"Business" on - Crimean: there is no person — there is no debt

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After disorder of the USSR plants, factories and other state property passed to "mobsters" who began to operate here by the rules and concepts. For example, if in pre-perestroika time in prison could put the old woman who has stolen from poultry farm two chicken pads, during a gangster era problems of chicken production were solved by means of murders.

Discipline on - Soviet

Scene of action - one of Crimean птицекомбинатов. In stagnant times this combine by right was considered as the giant of production - per day about 900 thousand heads of a live bird here were processed. Therefore at that time ours птицекомбинат considered almost as the best processing enterprise in the territory of all former USSR.

Were here both work, and a salary, and indicators, and, certainly, discipline and an order which were strictly controlled both the combine management, and law enforcement agencies. So, for example, the history remembers a case when the citizen of a retirement age who secretly took out from this enterprise was brought to trial, and in other words, stole... two chicken legs. Caught on it the pensioner already three times. For the first time it took out through a checkpoint two legs for the sum of 33 kopeks. Then the granny simply forced to write explanatory which she frankly admitted: "I took to eat home". In some months attempt to take out two chicken legs repeated, however too wasn't crowned with success: stolen ham pulled already for 32 kopeks. Then from the pensioner demanded to return stolen and thus to pay. And when the granny decided "to take to eat home" for the third time (already for 31 kopeks - as we see, it stole with reduction) - got under article. Criminal case, and the pensioner, except a penalty was brought, got conditional penal.

Yes, enviable there was a discipline. However after reorganization, by the beginning 90-x when the ruin reigned in the country, птицекомбинат started giving in.At first work here was suspended from - for cessation of production in the Crimea a broiler chicken, then absolutely stopped from - for absence at the raw materials enterprise. And then the new owner began to solve all these problems.

Two Oleg

Oleg Gennadevich Sh - a nickname was a dark horse. However, which - what information on it nevertheless was available and in those days. Besides, that it consisted in team of one deputy of BP of Ukraine and had the certificate of his assistant, were at Sh - a nickname of communication with an organized criminal group "Salem". So if to speak about its reputation, it had it not so hot. In the commercial environment it knew as the malicious debtor and "кидалу". There was for Oleg Gennadevich a bad habit to borrow money and not to give. Who put Sh - a nickname to direct ptitsekombinaty, easy to guess: "seylemovsky" authorities invested money in production, thus the person which everything would control was necessary to them. It is known, for example, that in due time the leader of an organized criminal group of "Casino" made investments into "the bird's enterprise". Though not only with bandits Oleg Gennadevich drove friendship - in parallel he worked under "roof" of one large militiaman who, by the way, enclosed about 40 thousand dollars in combine.

His deputy - Oleg Borisovich D - риев helped Sh - to a nickname to direct. One Oleg a little than differed from another - D - риев too was the personality far not light. Till 1997 he lived in Kerch and even entered one of the local organized criminal groups gravitating to "Salem". There is information that Alexander Vishnyakov - "seylemovets" by nickname Cherry was "senior" at D - риева.
However something in the hometown at Oleg Borisovich didn't develop (said that suspected it of a krysyatnichestvo), and he quickly left Kerch and got over to the Crimean capital. With Sh - a nickname D - риев first it seems as worked well together. The last was put to head the trading company located in the territory of combine which worked that is called blindly and through which passed the left orders. But not for long two Oleg suffered each other. Everyone pulled a blanket on itself(himself), and as a result Oleg Borisovich started moving Oleg Gennadevich. As soon as the militiaman who "protected" Sh - a nickname, retired, D - риев went to approach. In 2002 Oleg Gennadevich was officially accused of waste of production money - about 40 thousand dollars. Moreover, D - риев accused Sh - a nickname of waste "obshchakovskikh" of money, and "Salem" agreed with it.Then from Oleg Gennadevich took away the car and established very short term and severe constraints of return of the borrowed money. Except this debt, at Sh - a nickname there were also other monetary sins. We will tell shortly, by 2002 total amount of all its debts made more than 100 thousand dollars.

There is no person - there is no debt

So, Sh - the nickname was tired out in a debt hole, to get out from which it wasn't represented to it possible. Д - риев set to itself the purpose to take a place of the boss, and it at it not bad turned out. Nerves of the director were on a limit, meanwhile his deputy already lovingly glanced at a new leather chair in a master's office. Soon Sh - a nickname discharged of a post, and I took its place D - риев.
However on volume of trouble of Oleg Gennadevich didn't end. Creditors broke off Sh - a nickname, and it started panicking. And here then his hot hand was come by the citizen Boboshina. Oleg Gennadevich owed it the decent sum of money, and кредиторша started demanding debt return persistently. And then Sh - the nickname didn't find anything better, except as... "to order" Boboshina. At the end of November, 2002 the woman was found in the car with the cut throat. The consequence not for long puzzled over that who could act as the customer of such punishment. Oleg Sh - a nickname was right there arrested on suspicion in Boboshina's murder.

When started fulfilling Sh - a nickname, in a "seylemovsky" family the big alarm began. Well knowing this person, the friends for a minute didn't doubt that it can hand over all and all. And nevertheless after arrest Sh - a nickname in an organized criminal group the decision not to give this person any help was passed. However, to our hero everything is it was succeeded to dodge. Speak after Sh - the nickname was released, it left the peninsula.

Ruined "Bush's legs"

It would seem, quite peace occupation, this poultry farming, on the contrary. Here and the second history on a chicken subject proves it. Several years before Boboshina's murder killed Mikhail Tsekher - the Simferopol businessman who, among other things, also was engaged in "bird's business". Tsekher was shot on a landing of the house in January, 1998. The unknown murderer disappeared from a crime scene through an attic of 9 storey buildings.

Then it became clear that in two days prior to death Mikhail Tsekher received a large consignment of chicken ham from Dnepropetrovsk. The cost of the contract made more than 100 thousand dollars.Militiamen learned then that, according to conditions of this contract, the 50-percentage advance payment of goods was made. Other sum had to be paid after receiving ham. That is interesting, the goods were stored in storages of one of military units and right after Mikhail Tsekher's murder within two days were taken out from warehouses. Militiamen still believe that as a cause of the murder of the businessman the transaction code-named "Bush's Leg" could serve.

Literally in some days after Mikhail Tsekher's murder in Simferopol started arresting suspects of the organization of attempt at the businessman. However on that all also ended. The murderer Tsekhera still isn't found. Here so, it appears, "bird's business" is life-threatening.


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