Roguish revelry: speculators in Ukraine will badger!

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On suppression of roguish boom in the country will lift all domestic insurance market. Insurers decided to unite for fight against swindlers. They are sure that the new association will allow to reduce several times the payments received today by speculators, and will beat off desire to profit at citizens, overestimating damages on insured events.

However, the statistics while indicates the opposite - swindlers are adjusted to inflate insurance companies further. Only for the first half of the year volumes of payments of insurers to swindlers on the average on the market increased at once by 20% in comparison with January - June, 2007

Roguish revelry

As it became known, at the end of June in Ukraine insurers decided to create new association - Association of security services of insurance companies into which while eight largest SK plan to enter: "Bill", "Providna", "Dzhenerali Garant", "INGO - Ukraine", "Is simple - insurance", Allianz, "The European insurance alliance" and "AXA-Strakhovaniye". At the initial stage membership dues won't be raised from insurers, it is a question only of collecting on operational expenses - about $500 from the company. "The organization purpose - prevention of cases of insurance fraud, exchange of information about the facts of falsification of insurance events and the persons participating in these swindles. Besides, the association will begin to make joint investigations on suspicious events", - the head of department of economic security of the Dzhenerali Garant company Pavel Pronin told in interview. Right now experts explain emergence of new structure surge in fraud in the insurance market. By the most modest estimates, to 20% of payments on retail insurance today it is the share of swindlers.

Most of all speculators succeeded in an autocomprehensive insurance. "We repeatedly faced fraud episodes on car insurance. The largest sum for which us tried to deceive, - 500 thousand UAH", - the head of the security service of the Oranta company Dmitry Ponipalyak admits. Experts allocate some main roguish schemes in car insurance.The most widespread is an overestimate of the extent of damage on road accident. "Insurers try to overestimate damage a way insignificant дописок in the list of the damages received in accident which totally for 10-20% exceed the size of real losses. It is promoted actively by some workers HUNDRED and appraisers", - the director of the department of settlement of losses of the Universalnaya company Alexander Kvyatkivsky told. On the second place on application the scheme which is consolidated to insurance backdating beaten cars. Dishonest workers of SK as for registration of the contract of an autocomprehensive insurance it is necessary to show the car, as a rule, participate in it. To observe all formalities, the client, having agreed with the insurer, shows one vehicle, then numbers from the insured car are outweighed on identical, but by already broken car. "In such schemes are usually mixed both representatives of GAI, and employees ассистанса", - the head of department of marketing of the Ukrainian Insurance Group company Yaroslav Kyryliv explained. On the last place experts put the scheme according to which the same car insure in several companies then dramatize accident. "Also car pseudo-stealing is very widespread: the owner sells the car, and then, imitating theft, addresses in SK for compensation", - the director general of the Veksel company Vasily Fuhrman reported.

"Work from a half"

Drivers show unprecedented dexterity, swindling with policies of obligatory insurance гражданско - legal responsibility. By estimates of financiers, in the first half of the year to 10% of all payments by this look it was the share of swindlers. In that case drivers feign an insurance event, previously having secured with support of unfair GAI officers. Abuse even not obligatory, and a voluntary insurance of "autocitizen" became the real hit recently. Under these circumstances considerably the question price increases: if the maximum amount of compensations on obligatory insurance is determined by the law in 25,5 thousand UAH by property damage and 51 thousand UAH - by damage of life and health, in voluntary "autocitizen" limits are set by SK. As a rule, they fluctuate within 100-200 thousand UAH "There was a case when the client tried to receive at us 150 thousand UAH under the contract of voluntary SGPO.It submitted the application for compensation of damage to the third party who was injured because of the insurer owing to so-called contactless road accident", - the head of department of settlement of losses of the Etalon company Tatyana Kopayeva told. According to insurers, in similar cases citizens imitate repentance - admit the guilt and petition for compensation of damage to the third party. After that it is extremely difficult to security service of SK to get to the truth that actually road accident wasn't.

Even more often insurers face on a car market not the laymans, trying to squeeze out of the company the maximum sum, and with true professionals. Business reaches a fake of policies on an automobile insurance. Insurers, and their clients who don't receive subsequently compensation according to the false policy become victims of similar "stains" any more. "We faced already three attempts of receiving payment on a false insurance of "autocitizen". Counterfeit policies of our company were on sale in the Russian territory to citizens of the Russian Federation driving in our country. Besides, bulk selling of counterfeit policies "green card" began in Zakarpatye", - Pavel Pronin from "Dzhenerali Garant" reported.

Got skilled at to cheat SK and in personal insurance - obligatory insurance of tourists, voluntary medical and insurance upon accident. Thus in accomplices doctors who or can draw up the account for nonexistent operation undertake, or overestimate the cost of real medical services. "Some citizens try to do planned operations or to treat teeth abroad, hoping that it will cover the tourist policy. For example, we had a case when the elderly man performed planned operation in Germany, and on homecoming made out SK a bill for 9 thousand euros. During the investigation it became clear that the client sent earlier results of analyses to this clinic, and there already expected him arrival for carrying out operation", - noted in conversation with Yaroslav Kyryliv. Till 2007. similar schemes were applied in insurance leaving abroad, but with development of domestic private clinics experts note increase in quantity wishing to earn additionally on insurance medicine and in the homeland. "At insurance of medical expenses and VHI of abuse are observed from medical institutions which unreasonably appoint insured expensive researches and procedures", - I shared with Tatyana Kopayeva.

Crime without punishment

According to the domestic legislation on each of above-mentioned cases of fraud responsibility is supposed. "Under article 190 UK all these acts can be qualified as fraud. It pulls a minimum on a penalty in 850 UAH, public works for up to 240 hours, corrective works till two years or even freedom restriction till three years also can be applied. If fraud sodeyano in large sizes - more than 4250 UAH, can threaten the malefactor the conclusion from three to eight years", - Ekaterina Gutgarts - the partner of Lawyer bureau of Gutgarts told. If on the hot the group of speculators is caught and fraud cases in especially large sizes (more than 10,2 thousand UAH) are proved of freedom it is possible to be deprived for 5-12 years with property confiscation. However, all these norms are extremely seldom put into practice, and impunity experts explain present roguish boom. "Usually we reveal fraud at a stage of settlement of an event. As thus speculators yet didn't receive illegal payment, to attract them under article about fraud quite difficult", - the deputy head of board of the Providna company Vyacheslav Chernyakhovsky explained a situation.

Helplessness of the militiamen, incapable to catch speculators on hot and to prove their crimes, compels insurers to struggle with malefactors independently. The Association of security services created by insurers will be urged to stop about a half of possible attempts of fraud in the companies - participants. And it only at first sight modest indicator: unique for today similar association has not such impressive statistics. For example, operating since fall of 2007. The bureau of the insurance stories which has united 13 CK, doesn't hold out even before suppression of 10% of insurance swindles. "Participants of bureau interact with each other through inquiries on concrete insurance events. From October 2007 till July, 2008 13 coincidence - the simultaneous statement of the same losses in different SK is revealed. By our estimates, at full exchange of information of the company cut about 7-8% of swindles", - I told in interview with the director general of the Business — the Guarantor company Konstantin Koshelev. To increase the productivity, the new association promises to solve the main problem which attribute modest solvability of zhulnichestvo of Bureau of insurance stories, - to increase openness of SK.They jealously treat today information on frauds, and it seriously disturbs fight against speculators. As it became known, new association of insurers really will begin the work in the first half of September, and results of work can be brought in the end of the year. However, experts consider, what even at best the new organization will be able to come to an indicator on fraud solvability for 50% not earlier than the middle of 2009. So speculators will continue to inflate domestic insurers with impunity.


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