In the Nikolaev area the elderly man killed to death for a potato

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In the Zhovtnevy region of the Nikolaev area relatives to death killed the man. The daughter, the nephew and the grandson lived in one village with the grandmother. The woman though was not young and all the same kept economy and rather big personal plot on which grew up fruit and vegetables. The food sufficed and a crop from a kitchen garden always was in prosperity. The grandmother gave part of products to relatives who weren't adapted for work, and all free time spent behind a bottle. The last two years the woman lived with the cohabitant. 68 - summer Nikolayey helped with everything to the wife, together conducted economy. Relatives didn't forget aged spouses and often called on behind gifts. All took: potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, conservation and another. But recently "Trinity" so fell in love with gifts, and took out at old men almost everything that at them was. The grandmother at first was silent, but then asked impudent relatives to have conscience, for what was roughly cursed by guests. Nikolay though wasn't the native person, but interceded for the old woman and told that if guests will behave so that won't receive anything. The malice was beared in all three. Next day, having drunk Trinity vodka went to deal with Nikolay. Knocked at doors, to them the old woman opened, time was later and spouses already laid down to have a rest. Very first the grandson of the grandmother went for dismantlings. Motivating with that that Nikolay offended his mother, without excess conversations started beating the old man on the head. The nephew too didn't stand aside and too started beating the old man, but already feet.The grandmother stood up for the man, but she didn't think that her daughter will watch a fight, the daughter started preventing mother to intercede for the husband, besides, to stop mother started it smothering, the woman hardly remained live. The beaten Nikolay who the grandson and the nephew hardly breathed took out to the yard and continued to beat feet already blood-stained body. With feeling of the fulfilled duty all three went home to have a rest. The grandmother when left to the yard saw the blood-stained body of the husband, from the received beating the man died on the spot. It broke eight ribs, a jaw that closed cherepno - a brain trauma. Doctors consider that the put injuries are incompatible with life. The crime is solved thanks to timely actions of local militia inspectors. The grandmother had at herself phone of the militiaman in the beat. When there was a tragedy, at once it was called by phone. In 20 minutes all three criminals were detained.


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