In Harkovshchina the smuggler who according to counterfeit documents imported tons of chemicals

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The sentence of the Kiev district court of the city of Kharkov behind criminal case which was investigated by investigators of Security service of Ukraine upon illicit import to Ukraine considerable volumes of chemicals of foreign production came into force.

By the staff of intelligence service it was established that 35 - the summer head of one of the Kharkov commercial structures throughout last and flowing repeatedly imported years from - for borders big parties of chemicals for protection of plants and pest control (fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, disinfectants and active agents) according to counterfeit documents.

In documents which were filed to customs authorities for a customs clearance of imported production, false information concerning carrying out sanitarno - epidemic examination of noted chemicals with a counterfeit print of a stamp Kharkov regional sanitarno - epidemic station was brought, production cost was several times underestimated. It is established that kontrabandno 42 tons of the chemicals which actual cost, on conclusions of experts Kharkov scientifically - research institute of judicial examinations, makes about 7 million hryvnias were imported into Ukraine, the state received less the considerable sums of appropriate payments.

By sentence of court of the organizer of the illicit transaction it is found guilty of commission of the crimes provided p.1 Art. 201 (smuggling) of UK of Ukraine, p.1, ч.2 and ч.3 by Art. 358 (a fake of official seals and stamps and use of obviously counterfeit document) and about 3 years of imprisonment with a trial period are condemned. Subjects of smuggling are confiscated in the state income.

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