The militia exempted Youzhny port from aggressors

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Staff of special forces of militia "Golden eagle" exempted port authority "Youzhny" (Odessa region) from the persons seized on April 25 the building and holding it.

The head of the security service of Youzhny port Alexander Buylin reported about it.

He noted that about 100 fighters of the Dnepropetrovsk security firm "Security Systems" keeping the building, showed resistance to police officers when carrying out operation.

The militia together with representatives of executive service arrived to the port for execution of definition of court. The Voroshilovsky district court of the city of Donetsk took out on April 30 the definition canceling the previous definition of the same court about reinstatement of the chief of the port of Vladimir of Vasilyev. Both of these definitions were taken out by the judge Mishchenko.

Fighters of security firm intended to prevent in a power way to execution of definition of court. They showed resistance to employees of the "Golden eagle", trying to enter the building. Security guards threw militiamen packages with incendiary mix. Besides, the people who have sat down at the building tried to apply fire fire engines. But employees of port blocked water supply.

The militia didn't expect similar repulse and receded.

The deputy head of department of internal affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region Dmitry Fuchedzhi who has arrived to a place of events, put forward to security guards the ultimatum. He declared that if those won't give up within 10 minutes, to the building the assault group of "Golden eagle" supplied with specifics will be directed. Only after that security guards gave up.

The militia detained more than 100 people. Vladimir Vasilyev wasn't in the building. It arrived by car to a place of events, and then was removed.

The chief of port Yury Kruk entered the study and continued to fulfill the duties.

The people who were of 12 days in the building of port authority, caused it huge damage. "They pulled out ranks of chairs in the assembly hall, arranged there a doss house, it is impossible to come into toilets", - Alexander Buylin declared.

He also reported that police officers put detainees in in advance prepared buses and took out for the port territory.Then them released and sent regular buses to the place of residence - to Dnepropetrovsk.


As earlier it was reported, on April 25 the group of people tried to seize Sea trade port "Youzhny" and to achieve reinstatement ex-the chief of the enterprise Vladimir Vasilyev. Referring to the solution of one of district courts of Donetsk on reinstatement of Vladimir Vasilyev, attacking I broke to the building of port authority and took an office of the chief of the enterprise Yury Kruk. Vladimir Vasilyev's supporters kept the port authority building so far. The port continued to work these days under control of Yury Kruk, but the services which were taking place in the seized building, were temporarily transferred to other rooms. It already the second attempt of power capture of a chair of the chief of Youzhny port from Vladimir Vasilyev. For the first time he in the same way tried to return itself(himself) the lost position to stay by the chief of the enterprise of Alexander Gonzy.


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