USA: the life price in war with terror

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In spite of the fact that the cost of human life theoretically has to be identical to all, in practice this principle is ignored. One lives are more "expensive", than others. The price of life of the American who was lost as a result of act of terrorism in Oklahoma - city, for the Congress of the USA was one thousand times less, than the price of life of victims of acts of terrorism on September 11.

The example of an assessment of lives of the people who were lost during military operations is indicative. Nowadays the Ministry of Defence of USA \Department of Defense pays to a family of the lost serviceman of $100 000 - this money goes for payment of a funeral, lump sums and so forth Besides, the majority of the American military personnel is got by insurance policies in military insurance company is rather favorable business because the amount of insurance payments is lowest. In case of death of the serviceman, insurers pay him to successors to $400 000. Besides, minor children of the lost soldier and his widow also receive pension and a number of privileges - for example, health insurances. Thus, life of the soldier costs not less than $500 000, and a maximum to $1.5-1.7 million (depending on quantity and age of children).

Otherwise the cost of life of other categories of victims of war pays off. In 2007 the Control Chamber USA \Government Accountability Office published the report on how the Pentagon compensates losses to inhabitants of Iraq and Afghanistan, injured with actions of the American military. Funds for the similar purposes three structures have: State Department of USA \Department of State, the Ministry of Defence of USA \Department of Defense and Agency of the USA on the International Development \US Agency for International Development (USAID). In turn, the Pentagon can spend money three ways: in - the first to carry out the decision of the judicial authorities which have established that the American military caused a certain damage; in - the second to pay means for damage compensation; in - the third to transfer victims money as the condolence act.In the second and third case it is especially specified that transfer of money isn't the fact of recognition by the Pentagon of the fault is the only peculiar gesture of good will setting as the purpose maintenance of good relations with local population. The control Chamber analysed only these two ways of payments which make about 5-8% of total amounts of compensations of the USA paid to Afghans and Iraqis.

The American military can assign the unlimited sums on these purposes. However, - the fact, in Iraq and Afghanistan the amount of "condoling" payments doesn't exceed $2.5 thousand (for death, wound or property damage \destruction). "Compensation" payments pay off on the following scale: to $2.5 thousand - death, to $1.5 thousand - a severe wound, from $200 - a slight injury. In Afghanistan price-list a bit different: 100 thousand Afghani (about $2.3 thousand) for death, 200 thousand Afghani (about $467) - for a severe wound, 10 thousand Afghani (about $236) - for a slight injury or the damaged \destroyed property. Thus, life of the Iraqi who was lost because of the American soldier, costs $2.5 thousand, and life of the American serviceman killed by the Iraqi - in 200 times more.

The similar situation was observed and in other situations connected with military operations. In 1999, during operation to Kosovo, the American B-52 bomber dumped a bomb on Embassy of China in Belgrad (The Pentagon explained it to that by preparation of operation outdated maps of the capital of Serbia were used). As a result of explosion three Chinese journalists were lost, 27 people got wounds. Four months later the USA agreed to pay $4.5 million to families of the killed and wounded. That is, one victim received about $150 thousand. In 2002 the U.S. Air Force plane in the Italian Alps damaged a cable on which there was a gondola with passengers - as a result, 20 citizens of Italy were lost. In 2004 the Congress of SShA\US of Congress made the decision to pay to successors of $ which have lost 2 million

The similar disparate in estimates exists at estimations of cost of life of victims of acts of terrorism. Some weeks later after acts of terrorism on September 11, 2001, on "hot scents", the Congress of the USA allocated for compensation to victims of act of terrorism about $7 billion, that is, life of one victim was estimated approximately at $2.1 million. Real payments were much higher.

So, research of RAND corporation showed that compensations to individuals and the businesses injured with these acts of terrorism on September 11, 2001 in New - York, made $32 billion.The most part of means (51% or $19.6 billion) was paid by insurance companies. The state allocated $15.8 billion, or 42%. The remained $2.7 billion or 7% spent the charitable organizations for these purposes. Families of victims I received $8.7 billion, the average sum of compensation made $3.1 million (69% of these means the American state paid). However families of the lost police officers, firefighters, physicians and so forth officials who participated in rescue efforts and were lost on duty, received more - $4.2 million (90% of means the state paid). Therefore, life of the clerk working in failed skyscrapers, "costs" on $1.1 million less, than life of the firefighter.

Anyway, the American state spent considerable funds for compensations to successors of victims of terrorists. In particular, it was made to rescue the aviaindustry of the USA to which the wave of claims - security services of the airports threatened from ruin and airline could be convicted of neglect by the direct duties therefore terrorists could seize planes and use them as the weapon. Agreeing to accept the state compensation, victims of acts of terrorism signed on September 11 the document in which undertook not to appeal subsequently to court with requirements about compensation of damage.

Life of the Americans who were lost in 1995 at explosion of a bomb in the city of Oklahoma - City was otherwise estimated. Explosion which was organized by local extremists, happened in office building, the death 168 - ми the person became result of that. Till 2001 this explosion was considered as the largest act of terrorism in the territory of the USA. After act of terrorism the Congress of the USA refused to allocate with the victim monetary compensations, but provided to families of victims two-year tax vacation - two years these families shouldn't have paid federal income tax (local taxes for them weren't cancelled). That is, the amount of compensation for death fluctuated from $3 thousand to $30 thousand, depending on the income of a family of victims.

For a decade victims tried to achieve increase in the amount of compensations, but in 2005 came to grief. In spite of the fact that after this tragedy the charitable organizations and private sponsors offered more than $40 million to victims of explosion, these means it appeared insufficiently. At least 60 families which have lost supporters, appeared on the verge of poverty.

Therefore, price of life of the American, victim as a result


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