Ukraine - Belarus: the such - here at us is neighborliness? !

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Cases when the rights of our citizens are violated roughly by law enforcement agencies of other states become frequent. Ukrainians thus test from their party many humiliations, pressure and threats. Not single cases when intelligence services of neighboring states try to enlist our citizens.

You won't see neither the wife, nor the child!

As a whole the standard of living of the Volynsk Polesye isn't high therefore people try to earn couple of hryvnias by any ways. So, inhabitants of one of villages of the Ratnovsky region of the unemployed to take Pyotr and Nikolay O., having taken 40 bottles of vodka and 43 blocks of cigarettes, decided to transport them on the territory of the next Republic of Belarus out of a check point.

Near the settlement of Mokrana (RB) them detained. The Belarusian frontier guards left to Ukrainians a little bigger quantity of goods, than it is authorized to transport. The rest simply hid in bushes. From young people took away money and mobile phones. At Pyotr who has lost a hand during road accident, started demanding the certificate of disability which and so is obvious. To it at first threatened with deportation, and then the employee quickly - investigation subsection of Pinsky boundary group the senior lieutenant O. Rusin suggested the man to cooperate with law enforcement agencies of the neighboring state. For it he promised free crossing of border with any goods.

After Pyotr's refusal of the offered cooperation, to it forbade entrance on the territory of Belarus for five years, and the decision on deportation was made and realized by the commandant without judgment and executive bodies of the power of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RB.

Nikolay honor for three months sent to a pre-trial detention center. The matter is that his wife and the five-months child are citizens of Belarus, than and frontier guards used.

- From me constantly demanded to provide information about the volynyanakh who are engaged in illicit activity, - Nikolay tells, - also asked, whether I am on friendly terms with workers of a border service of Ukraine, as far as with them my familiar friends or relatives? Whether I possess any information of compromising character on frontier guards of the GPSU Lutsk group? Guards of RB knew that my house is near an arrangement of subsection GPS of Ukraine and I can personally know staff of this subsection. And still they morally pressed, threatened with deportation in case of which I won't see neither the wife, nor the daughter. On it the employee quickly - investigation subsection of Pinsky boundary group of the RB State boundary committee the senior lieutenant Alexey Rusin constantly pressed. And that vodka and cigarettes we wanted to sell that though a little bit to help my wife because she in a maternity leave, and is no place to expect the help.

Listening to the uneasy story of the young man, becomes obvious that he had to test much during stay at "neighbors". Finally it deported to Ukraine without any explanations and documents. Belarusians to turn the money withdrawn earlier and phone on - visible forgot. Issued only the decision on deportation for five years.

Deportation or... cooperation?

Two children and Vasily G. former wife live in Belarus. Once, having visited them to help about the house, Vasily through border came back home. However the check point of "Zabolotye" (Ukraine) - "Hotislav" (Republic of Belarus) was already closed therefore the man who needed to go next day to work, decided to cross border illegally. After it I caught up with the car on which there were no identification marks which left two people in a camouflage. They carried out a search during which forced the man to undress to underwear. After that Vasily was delivered in an insulator of a temporary continence of Maloritsky boundary commandant's office of Pinsky boundary group of the State boundary committee (in further GPK) by RB.

Belarusians carried out some interrogations in the middle of the night that testifies to rough human rights violation which are defined by the Geneva convention of the UN of 1948 of convocation. After all, according to provisions of the convention, interrogations can be carried out only to 22-and hour. After them carry out only in extreme cases.

- Already was пополуночи when the escort came to the camera, I woke me and I led on interrogation to the investigator Denis Buryakin who was the senior of a border duty at the time of my detention, - mister Vasily reluctantly shares heavy memories. He asked me about a situation on border, whether there are among my acquaintances Ukrainian frontier guards who promote smuggling? And also whether I know of their operational work, or something like that, what could compromise them? Whether I know those who possesses such information? I answered that anybody and I know nothing, then D. Buryakin in the presence of a border duty which detained me, namely, - the senior lieutenant D. Pasikov, the ensign D. Antonovich and the lance sergeant of military service on the contract I. Shostakovich, me hit. The structure of a dress didn't react to such actions in any way therefore I made impression that such attitude towards detainees here is a commonplace.

It follows from this that frontier guards of the neighboring state consider, what, having put on a uniform, they can create anything, exceeding thus the office powers?

Considering that Vasily is the civil servant and has acquaintances among that category of citizens which could interest quickly - investigation department of Pinsky boundary group of Republic of Belarus, to it offered cooperation with this subsection.

- In case of refusal threatened that I even to the children on a wedding won't get, - tells волынянин. Also promised that my former wife Renata at work will have problems, and children won't be able to arrive in any higher educational institutions in RB territory. And when Renata brought to me transfer, D. M. Buryakin threw out it in a musornik that was witnessed by one more Ukrainian together with whom I was in the camera. Subsequently we went to Maloritsky regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs where I became the witness of conversation of D. Buryakin and the chief of a passport office militia major Pashkevich V. Posledny, having studied the resolution, told Buryakina D. that without judgment and coordination with prosecutor's office it won't put a stamp about my deportation for a period of ten years as this decision is illegal. Despite of it, through an hour and a half me brought my passport with a stamp as D. M. Buryakin, using the official position, I forced the employee of militia to make to it a concession.

Having returned home, Vasily submitted the application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, to Committee of protection of the rights of citizens of Ukraine, and also to the Prosecutor General's Office of RB and to the Ambassador of RB in Ukraine. However to it it was refused initiation of legal proceedings concerning officials of border troops of Belarus. In the resolution on refusal the senior assistant to the military prosecutor on supervision of legality on Frontier and in border troops of Republic of Belarus, the senior lieutenant of justice A. Spasiuk notes that the facts of that Buryakin hit with of M. Vasily, and also threw out the transfer brought by the Vasilevy wife, weren't confirmed. At the same time they avoided question consideration concerning recruitment of the citizen of other state by the officer of specialbody of RB who thus applied moral and physical pressure. Vasily again filed a lawsuit the claim to Republic of Belarus, however our neighbors, using that fact that it is deported and can't personally submit the application and defend the rights in court, within two months of the answer to the statement which was transferred by the wife, didn't receive. Considering the previous threats from Buryakin D. M., Vasily took away the children to Ukraine. Today the man tries to resolve an issue concerning change of their nationality with Belarusian on the Ukrainian.

I won't be "informer"!

Material neediness forced 34 - the summer man to undertake any side job. So, in May of last year to Ruslan K. suggested to transport for fifty dollars freight of fresh-frozen meat through border of Ukraine and Belarus. His wife who works for an incomplete rate, receives 270 hryvnias of a salary therefore to the man the case in a night dropped out to earn almost same money which she receives in a month. Two daughters who after school seek to get a further education grow in a family. On everything money therefore the man agreed are necessary. Already dawned when already empty "Ural" which Ruslan was driving, approached the village Povit (RB) that for 14-18 kilometers from state border. Subsequently the man saw that he is pursued by the car therefore increased speed.

- Persecutors didn't lag behind, - mister Ruslan reluctantly tells. Through any time the crash was heard, I then still thought, something, on - visible, my "Ural" isn't absolutely serviceable. But in any moment I understood that it the automatic turn was distributed. Shot not only on wheels, but also in lateral windows of the cabin, which splinters of glass me wounded. This miracle that I in general remained live.It was impossible to go further.

Furious Belarusians used the weapon of joint stock company-74 in an automatic mode. According to the victim, he heard from conversation of the person on duty that Sergey Oksanenko, the major of border troops in RB, during a pursuit used about 60-ти charges. And the part of bullets got to a cabin of the driver that is allowed only in that case when the driver shoots on persecutors.

- Wheels of the car were punched, the subsequent movement - neozmozhny, - continues the sad story волынянин - Having approached, one of defenders of the Belarusian border hit me. I fell therefore it dumped me from asphalt in a grass and struck some more blows. Others approached also. They beat so strongly that Sergey Oksanenko at the next blow injured to himself the right hand on which subsequently it was necessary to impose plaster.

Subsequently in the twilight of the man forced to sign the document where it was specified that it got wound still before he was detained by frontier guards. Unclear only, as well as that then he blood-stained, started on the journey?

In an insulator of a temporary continence of the RB Pinsky boundary group where the Ukrainian spent seven days, the chief of office of service of operational activity and inquiry of military unit 1235 major Eduard Rak constantly inquired what the situation in a border-zone of Ukraine is. And still I forced to cooperation: to provide information on the Ukrainians involved in illegal activity on Ukrainian - the Belarusian border. And also another: that which will be necessary to it.

- I answered it that I won't be "informer", - continues the story Ruslan - then to me threatened with the long-term contents in an insulator. And still - imposing of big penalties and deportation. After intimidations and threats of Volhynia deported to Ukraine.
Far not from good life all these people dared to cross illegally frontier, making thus an administrative offense. However even in cases when are detained guilty, first of all they are people, and therefore it is necessary to treat them on - human.

After all, according to article 3 of the Constitution of our state, people, his life and health, honor and advantage, inviolability and safety admit Ukraine the greatest social value. And value needs to be protected this.

During carrying out this journalistic investigation, I with grief had to establish that annoying fact that similar cases of violation of the rights of people and attempt of attraction by specialbodies of RB of citizens of Ukraine to secret cooperation, is not only not single, but also they meet, except Volhynia, and in the territory of other areas of our state. In particular, in Rovenshchina...

Me detained on... to my earth

Ruslan G. within the last three years on a voluntary basis was the assistant to the Public border service of Ukraine. It often carried out round and repair of frontier marks, therefore to whom, as not to it the nobility where there passes the border line.

"A year ago I went on the motorcycle to check a frontier mark "Frontier of Ukraine" which is where - that for kilometer from the village of Smorodsk (The Rovno area), - Ruslan tells - There I was engaged in ordering of the adjacent territory, and through any time saw that from the territory of Ukraine the Belarusian frontier guard who ordered me to approach to it comes nearer to me. I refused and, having developed, rushed наутек".

However Ruslan managed to run off nearby because he was brought down from feet by other frontier guard of RB who was at this time in an ambush in the territory of our state.

- Thus it kicked me on a knee, and with a rubber stick struck blow to the person - continues the story Ruslan. - They were armed with machine guns, and one of them, having directed on me lying, the weapon, ordered not to rise. On a handheld transceiver they called the car, having told that it is necessary to deliver the violator (! ! ! ) frontier. When I told that is detained illegally, one of them advised to be silent and not to try because "will solder" also attack on boundary patrol".

When the car approached, Belarusian "fighters" transferred Ruslan through border and already to RB territories, having withdrawn the mobile phone and where some hryvnias which didn't return subsequently, started making the protocol on illegal crossing of state border.

"Wrote that I came on their territory on four steps in search of a haymaking, - continues memoirs of people. - In boundary commandant's office "Retchitsa" me brought to an office on which doors the plate "Alder A. R." the lieutenant colonel who there was hung, I started asking on circumstances of my detention. However, when I told him that me detained in Ukraine, he simply ignored it.It information who from inhabitants of the village of Smorodsk is engaged in illicit activity which the situation in a border-zone is interested more. At the end of conversation to me offered cooperation: to provide information necessary for them.

After that Ruslan took away in the camera, and already next day transferred to the Ukrainian party in a check point "Ancient settlement". Thus our "slav brothers" handed over it the receipt on the penalty payment which sum makes about 300 dollars.

His fellow villager who that day worked at a haymaking was the witness of that happened to Ruslan. On - visible, to the Belarusian frontier guards who take up to serve on protection of border of the state, it is necessary to give cards with its detailed designation (after all on that place where all above events developed, the line of border is accurate as there - the plain on which the strip about a meter wide is plowed), and that they on the lands of Ukraine behave much more freely, than locals. And still - to instruct rather prevysheny them office powers and to explain that illegal crossing of frontier of Ukraine by the Belarusian frontier guards with the weapon is qualified as a crime and infringement of territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine.

"We were given for days only a glass of tea and a bread chunk …"

That ill-fated winter evening Sergey D. met the friends. In two of them there were motorcycles therefore children decided to drive.

Unfortunately, Belarus till this time didn't ratify with Ukraine the contract "About frontier" and therefore on the district it is visually heavy to orient where one country comes to an end and another begins. Having lost reference points, friends came around on the territory of the next Belarus. There they were detained also by the armed frontier guards. Subsequently there arrived group of the Belarusian frontier guards which brought detainees to boundary commandant's office "Retchitsa" where all took away in cameras. By the way, one of detainees - the minor, they beat. After he came back home, physicians of local hospital recorded numerous hematomas on his body.

However to one of them, - to Anatoly D. the free camera any more didn't suffice therefore the guy took away in one of service premises. And, that didn't escape... arrested handcuffs to the battery.In a night to it so передавило a hand that the doctor told subsequently that if it stayed in such situation a little more time, it could lead to the tragedy, - the guy could remain without hand.

- And I, and my friends spent the night in cameras which weren't heated at all therefore about any dream there was no speech also, - the whole night I went on the camera that though a little bit to be warmed, - Sergey tells - And in the morning I caused on interrogation. The officer who saw off him, asked about socially - a political situation in Ukraine, on an order of service by the Ukrainian border duties. And still - whether I know among local population of those who is engaged in illicit activity. Later that officer suggested me to cooperate with him, spoke that I very well thought concerning it is Sergey continues - It gave me number of the phone and told that I called by telephone to it at once as soon as I learn something about illicit transportations. I answered it that I won't cooperate with them.

Subsequently us forced to sign the protocol where it was specified that the Belarusian frontier guards detained us when we carried out illicit transportation of goods. We denied and refused to sign these papers, however they psychologically pressed on us, offended by obscene abuse, and they elected one of us "victim" and several times beat before our eyes. Here thus us forced it to sign.

Subsequently, having met that boy whom beat and which fell main "victim" of the Belarusian frontier guards, I long couldn't believe that to this child sixteen were already executed, - low growth, thin, in his look, except grief, there was still something like that that I couldn't understand. On - visible, those who endured that this child had to worry can understand it only. After all all four days which children spent in cameras, they not only should suffer from cold, - them still starved, giving per day a glass of tea and one chunk of bread. Bathroom visit was problem also, forced to expect till some hours while someone from frontier guards won't react to their request.

Also children used for... reporting preparation by journalists of Republic of Belarus, thus ordered to tell about itself inveracious information as if they carried illicit goods through border.Listening to all this, you forget that you live in the third millennium where speak about the rights and freedom, protection of citizens, upholding of their honor and advantage. And can therefore it indeed, what about all this only speak?


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