Swindlers - "caseworkers": we will help you to lose property!

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Again groups of room swindlers became more active. Their main goal - to get to the apartment of future victim. The pack of swindlers is represented both social workers, and representatives of various firms, the companies, and the companies of cellular communication, and even - the employees … to radio! And already trifling matter is farther - to steal, deceive or even to kill the person.

And on numerous preventions of militia - unfamiliar a door not to open our people answers with the ignore list.

We were convinced recently of it.

Dialogue of Pavel on duty and resident (expeditious shooting):
- Alexander Dmitriyevich Nikolaev?
- Yes.
- My name is Pavel, I from a social service at the president. It is possible to come to you?
- From where?
- At Presidential Administration social service.
- And what is necessary?
- I wanted to communicate to you concerning life, as there at you …
- It isn't necessary anything, good-bye.
- To you social privileges and package grocery.
- It isn't necessary anything! (In a shot: closes a door).

Well, to send and through a peephole it was possible. Because for criminals it is possible to break force to your dwelling.

But we - not they, we preventively together with militia carried out educational works!

Dialogue of quick workers and zhalets (expeditious shooting):
- You correctly made that didn't open and didn't begin to talk.
- I opened.
- No that didn't begin to communicate with it.
- To communicate - yes. I know, on what subject.
- And by the way, on what?
- I one live, the wife died, and right there all of them learned, from where, that, that. The person aged, has the apartment.

Correctly, дедуль, you think. Only that you to strangers opened a door? To learn who came and that wants, and from - for doors it was possible.

Dialogue of the hostess of the apartment and swindlers:
- From where, you speak?
- We from district clinic, doctors - experimenters! We offer a pill from heart!
- Oh, for heart?
- For a floor - the prices!
- Now, касатики, in policlinic I will call, I will specify.
(Phones social / structures can be learned in prefecture of the district).

Ran away! Hey, касатики, where you? Probably, on an emergency call. So hurried, what even drugs dropped!

And after all you, the Muscovite, the nobility have to that any medicines to sell here as potato, it is impossible. And furthermore you can't try them.

At best - any effect, in the worst the effect is. Death! But also it not all surprises which present from - for doors.

Dmitry Radiulov, uchastkovoupolnomochenny tells YuAO Department of Internal Affairs:
- Cases when swindlers are represented by the staff of banks became frequent and offer in exchange for your cash money various plastic cards - and on payment of consumer goods, and on payment of mobile cell phones.

At our entrance Sergeyevich from the 57th apartment made a mistake on it. I changed all the salary for a piece of plastic!

Here also there is now a useless piece on the shelf, as a symbol of his trustfulness. But Sergeyevich now, the man skilled, a scent of swindlers feels!

After all - goods to offer the main thing to them on cheap stuff. On it also pecks the people. And as will peck, so in a nape scratches...

Anna of Vnukovo, the employee of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Department of Internal Affairs of YuAO speaks:
- To you can offer any goods, to you it will open, will show how it works. The person will want it to get, and to it will tell: goods - that already opened, give new in a packing, with a guarantee we will give you! The person a beret, gives money, swindlers leave, the person opens, and there, instead of goods, the brick or any other garbage lies.

… Swindlers are inexhaustible on an invention. And already tomorrow they can think up other way of deception you in your territory.

But in your hands the Muscovite to deliver to them for an ingenuity "2" - or 02 …


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