Ukrainian criminal "authorities": who what cities "holds"

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The criminal authority doesn't take direct part in crimes. So, militiamen have no proofs. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, today in Ukraine there are no large organized criminal groups. Isn't present at us and thieves in law?

Kiev holds Anti-Moscow

40- the summer thief in law known as Anti-Moscow began "career" in the homeland in Abkhazia. In the same place in young years it several times judged for theft.

In 90-x years Anti-Moscow got over to Kiev and, having hammered together the small gang which frame was made by Caucasians, I was engaged in extortion of money at small businessmen and market dealers.

- We were aware that Anti-Moscow is the leader of a gang, - explained a source in law enforcement agencies. - But couldn't detain him. The matter is that he doesn't commit crimes, all dirty work is performed by the improvised. We, of course, arrest them and we send to colonies. But they refuse to give evidences against the king categorically. So and us the known thief has nothing to show. Over time Antimos's organized criminal group amplified and expanded. Now it possesses the majority of shashlik houses of the capital, and also natives living in Kiev from the Caucasus render monthly tribute. Besides, this legalist is the owner of large business in Odessa (it is a question of oil products).

- When Anti-Moscow leaves the capital, order looks after 32 - summer Vasya Ushaty, - continues a source of "KP" in criminal circles.

- It became looking about five years ago. Ushaty was born and grew in Kiev. After leaving school I served in army. It would seem, on a slippery path far won't leave: on old thieves' concepts, the former soldier can't become the legalist or looking. But, to see, Anti-Moscow solved differently. However, that Ushaty will receive "crown", the speech doesn't go yet. Vasya and access to a common fund has no. On the money received from Antimos he provides zones of Kiev region with grocery transfers, cigarettes and drugs. And that who on the special account, brings to a colony of girls. On it its powers while come to an end.

Meagen was established by control over Zaporozhye

Meagen's criminal authority - one of the most known people in Zaporozhye. In the middle of 90-x it hammered together small criminal group which was engaged in racket and extortion. Then, having secured with support of known politicians (natives of Odessa), I established control over the Zaporozhye market of metal and a local dump of industrial wastes.

Now it possesses practically all pleasure institutions of the city (restaurants, a casino, bars) and a number of profitable private enterprises.

- From the very beginning I moved Meagen of badly, - notes a source of "KP" in criminal circles. - He didn't want to hand over money in a common fund. I said that thieves to it not the decree. At first him warned: so it is impossible. And then decided to kill that another was nepovadno. Charged to liquidate Megan to killers from the Zaporozhye organized criminal group "Som and Sokira". In the fall of 2003 they waited for authority on "Zhulyana's" capital airport. But some minutes prior to plane landing "Zaporozhye-Kiev" bandits were seized by employees of Public service of protection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Who reported to militiamen about the planned attempt, still it isn't known.

- Past year Meagen felt in itself forces to eliminate all competitors, - approves a source of "KP" in law-enforcement bodies. - Also I ordered to the people to execute a number of murders. On March 15 this year in the center of Zaporozhye on Lenin Avenue honeycombed from the Kalashnikov 36 - the summer businessman Vladimir Malyar. On hearings, one week prior to death he refused to cede to Megan control over the enterprises.

On June 12 in the Hortitsky Area of Zaporozhye killed the friend Lera and Antimos the legalist Yura Gruzin. Shortly before death it returned to Ukraine from Russia where lived within the last five years, and probably tried to select at Megan the narcomarket which is controlled traditionally by thieves in law.

On June 10 in the center of Yalta in the face of 13 - the summer daughter shot the deputy of the Zaporozhye city council Victor Savkin. BYuT fraction into which Savkin entered, considers this crime political. And militiamen claim that the deputy ordered Meagen. The criminal authority, it seems, wanted to take away belonging нардепу the enterprise for trade in grain.

And, at last, on June 19 in Energodare did in 35 - Pavel Kulyatov's summer criminal authority.Speak, the conflict to Meganumber arose at it from - for dumps of industrial wastes, profits with which long time was divided by Kulyatov and Megan's groups. Why militiamen still didn't bring Megan's criminal authority to trial? The matter is that he, as well as Anti-Moscow, doesn't take direct part in crimes. So, militiamen have no proofs.

- We detained some fighters from Megan's group, - the staff of law-enforcement bodies explains. - But they don't want to give the evidence against the leader, therefore that still on freedom.

In Dnepropetrovsk Narik


The leader of the group largest in Dnepropetrovsk known as Narik was born in 1972 in Rustavi (Georgia). Later together with mother I moved to Dnepropetrovsk.

At the end of 80-x years Narik together with domestic friends created small crew and was engaged in racket. And already in 90-x its gang totaled about 80 fighters who controlled local firms, restaurants and one bank.

- The money earned by a criminal way, - employees GUBOP tell the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, - the leader of an organized criminal group put in legal business. Besides, it "lured" officials from the state administration of area and, that a sin to conceal, militiamen. Many of them became co-owners of the profitable enterprises belonging to the bandit and gained stable income. For this reason criminal cases against it either weren't excited, or closed.

Soon Narik secured with protection of the Moscow businessman of the Chechen origin (on hearings, this person is the owner of Redison — Slavic hotel in Moscow) and became the successful businessman. Today import of metals, trade in oil products, agricultural goods, cars, restaurant business and production of mineral water falls within the scope of its interests.

In the fall of 1995 Narik tried to shoot. But the killer armed with the machine gun missed. The person who attempted upon the leader of a gang, soon detained. However the name of the customer and remained secret. According to unchecked data, besides extortion Narik's gang didn't disdain also custom-made murders. There is a version about what his people finished with ex-the head of National Bank of Ukraine Vladimir Getman and tried to kill the son of the banker.

So or not, but ten years ago law enforcement agencies all - brought criminal case against Narik.As to make it responsible as leader of an organized criminal group it wasn't represented possible (in old UK simply there was no such article), authority accused of extortion.

Narik didn't begin to wait for further troubles. In the beginning I went to Israel, and then I got over to the Caucasus. On hearings, it occasionally comes to Ukraine according to counterfeit documents and on - former controls work of the enterprises. And Narik's organized criminal group continues to keep Dnepropetrovsk in awe.

52- summer Lera encourages children's wars in Sumy

Lera - the most known thief in law in our country. Lera in Sumy was born and grew up. In the same place, contrary to hearings about its departure abroad, it lives to this day together with the civil wife Alla (official marriage by thieves' laws is forbidden).

- Lera, unlike bespredelshchik, people of an old school, - militiamen speak. - We have data that it controls some private enterprises, and also a gaming in Sumy. But money for it - not the main thing. Its purpose - revival of old thieves' laws. Lera considers that thieves have to go in for the traditional craft: thefts and drug traffic. And to trade in business by it not to the person.

- Sumy - the only city in Ukraine where such phenomenon as collecting, - one of the staff of department of fight against organized crime of the Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Sumy tells still remained. - In other words, our boys of one area are at war against the contemporaries from other areas. And recruitment of children in teenage gangs happens directly at schools. And the one who doesn't wish to go on collecting, becomes a derelict.

But what use from boyish civil strifes to the thief in law Leray? As it became clear, is - and considerable.

- "Zaprava" (so call leaders of boyish groups) monthly raise from everyone who is on collecting, a tribute in 7-10 hryvnias, - the person from Lera's environment claims. - This money goes to a thieves' common fund. Besides, skilled urka train the most dexterous and talented teenagers in criminal craft and thus prepare for itself replenishment.

Гиви from Donetsk - a cruel bespredelshchik

The leader of the organized criminal group of Givi largest in Donetsk grew up and was born in Sukhumi. To Donetsk got over in 90-x years right after service in army. At first I worked as the taxi driver. Then I got acquainted with the person heading group of thimbleriggers and I threw at the railway station.Subsequently his friend - the swindler became one of the businessmen most influential in the country (today he is the People's Deputy of Ukraine), and Givi - his right hand.

- In the criminal world Givi consider as a bespredelshchik, - tells an informed circle. - He tried to make friends with thieves, but they didn't accept him. And then Givi made the career independently. It hammered together a gang which was engaged in extortion, production of false vodka and traded in drugs. Besides, it controlled Donetsk souteneurs, the market of metal and is combustible - lubricants, and also a gaming.

- The organized criminal group of Givi carried out custom-made murders, - the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of Donetsk region Mikhail Klyuev notes. - And criminals with improbable cruelty acted. In the summer of 2005 we found remains of people whom alive immured in walls of mines! It were victims of a gang of Givi. Among the killed there were 25 businessmen, 19 members of other groups, 8 members of an organized criminal group of Givi and five casual witnesses. I think, during the investigation the number of victims will increase at least twice.

Having learned about that against it brought criminal case, Givi left out of borders of Ukraine. On hearings, he hides in Russia. This version is confirmed also by that fact that past year 11 members of its group were detained and transported to the Russian Federation home. It is curious that according to official figures - the gang of Givi broke up and any more doesn't constitute danger. At the same time informed circles in law enforcement agencies claim that criminals continue to act, and their chief makes orders by phone.

Lviv remained

without "owner"

At the beginning of 90-x years in Lviv the legalist Zavinya crowned in Moscow managed. When he died, its place took Tomato (he lived in Rudno's town about Lviv) and Vasya Himik. But soon both of them killed. And then the power was intercepted by a bespredelshchik Artur.

- First Artur worked as the bartender in cafe (in this tavern at Zavin took place thieves' a meeting), - remembers a source in militia. - How it managed to become the most cool, I don't know. I will tell only that a few years ago Artur killed. Since then in the city there is no "owner".

Today in Lviv about 10 small criminal groups work. The majority of them are engaged in stealing in Western Europe of expensive cars and their resale in Ukraine.

- Lvovshchina became for a long time the capital of stolen cars, - the staff of Head department of criminal investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine notes.- In area automobile workshops in which four wheels remake to unrecognizability work. After that to find the stolen foreign car extremely difficult.

- Once we neutralize one group of car thieves, to its place comes new, - militiamen complain. - That we only did, but we can't cope with this trouble in any way.


Why convicts lifted revolt?

As it was already reported, on May 9 this year more than 20 detainees of the Kharkov pre-trial detention center No. 27 cut to themselves veins. Some days later the similar history occurred in the Lvov colony. Why convicts arranged revolt? On one of versions, legalists have a direct bearing on the incident Anti-Moscow and Lera.

- Lera and Anti-Moscow it is constant "heat a zone" (in other words, transport transfers), - believes a source in law enforcement agencies. - Besides, they hope to revive thieves' traditions. And for this purpose it is necessary for them that convicts again began to obey their councils.

- But at what here revolts in the Kharkov pre-trial detention center and the Lvov colony?

- This performance organized at the request of thieves. Pier, you look, convicts: if you make as legalists speak, it will be easier to live to you. Honestly, revolt in the Kharkov pre-trial detention center helped to stop a beating from cops. And in Lviv prisoners achieved dismissal of the deputy chief of a colony on a mode.

It is natural that after these events many prisoners joined thieves. More shortly, in a zone thieves' concepts again become fashionable.


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