The deputy - "regional" was shot on a grave of the son

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In Izmail (Odessa region) on a cemetery the deputy of the local City Council 51 - summer Mirtalyb Talyshkhanov was shot.

It shot to itself(himself) at a temple on a grave of the son Farkhad. In the suicide note which found at it, the man explained the decision with impossibility to endure premature death of the son.

The body was found by the cemeterial watchman. It at once called the ambulance and militia. Doctors established that the death of the deputy came from a gunshot wound in a temple. Near a body the small-bore rifle and a sleeve from the boss was found.

Talyshkhanov's son Farkhad in 2006 also committed suicide. There is an opinion that the young man wanted to marry, but the father forbade it. The guy was hung up in own apartment.

- Мирталыб was the rigid, strong-willed person and it was capable of resolute acts, - the friend of the dead and the former colleague Alexey Pankratov told. - After leaving of the son it very much changed both internally, and externally.

Mirtalyb Talyshkhanov worked many years in Izmail militia, was one of the most authoritative investigators of city department of internal affairs. Some time he headed Fund of municipal property of Izmail. I became the businessman later. In city council it was chosen according to the list of Party of Regions.


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