Motorists shocked. In Kiev there was a maniac - the instigator

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In Kiev nine cars burned down, suspect fighters with parkings of not put places.

Capital motorists shocked - for two days burned down three cars. Around the city hearings about the maniac - the instigator went.

"Volga" and "Muscovite" flashed on Verbitsky Street on the night of July 15. The victim - the owner of both cars says that his neighbors saw how at night unknown poured fuel of a wheel and set fire. It is sure that it is connected with its professional activity and the conflict between its organization and a certain construction company. However in militia about it I didn't address.

As told in a press - service GU Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kiev, on July 15 about a half of the tenth evening "Deu - Lanos" which stood at a roadside also lit up. Quickly there arrived firefighters, however fire was so strong that the car burned down completely. Most likely, it too arson. On Monday on Bastionny flashed "Subaru". On Saturday on Tymoshenko St. (Оболонь) the engine at "Audi" lit up. The flame went over on standing nearby "Deu - Lanos" and "Mitsubisi - Autlender". One more "Lanos", together with "Muscovite", burned down on the Left coast.

"We have arsons of cars is while isolated cases", - the chief of TsOS of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kiev Vladimir Polishchuk calms. However, it doesn't exclude that someone can fight against a parking in the yards in such a way.

Several months ago the autoinstigator already appeared in the capital - burned 5 foreign cars in 4 hours on Pyotr Zaporozhts and Kurnatovsky's streets. Now "maniac" is detained, to him shines till seven years of prison. He explained the actions just with fight against the wrong parkings. In militia speak - it is almost impossible to be saved from an arson. Unless to lock the car in garage or in paid supervised parkings.

It isn't excluded that in Kiev there was an imitator to the well-known Moscow instigator who, since the May 30, almost each night set fire to some cars. Once in a night it burned 12 cars. On suspicion detained the man with mental deviations. It worked as the hospital attendant of the Moscow narcoclinic in which in 2006 there was a fire and 40 people were lost. The court yet didn't pronounce a sentence, but arsons in Moscow stopped.

We will remind, on March 1 on Dreiser Street (Desnyansky area) police officers detained the maniac - the instigator.On reproaches of the investigator, that such actions could lead to victims, the detainee without repenting, I declared that loss of human life would help to draw attention of the authorities to this "problem". He admitted the organization of four arsons in Troyeshchina, and also on the Wine-grower, in Darnitsa, on Borshchagovka, the Hem and Oboloni.

Here the second month in Kiev on Geroyev Dnepr St., in peculiar "Bermuda Triangle", the territory limited to three houses - 40, 42 and 42а, "kislotnik" bosses. The unknown spoils, pouring over acid, the cars parked in the yards. But not everything, and only what their owners unscrupulously leave on beds and lawns. Victims of "the green avenger" understand that it someone from their neighbors, however can't calculate him still.


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