lutsenko noted insufficient counteraction of narcocrime in the capital. The minister demands from the relevant divisions until the end of this year to expose direct organizers of narcotraffics.

Making comments on work of a capital State traffic inspectorate, Yury Lutsenko noted that in comparison with the similar period last year accident rate reduction on capital roads is observed.

In particular, the Minister positively noted GAI and consequence work concerning establishment and accountability of persons who made road accident with serious consequences.


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