The uniform won't be pure if from it quietly to erase spots – the chief of the Nikolaev Department of Internal Affairs

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that on July 2, on the workplace, in receiving a bribe the chief of office of an authorization system of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine was convicted of the Nikolaev area the militia lieutenant colonel L. Dushachenko. At present he is detained.

Today, during the press - conferences the chief of the Nikolaev regional Department of Internal Affairs the general - the militia major Anatoly Naumenko commented on this fact.

"The problem of clarification of own ranks from law-enforcement bodies never is removed. The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko constantly insists on it. It is more than Department of Internal Affairs, at us in the state with ashes any structure don't strew. Yes, every family has its black sheep! But we reveal such people. We show these facts. We take out them on court of the public and we will continue it to do while completely we won't clear the ranks", - A. Naumenko declared.

The chief of the Nikolaev regional Department of Internal Affairs sincerely noted: "The uniform will be pure only when dirty to dump and dress the pure! And if it is simple to wipe quietly spots, nothing will come of it".

He emphasized that those people who don't want to work honestly for the benefit of the city, area and all country aren't worthy to be in ranks of law-enforcement bodies, and have to serve sentences on all severity of the law.

"Other law enforcement agencies about the identification facts in the ranks of "werewolves" are silent though they such have less than in militia. That there are only our courts! ", - A. Naumenko told.

The general - the major as intrigued journalists also with that according to him, exposure of one more "the werewolf in shoulder straps" is planned soon.


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