One crime "shines" for car stealing, to another for inveracious certificates

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Sometimes you are surprised to acts of people, because too strange they. Of what thought 19 - the summer girl when stole a car at the young man whom the third year meets? And on what hoped кременчанин, "having hijacked" at itself the car from - what directed it in a state of intoxication? Really, in these acts it isn't enough logic. Most likely looks like adventure stories. However, according to the chief of Kremenetsky regional department of internal affairs of UMVS of Ukraine in the Ternopol area Mikhail Denisovsky, the facts aren't fictional, and are real.

27- the summer man met three years with 19 - the summer girl. But one morning when the youth after a cheerful party had a rest, the girl took out from a pocket keys from its car which that got recently and solved as claims itself "simply to drive". Simply - didn't leave. On the contrary - the rash act almost led to the tragedy, and the owner of a car estimates loss of property at tens of thousands of dollars.

Dawned when the girl, having abandoned the sleeping young man, I took the wheel. The road I came to the girlfriend, from there - on gas station. Girls went in the direction of the town of the pilgrim - Saint Anna's lake. That travel ended on the next bridge.

People tell that the place there is dangerous. The trouble and two young lovers of an extreme bypassed. Without having skills of management, the newly made driver flew up together with the passenger and car in a little meter river deepening.

As girls managed to remain live after such road adventure - are surprised all. However the brand new car was smashed. To draw conclusions in this history, we won't be. After all over acts that led to it, is to a lump to reflect.

Adventures with "stealing" of own car for young кременчанина will come to the end, on - visible, criminal case for inveracious certificates.The man not took the absolutely sober the wheel. And here, as ill-luck would have it, patrol car. The sign to stop the drunk driver ignored, and started running away from militiamen. It was succeeded to come off. I tired out the car far away from a human eye, and already in a few minutes in a call center of Kremenetsky regional department of militia phone call was distributed and on that end of a wire the owner declared its "Zhiguli" stealing. The situation with illegal taken control the car which was seen just by workers dorozhno - patrol service, began to clear up when the owner of the "stolen" car refused to communicate with militiamen.

Therefore, I began to tell that the car hijacked when he slept at home. But one lie wasn't glued with another. Finally, having got confused in certificates, кременчанин confessed: I declared stealing not to be responsible for management of drunk transport.

According to guards, for this time the issue of violation against кременчанина criminal case is resolved.

Department of public relations of UMVS of Ukraine in the Ternopol area


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