Gold on blood

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… At attack on Donetsk shop "Gold Dust" Sviridov put explosive in cases of the telephone exchanges located on the central streets. When the explosive put in action by the radio-controlled mechanism, exploded, worked false calls, and tens police cars directed in the different ends of the city. The smart criminal also achieved it - having used turmoil, the robber cleaned show-windows of jewelry store …

Fireworks with a gunpowder


The security guard of jeweler salon "Smaragd" Andrey Tishinsky was by the window, looking at the street rolling in snow. On hours was about a half of the seventh, the salon worked to eight so until the end of the working day remained very little. Andrey with pleasure imagined as will come home, will dump a black inconvenient uniform, will unlace heavy "berets". Tishinsky executed the work honestly, though wasn't sure that this his vital calling. To work as the security guard, it is necessary to have iron nerves and phlegmatic temper, and Andrey was too live and inquisitive. Daily sitting in salon of shop was given it hardly, Tishinsky always looked for to himself any occupation, allowing not to notice how time runs. Probably, therefore when in the yard of shop loud cottons were distributed, Andrey, having warned the shop assistant, I decided to look out on the street: there was a wish to understand, what there occurs?

Having reached a door, Andrey turned a key and resolutely pulled on itself a door shutter. For a moment it became deaf from powerful cotton, air splashed in a face a hot wave, the security guard even instinctively hung the head, - when Tishinsky raised eyes, saw that on it somebody runs terrible, gladkogolovy squeezing in a hand the gun. In a moment Andrey thought that the mysterious subject simply pulled a gas mask though this understanding changed nothing on the head: the person in a gas mask started shooting - one of bullets got to Tishinsky to the foot, the second touched a hip. Andrey receded in depth of a utility room and tried to slam a door.The man in a gas mask pulled hard on a door all weight, without giving to the security guard of opportunity to slam the lock. Rejected by a strong push, Tishinsky fell - "protivogaznik" rushed into a utility room, guided at Andrey a pistol barrel and shot. Tishinsky was rescued only with that he was covered with a chair with a metal seat though bullets five times punched his body. And the person in a gas mask rushed into premises of shop, trashed a store window and began to fill actively the bag brought with brilliants, gold ingots, chains and rings.

The shop assistants who have hidden in a corner, with horror watched a monster in a mask - the rubber corrugated hose lasting from a mouth, spitefully moved, roundish glasses - windows поприкрывались a foggy smoke - the robber greedy breathed, but regularly did the part. Within three minutes (subsequently militiamen calculated this time with a stop watch in hands) the robber destroyed a couple of show-windows, having deprived of residents of opportunity to please themselves with a New Year's gift. After that "protivogaznik" was thrown to an exit - even when he ran on the yard, around continually something flashed, blew up as if welcoming its criminal impudence festive fireworks. And in a few minutes everything abated: wounded Tishinsky writhed on a floor, round it shop assistants fussed, the director of the salon who has jumped out of an office, with horror examined the trashed store windows and the brilliant necklaces scattered on a floor and the bright pebbles reminding stiffened tears. When there arrived militia, of the robber already nothing was reminded, except blood and glass on a floor yes confused, inconsistent stories of eyewitnesses. But who here can be found, proceeding from confused indications even if growth of the robber, not to mention his appearance, in indications of witnesses looked absolutely on - to a miscellaneous - from meter of seventy to meter ninety.

One was clear: the professional of the top skills who has approached to the organization of a robbery with a big share of an invention worked. To distract attention of witnesses, the criminal scattered on the yard of tens petards, threw to the room the light grenade and only after that opened bullet fire. Certainly, it was waited by success - the robber managed to carry away gold products approximately on 15 thousand dollars. The militia was shocked - where to look for the criminal who is he, nobody knew. And only to the security guard Tishinsky exhausted with pain and weakness, wanted to forget quicker about all event - Andrey couldn't sleep.As soon as it closed eyes, trying to be forgotten, on it the person in a gas mask again ran, shooting under way, striving to get to it to heart. Andrey woke up and long lay in the dark, trying to understand - what was that person, trying to kill him?

But about it Tishinsky learned only after four years during which the mysterious robber robbed some more jeweler salons and shot three people.

The watchman from kindergarten

Meanwhile, while the Dnepropetrovsk militia "smelled air", trying to pick up a trail of the unknown criminal, on streets of night Simferopol the private taxi in which salon I sat 38 - summer Oleg Sviridov, the inhabitant of this Crimean city, at last - that come back home rushed. Oleg Sergeyevich hurried - early in the morning he should have come to work, the disciplined employee didn't want to bring the administration. Sviridov worked as the watchman in kindergarten, periodically the administration released it on a couple of days allegedly for the device of the private matters. Silent, it isn't enough - the noticeable kindergarten watchman collected the things, put the gun in a jacket pocket, stuffed fighting grenades, petards, cartridges among personal belongings and left to the next regional city for a rekognostsirovka. As a rule, Sviridov carried out such trips on the eve of New year - the successful robber knew that before holidays owners of jeweler salons try to sell as much as possible goods, hammer show-windows and safes with a large amount of gold, brilliants, ingots and other jewelry.

Having arrived to others city, the kindergarten watchman rented apartment where - нибудь on the suburb and started looking for "suitable shop". All four jeweler salons robbed by Sviridov within four years, settled down in the central regions of the largest Ukrainian cities. That the crime passed without a hitch, Sviridov arranged small fireworks before attack - the same as it made it at attack on "Smaragd" in Dnepropetrovsk. However, sometimes it changed scenarios and made something unusual: for example, at attack on Donetsk shop "Gold Dust" Sviridov put explosive in cases of the telephone exchanges located on the central streets. When the explosive put in action by the radio-controlled mechanism, exploded, worked false calls and tens police cars directed in the different ends of the city.The smart criminal also achieved it - having used turmoil, the robber, previously having blown up some petards near shop, rushed into the room and started filling a bag jewelry. The robber wounded the security guard Kuchmera, shop assistants were intimidated the gun set on them, in a word, by everything was thought over to trifles. Instead of a gas mask the robber pulled on himself the rubber mask representing the face of the burned person covered with scars. The director of salon sitting at in an office, managed to call security guards of private enterprise who approached at that very moment when Sviridov was going to leave shop. Having seen at doors the protection car, the grown furious robber showered security guards with fighting grenades, wounded them and quietly left a scene.

Having come back home, the careful spouse presented the wife and the mother-in-law with expensive gifts, hid the weapon in the hiding place arranged on a loggia, and in the morning, indifferently, left to guard the favourite kindergarten.

False gloss of brilliants

In four years during which the robber attacked shops, he "earned" a lot of money, got a couple of expensive apartments in Simferopol, made expensive gifts to relatives who weren't interested, from where the kindergarten watchman takes gold and brilliants.

The following for turns at Sviridov planned a robbery of jewelry store in Krivoi Rog. For situation studying it got the detailed map on which noted ways of waste - approaches and which detectives found in it in a hiding place.

The smart robber "made a mistake" on "nonsense" - after the next crime sold the "lit" gun to the familiar dealer in the weapon. And that, in turn, resold the gun to the robber who shot from it four people. When the robber took, he called a surname of the dealer the weapon, and already through it detectives contacted the kindergarten watchman.

Oleg Sviridov was arrested. In court the smart robber explained that it plundered shops only because wasn't able to earn money on - to another. The prosecutor holding charge, was compelled to recognize that Oleg Sviridov "is too talented" to give the chance to it to walk about on freedom.

This year the appellate court of Donetsk region sentenced Oleg Sviridov to lifelong imprisonment with property confiscation.


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