Passing women forward, the pickpocket "cleaned" their handbags

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The professional pickpocket was detained by employees quickly - search department of a municipal government of militia of Donetsk.

As the assistant to the operative Evgeny Gorban told, field investigators knew this citizen by sight as faced his indisputable "skill" earlier that provided it already 4 criminal records and a certain popularity in the thieves' world. This time it noticed at a stop of public transport, but to get into the trolleybus that approached, it didn't become, and as if showing good breeding and even gallantry, courteous passed women forward, constraining an impact of pressing crowd.

Itself and I remained to stand at a stop and as soon as transport left, a fast pace I went to the yards. Such behavior couldn't deceive skilled field investigators.

They followed for it - and weren't mistaken: in a pocket of the subject that interested them, there was a female wallet with money and the pension certificate.

While field investigators made out an exception of the material evidence, one of them on the car caught up with the same trolleybus and found in it the victim. Responding on the surname which loudly sounded from lips of the guy that was included into salon, the woman on its request checked the maintenance of the bag and only then learned that it robed.

On the same day after observance of all procedural formalities to it returned the stolen wallet with pension and the certificate. And the "gallant" pickpocket went to the investigator to an insulator.

Reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Donetsk region


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