Zatulin didn't let to Ukraine. Russia demands explanations

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The vice-chairman of committee on affairs of the CIS and to communications with compatriots of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Konstantin Zatulin is detained at the airport of Simferopol, reports in the morning on Friday, July 25, NTV television channel.

Entrance on the territory of the country is forbidden Zatulin. He learned about it on an arrival to Simferopol where a number of deputies of the State Duma went for participation in tennis tournament "A big hat". The politician was stopped by law enforcement officers, showed the document where it is spoken about a ban of entrance to the country, and set the corresponding seal in the passport.

"The first flight takes off for the 8th mornings. Respectively, from 23 hours to the 8th morning warm Ukrainian hospitality in a VIP-hall will be shown me. In other words, I can spend the night on a sofa, on a chair or a table", - Konstantin Zatulin told journalists.

Within 15 minutes Zatulin and his satellites tried to find out a cause of failure, after all all a few days ago the deputy safely went to Kiev. On all questions frontier guards declared that "the order arrived from above, and they aren't authorized to give any comments".

Meanwhile on Friday in Kiev the celebrations dated to 1020 - to the anniversary of the Christianization of Kievan Rus' begin. On Saturday on celebration there will arrive the head of Russian Orthodox Church patriarch Alexy II. Organizers expect arrival to Kiev on celebrations to 60 thousand guests.

Russia demands to explain incident with Zatulin (It is added in 9:40)

Due to the refusal to Konstantin Zatulin in entrance on the territory of Ukraine, the Russian side demanded from Ukraine of explanations.

The corresponding note of protest was transferred to the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday evening, reports a press - service of the Ukrainian branch of institute of CIS countries.

In the document the Russian side demanded from official Kiev of explanations concerning the next unfriendly step concerning the Russian parliamentarian and once again urged Ukraine to refuse "vicious practice of restriction of a freedom of speech and freedom of movement of rather Russian citizens".

In turn the director of the Ukrainian branch of Institute of CIS countries Vladimir Kornilov connects incident with the events which have occurred in the Crimea on the same day, on July 24, in connection with the doctrines "Xi Briz-2008".

"Probably, our intelligence services so were frightened of responsibility for the actual failure of NATO doctrines in the Crimea that quickly decided to show the determination to protect certain "the state interests" from someone's "artful encroachments", - he told.

"Thus, as became tradition, in a role of "the ordinary suspect" there was Zatulin. Though neither the word, nor action it didn't show any communication with anti-NATO actions in Ukraine. On the contrary, he constantly emphasized that it is an internal affair of Ukraine", - Kornilov declared.

To Zatulin forbade to appear in Ukraine year (It is added in 9:45)

The security service of Ukraine forbade entry into Ukraine to the vice-chairman of committee on affairs of the CIS and communications with compatriots of the State Duma of the Russian Federation to Konstantin Zatulin for a period of 1 year.

About it reported in the Public border service of Ukraine.

On Thursday near 21:00Затулин arrived by charter flight in the Simferopol airport. "Because the State frontier service of Ukraine had an assignment from SBU about not admission of this citizen of the Russian Federation to Ukraine, it wasn't passed. In the international passport the stamp about a ban on entrance to Ukraine for a period of 1 year" is delivered to it, - he told.

Konstanin Zatulin spent night at the airport of Simferopol. It was planned that in the morning on Friday it will return to Russia, however the deputy of the State Duma reported that isn't going to depart and resolves an issue of providing the one-time entry visa to it to Ukraine.


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