The death penalty in the world in 2007: figures, facts, conclusions

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In 2007 executed, at least, 1252 people in 24 countries. Sentenced not less than 3347 people in 51 countries to death. In 2007 of 88% of all executions of which it became known, occurred in five countries: China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and USA.

Amnesty International. Briefing for mass media. April 15, 2008.

Data on executions in 2007

Data on executions in 2006









Saudi Arabia


















Saudi Arabia














If Amnesty International is known that executions in the country were carried out, but their exact quantity isn't known, we put "+" opposite to the country name.
In 2007 executed, at least, 1252 people in 24 countries. Sentenced not less than 3347 people in 51 countries to death.
In 2006 executed, at least, 1591 persons in 25 countries. Sentenced to death not less than 3861 person in 55 countries.
As well as in previous years, the vast majority of executions in the world in 2006 took place only in several countries of the world. In 2006 of 91% of executions of which it became known, occurred in six countries: in China, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan and USA. In 2007 of 88% of all executions of which it became known, occurred in five countries: China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and USA.
Examples of executions in 2007
In July, 2007 for bribery and negligence executed Zheng Xiaoyuya - the former chief of Public administration of the People's Republic of China on supervision of food and medicines. Usually the sentence is carried out by a shot in a nape, but recently even more often - by introduction of a deadly injection. Many of the crimes punished in China by the death penalty (their of everything about 68), have nonviolent character. Among them - evasion of taxes, smuggling and the prostitution organization.
Saudi Arabia
In the city of Ayr - Riyad (Saudi Arabia) executed Moustapha Ibrahim that that allegedly was engaged in sorcery, black magic and I profaned the Koran. According to officials, to them complaints from the man claiming arrived that Moustapha Ibrahim jinxed it to separate from the wife. The same sources claim that Moustapha Ibrahim in everything confessed. In May him sentenced to death, and in November executed through beheading. In the letter to the president of the Commission of Saudi Arabia on human rights of Amnesty International expressed concern about that the defendant found guilty and sentenced to death on the basis of the recognitions gained under tortures, and that to it didn't allow to use services of the lawyer. The organization urged to replace the death sentences pronounced to Moustapha Ibrahim and other prisoners, other types of punishments, but didn't receive any answer.
In March, 2008 the President of Vietnam Nguyen Min Chiyet replaced with a life imprisonment the death sentence pronounced to the citizen of Great Britain of 1960 year of birth of Le Man of Luongu to which execution for trade in heroin threatened. The sentence was pronounced in November, 2006 and approved in April, 2007 following the results of reconsideration of the case.According to messages, waiting for Luonga's Le Man' execution chained in handcuffs and shackles. From - for got in the childhood during war of wound of Le Man of Luong has injury of a brain. According to arriving data, he hardly understood an essence of judicial proceedings on the business.
Mpagi Edward of Edmari waited 18 years for the death penalty in ugandiysky prison. During arrest in 1981 it was 27 years old. In 1982 to it pronounced the death sentence for murder of the neighbor. However no murder existed. As it became clear, the neighbor was live, however his relatives, having beared malice against Edward's parents, dramatized murder to annoy. The history found confirmation in 1989, however Mpagi released from a condemned cell only 11 years later. During this time at it in the eyes took away on execution of 52 prisoners.
Since 1976 in the USA released on freedom more than 120 prisoners - suicide bombers in connection with their innocence. Three such cases happened in 2007, and the last took place quite recently, in April, 2008 when in Northern Carolina released Glen Chapman. It spent over 12 years waiting for execution for two murders, made in 1992 while in 2007 the judge didn't direct to year its business on revision. On April 2, 2008 the prosecutor's office dismissed from it all charges. Ray Krona's business from Arizona became the 100-th case registered by Information center concerning the death penalty (Washington, the District of Columbia). Him arrested at the end of 1991, during New Year's Eve holidays, for rape and murder of the woman in the Phoenix. At that time he was 35 years old. Before it was never brought to trial. Him sentenced on the basis of circumstantial evidences and indications of the expert who declared that teeth of Krone coincides with traces of stings on a victim body. Three years later after pronouncement of the death sentence, its business directed on revision and again found guilty, however this time sentenced to life imprisonment. He on - former declared the innocence, and in 2001 in business there was a break thanks to DNA analysis which excluded Krone from the list of suspects, having specified that other man was attacking. On April 8, 2002 Ray Krona released.
Sakae Manda became the Japan's first sentenced to death which released on freedom. Him condemned for murder of two people, and he carried out in a condemned cell of 34 years. When him arrested in 1949, he was 22 years old, and released him only in 1983.During this time, according to him, at it in the eyes took away on execution about 35 prisoners.


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