"Krivorozhstal": Our song is good … yes don't cost also a penny

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Last week the Ukrainian economic community was flown by a message that the State property fund of Ukraine intended to select combine "Krivorozhstal" at the world metallurgical leader of the ArcelorMittal company. Occasion - the winner of privatization competition doesn't fulfill the investment obligations. Also start up chances of a victory are equal to zero, the head of FGI Valentina Semenyuk - Samsonenko understands that all sensation round all this will make even brighter it an image as advocates of the state interests.

In a form Semenyuk certainly rights: ArcelorMittal still didn't pay dividends for 2007. Therefore 7% of actions "Krivorozhstal", belonging to the state, gave to the aktivoderzhatel exactly zero hryvnias. Also the company didn't reconstruct coke batteries No. 3 and No. 4 and special shop of coke-chemical production. The English Indo-Luxembourg concern didn't allocate the promised funds for improvement socially - living conditions of workers and didn't make collective agreements with labor staff of plant.

On all objective indicators the privatization agreement for 100% isn't carried out, but after all in the Ukrainian subjective reality of ArcelorMittal it is simple - an angel of privatization. If the fund decided to understand really who and as carries out the oath assurances proclaimed in privatization competition, it is necessary to begin obviously not with the citizen Mittal. Today it is too frankly looked through elementary промо a course, the name "Krivorozhstal" for the domestic inhabitant became too nominal, the conflict of the main shark of world business and the simple Ukrainian woman will have to look too bright.

What illusive prospects would be not not had by development of this history, but in the Ukrainian realities again the word "reprivatization" quietly crept.Someone claps to all actions of state officials on this direction, someone on the contrary with huge piles of exchange reports shows how reprivatization is destructive. And the truth as always is in the middle, more true "above" where in 17 years of independence didn't explain to the citizens and the world community that we try to construct in the country under the name Ukraine. By the way the word "reprivatization" is the Ukrainian ноу - Hau. The world economy bosses two concepts of the property sphere: denationalization and property nationalization. And, leading world economists for a second don't stop the immemorial dispute: that it is better for sharks of business - to give everything in a charge or to operate giants of the industry by means of sensible state managers. One is indisputable: that hybrid of economy which was constructed by our country, can't effectively work at any deals.

We will return to reprivatization. Whether it is necessary to the country? Certainly, the prices which paid for giants of the Ukrainian industry of that time "младоолигархи", are simply ridiculous and, in simple terms, the country simply robbed in broad daylight. Reprivatization is certainly a real way of restoration the status - кво but if to carry out it, it is necessary that modern OBHSS was knocked absolutely at each oligarchical door. If plants take away dot swoops - then it not justice restoration, and property redistribution.

Unless to select - the only way of restoration of justice? Certainly, no! Whether the state has a weight more of opportunities to give to the word privatization more less civilized shape. Pay in addition! This appeal has to replace threat in power and business communication: give! Pay in addition - doesn't mean the requirement at the owner to pay the exchange cost of the enterprise as of the present day. It is impossible to deny that new owners of socialist property which - that made for modernization and development of the enterprises. But an arithmetic average which has to show who and how many has to count to the state not so difficult.

Also it isn't difficult to collect from new owners of the enterprises and all pending investment obligations. Deputies need to adopt only the law that all unpaid dividends, holiday, lifting, schools, houses pass from the category investment into the category of tax obligations.

There is one more way not to allow magnates to govern a ball in the country.This way the Russian power which, in fact, took all loyal oligarchs to itself for work went, having established thus milliard salaries. At the end "A Yeltsin era" local oligarchs thought that the only way by which at them everything will be selected "that is sewed by back-breaking toil", there will be judicial proceedings with in advance known final. Russian "lords of Rublyovka" even thought up how to secure itself against it: they actively started exchanging property. Through various merges and absorption oligarchs actively changed approximately equal assets at cost. Metallurgists became oil industry workers, oil industry workers - chemists and so on. Reality at our northern neighbor such is that the typical Russian magnate it not the professional of concrete branch as it is got in the West, and the professional to earn money, for which enterprise - only the tool.

But Putin came, and all games in "menyalka" ended. For someone "централами" on immense Russian open spaces. For others entry into system of coordinates of the new power. Yes, now to a pocket of the capitalist went much less funds, than for national projects, but it is possible not to doubt that the majority of the Russian businessmen accepted new rules of the game, seconds didn't envy "proud and basic" to Mischa Khodorkovsky.

Probably, Ukraine accepts such model of coexistence of the power and the private capital?
But the problem that we have no Putin, and soon, seemingly, those and isn't expected. Tymoshenko? Many considered that Yulia Vladimirovna becomes on a course of rigid submission of business. Probably, in soul of Lady Yu also I would like to tidy up all largest taxpayers "to a nail". But intuition prompts to it that powers and authority while for this step at it is small. Only will rigidly talk to landowners - receive from them "as a gift" grain crisis. Tell "hen houses" about pricing system on ham - every other day not to find fowl in one market. If now to try to explain to oil industry workers that the actual price of gasoline in Ukraine and in Austria can't be identical, - immediately it is possible to get "in loading" fuel collapse. And if to start being at war with oligarchs, on their protection there are such influential persons and bodies that problems won't be gathered. Generally, if Tymoshenko also sees herself "the Ukrainian Putin", while only in soul.

Considering the present sizes of the domestic private sector, return to total public administration by assets can happen only in case of next "Aurora's shot" or new Koliivshchina. Therefore everything that is sold, presented, is bequeathed has to remain with buyers, birthday men and successors. The state, certainly, has the right for price correction of its former property, but without perederibanivaniye of it.

And in order that the term "reprivatization" gradually disappeared from the Ukrainian economic use, the slogan "In total on Sale" has to be forgotten forever. The power has to understand an axiom according to which some property objects can't be privatized under no circumstances. Power generation, the railroads, ports, gas, ammoniac and oil overpasses, municipal transport enterprises - all this has to get under a total privatization taboo. And in order that the nobody's grabby hand didn't dream at all of the above-mentioned, it is necessary to bring for reliability all list of "eternally state objects" in the Constitution. It is unlikely in the country the coalition" in 300 voices will be ever created "business. Realities are that that for ever you won't find three hundred deputies for elementary improvement of the legislation. And there where money, and money considerable are mixed, there are less common ground.

Well, and the most delicious not privatized object of the Ukrainian industry - "Krivorozhsky it is mountain - the concentrating combine of the oxidized ores" would be most effective to be made state "ore shop". To operate mine, it isn't necessary to be Lakshmi Mitallom, it is much more important here modern excavators, bulldozers and dump trucks. And oligarchs from metallurgy let stand in line not on privatization КГОКОРа, and behind raw materials which will sell them the state, directing billion net profit on social needs.

Today to Ukraine it isn't necessary neither privatization, nor reprivatization, the country needs stable development. Certainly, for much it is a pity that "Krivorozhstal" not in his hands, and under control of the smuglyavy steel maharaja of Lakshmi Mittal. Offensively and "Privatu" as well is to Rinat. But for the majority of Ukrainians is even more offensive, after all they have neither plants, nor steamships. They from the carried-out privatization had only annual "cheerful cards" from gathering of shareholders in whom them congratulate on that their share brought the next 3 hryvnias 75 kopeks.


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