The biggest pride

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Not in forces any Constitution
to arrange the relations and affairs,
that reason and spirit prostitution
and unprofitable I was shameful.

Igor Guberman
I don't know precisely, probably, hot days, and something is possible another, inexplicable, forced me to take pride forgotten partially already for the Fatherland. Though isn't present, "Fatherland" - not our word, of the Russian chauvinism smells slightly. The smoke certain is remembered at once, no, not that. Here the Homeland is yes.

And so, about pride of the Homeland. How it is possible not to be proud of what the National TV company of Ukraine (UT-1) is headed by the person which work was estimated highly by the President Yushchenko, having wished that happy birthday? Victor Andreevich stated a wish that the wealth of experience, initiative, high professionalism and dedicated work and served from now on in the television and broadcasting sphere to national interests of Ukraine.

And it is unimportant that practically nobody watches this TV channel from - for wretchedness and narrow-mindedness of giving of materials. No matter and that in many respects thanks to work of this canal Ukraine loses the set teeth on edge information war with the next neighbor - Russia.

Well, correctly, that to us to be at war with them, brothers all - … Moreover and with gas. The Moscow mayor once again from the white stone burned with just anger on the fact that the Ukrainian customs officers selected videotapes with "terrible" and exposing materials (something there concerning church dismantlings) at the Russian journalist, and from - for it TV program on the channel belonging to the government of Moscow broke. And if supposedly the Ukrainian authorities don't agree from it, Luzhkov, a position, let give to the International Court of Justice.

And I once again am proud of that anybody didn't file a lawsuit against Yury Mikhaylovich and, seemingly, doesn't gather. Especially as the spouse of the Moscow town governor was lit recently in London where got most, speak, expensive house in Great Britain, where - that around 30 million dollars.That to us to have legal proceedings with it? All the same money won't suffice on lawyers …

And still me holds apart with pride of our Ukrainian millionaires, which in the country, according to official figures the Public tax administration, - 7444 persons.

Represent, the same population of the whole settlement of city type! And the authoritative American magazine "Forbes" made the rating of fifteen richest people of Eastern Europe. And a half of its participants (7 people) was represented by Ukrainians. And quite recently the rating of billionaires published the Ukrainian magazine "Korrespondent".

Also I undertook to make not "five" or "ten", and the whole TOP-50. There "are" Ukrainian billionaires already 112 billion dollars that is twice more than the annual budget of the country. At the head of the list of the Ukrainian rich men the same Rinat Akhmetov with a condition of $31,1 billion. Most of all the magazine counted billionaires among deputies of the party of regions - eight people with the general capital in 35,42 billion dollars. Well, how here not to be proud? And the main thing - any inflation by it how much. But about inflation is slightly lower …

Our politicians - separate pride. Already reads off scale! When people say that, say, politicians bad, silly, thievish, and in general have to share with the people, I am sorted by unhealthy laughter. I laugh, representing as, for example, the thief got of me into a pocket, having pulled out 100 hryvnias, and gave me to the 3rd hryvnia. Well, type, I shared … And with politicians: the one who gave us the 4th hryvnia - kind, for that and we vote. Unless it isn't ridiculous?

Recently in any telecast the ordinary passerby on a question, and whether there can be in our politicum real authorities, answered absolutely ingeniously. He told the following: "Can't be that the good people had bad politicians! "

Here all speak: inflation, inflation. Yes we not that inflation is imperceptible at the general world level, practically and don't have it. You don't trust? Read below, and incomparable pride of our country will start overwhelming you with anything.

There is such country, under the name Zimbabwe. It in Africa if who doesn't know. There very much hot crocodiles also are found. And so, the Central Bank of this country released recently a banknote, of 100 billions local dollars. Be not surprised because dollars are not only in the USA. On hearings, for this sum equal at the rate to one dollar American, it is impossible to buy even loaves of bread, unless four not really large oranges.

To imagine inflationary speed in Zimbabwe, I will tell that else in May for one US dollar gave 50 million local dollars for which then it was still possible to buy three loaves of bread. That is inflation in this African country is equal in annual calculation to 2,2 million percent.

Well as? You weren't covered yet by a wave of comprehensive pride of Ukraine? And it would be time already. Especially as big half of summer already behind.

While the sun burns, and thoughts melt, you hurry to be proud.


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