Soldier and General: in Moscow judge "Orekhovo - the medvedkovskikh"

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The Moscow City Court starts new process on the next portion of criminal stories well-known for Orekhovo - medvedkovsky group. Her leaders and participants already serve serious sentences (including lifelong) for numerous murders and the attempts made by bandits in dashing 90-е years.

Now jurors should hear history about one of the loudest crimes of that era - murder of the known authoritative businessman and the public figure, the chairman of Fund of social protection of athletes of. Lev Yashin Otari Kvantrishvili shot in the spring of 1994.

On a dock "judges of the people" will see at once both the Soldier, and the General. The general is a nickname of one of leaders the medvedkovskikh of Oleg Pylev whom will judge once again on charge of explosions and murders. And Lesh Soldat is the killer called on the passport by Alexey Sherstobitov who as the prosecutor's office claims, directly shot at Kvantrishvili. Will judge for partnership in murders and two rank-and-file members of a gang - Pavel Makarov and Sergey Yelizarov who, according to the investigators, helped the Soldier to track down victims.

Fifteen years ago Otari Kvantrishvili's authority was almost indisputable. Intelligence services openly called him the godfather of the Russian mafia, but were thus not able to bring it to trial. And Kvantrishvili literally prospered - traded in oil, the wood and non-ferrous metals, protected numerous firms and a casino, established public organizations and parties, was on friendly terms with known actors, politicians and officials. "I from anybody ask nothing. All pay to me", - this person liked to repeat. He even on TV acted and publicly hinted representatives of intelligence services that they "too have children".

I finished Kvantrishvili's terrestrial way at doors of the favourite Krasnopresnensky baths in Stolyarny Lane. The killer who has made an ambush on an attic of the house opposite, let out in it three bullets from a small-caliber sniper rifle.

News of death of the godfather stirred up the criminal world.Versions were the most different, said even that behind murder there is a mysterious intelligence service under the name "Death Squadron". And only many years later, in 2006, responsibility for elimination of such big authority assumed orekhovsky which already judged for another gangster matters.

According to the investigators, classical gangster dismantlings became motive of a crime. Kvantrishvili's authority faced other authority - Sergey Timofeyev known as Sylvester. Both wanted to catch control over several large enterprises among which there was also Tuapse Refinery, and they weren't going to concede each other. On interrogations at investigators orekhovsky then admitted that Sylvester decided to move away the competitor and the medvedkovskikh to Grisha Severnom - the retired officer of KGB, nee Grigory Gusyatinsky charged this business to the leader. The last charged to execute "order" Lesh Soldatu - too to the former military, старлею internal troops to Alexey Sherstobitov who to the Homeland received for service even the Courage award.

The soldier executed the order. But Sylvester rejoiced not for long. In total in half a year after Kvantrishvili's murder him blew up in own car in the center of Moscow. Then already said that it was revenge for Kvantrishvili's death, but this murder isn't opened still. By the way, then Gusyatinsky then the medvedkovskikh brothers Andrey and Oleg Pylevy headed was killed also.

To Lesh Soldata already once judged. In March of this year jurors found him guilty and not deserving indulgence on charge of attempt at the head of the Russian Gold company Alexey Tarantsev. This crime was committed in July, 1999. As appears from case papers, then between brothers Dust and the businessman, whose company controlled a number of the large markets in the capital, there was a conflict, and bandits decided to move away the foe.

Some members of an organized criminal group led by Sherstobitov by whom this "order" was charged, decided to use the weapon with remote control. Near office "Russian gold" in 1 - m Shchipkovsky Lane they parked "Zhiguli" in which the machine gun with a riflescope and remote control, and also a video camera was installed. But the weapon worked spontaneously therefore the security guard of office was killed and two persons passing by are seriously injured. Tarantsev didn't suffer. The general medvedkovskikh Oleg Pylev in court admitted that Tarantsev was the customer of many murders objectionable to it people.In reply representatives of "The Russian gold" right there called it a slander.

In Moscow the Soldier received 13 years of a high security for attempt at Tarantsev and two more explosions. Pylev again will appear now before the court together with Alexey Sherstobitov and will answer on charge of the order for murder of the owner of "The Russian gold" but while, however, guilty of it he doesn't consider itself(himself).

Jurors for new trial of the medvedkovsky will elect in Moscow City Court on August 8.


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