Big races for the extortioner

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Now our drivers use special attention from criminals. Otvertochniki, barsetochnik, the criminals puncturing wheels, and the mass of other representatives of different criminal professions hunt on owners of cars. And often it is impossible to draw a distinction between villains of different specializations, as a rule, it "criminal machine operators of a wide profile".

Also they hunt not only for money, but also for documents. The matter is that the illegal turn of stolen documents is quite wide now. Stolen passports after the corresponding rebonding of photos often use for receiving the credits. The same passports, and also driving license arrive in a turn of so-called return. That is either criminals, or the bought stolen documents swindlers return documents for material remuneration. Thus for return of the driving license at least $100 demand. It is clear that it is much more favorable to victim to pay for return of documents one hundred "green", than to spend the much bigger sum for their lawful restoration. Besides and red tape in the latter case it is much more.

Recently criminals began to hunt also for such category of drivers, as marshrutochnik. Drivers of share taxis are quite often so exhausted by street jams and problems on roads that lose vigilance. While the marshrutochnik considers passengers, takes from them money, gives delivery, thus also drives, bypassing competitors and trying to put in the most inconceivable places for a stop, he appears an easy mark for thieves. In the direction of travel skilled criminals can easily leave such driver both without money, and without documents. But the most "sweet" object the marshrutochnik becomes at a final stop. Having unloaded and having relaxed, the minibus taxi driver goes to have a bite, drink, smoke, to chat with colleagues. The minibus at this moment, as a rule, remains out of a zone of attention of the owner. Than with success malefactors use.

30- summer simferopolets Evgeny had a reputation for the person not too hard-working, but sharp-witted. His spouse had private grocery shop and not bad earned. Zhenya some time too worked in shop, and then gave up this work as unpromising and unhealthy. Our sharp-witted hero concentrated attention and efforts on the marshrutochnikakh, just trading at final stops of share taxis. How many drivers it left without money and documents, now finds out a consequence. But peripetias at which Evgeny was detained by militiamen are interesting.

There was it a few days ago at a final stop of share taxis in the Simferopol residential district Maryino. Evgeny took away a man purse at зазевавшегося a marshrutochnik. The thief was fallen prey by some honeycombs of hryvnias, documents of the driver and the mobile phone. Having found loss, the victim, of course, tore and threw. And when I calmed down a little, I called on the mobile phone. Zhenya as the "decent" thief answered. The unfortunate marshrutochnik begged to return at least documents. He was ready to forgive Evgenia even theft of money, if only to get back the driver's license. Zhenya treated a request on - business supposedly I will return documents, but isn't disinterested, and all - navsy for 800 hryvnias.

The clever thief understood that the exchange needs to be made in the conditions of the most strict conspiracy therefore it involved in operation of the friend, without having devoted it in an events essence. Evgeny developed as well the detailed plan of an exchange. However, this plan not up to the end considered possible intervention of militiamen. And militiamen interfered as the victim addressed in militia.

However for the time being at Evgeny everything went like clockwork. In due time the injured marshrutochnik approached in the designated place - on Trubachenko Street. But there he had to wait when the criminal appears. However the thief suited it a so-called swing. He called by phone and demanded that the marshrutochnik passed meters hundred in the specified direction. Then the instruction to go back followed. And so the thief sent the victim about half an hour, hoping to reveal a tail. And field investigators of the Kiev District Department of Internal Affairs watched this sports walking from shelter. Evgeny, having believed, eventually, that shadowing isn't present, I gave the victim command to sit down in the approached taxi. In salon of the car there was the friend of the thief who plainly even not wasn't understanding that occurs. It had to take away only money and then specify, behind what car to go.The taxi driver whom employed for half an hour before operation, too only followed instructions.

As soon as the marshrutochnik sat down in a taxi, two field investigators there jumped. And the thief at this moment was nearby - in other taxi. Having thought that occurs, it gave command to the driver to press on gas. Well and further big races began - one taxi directed in a pursuit of another. And drivers of both cars at all didn't understand, who for whom or from whom gets away. In the direction of travel Evgeny began to get rid of proofs and to throw out documents. Field investigators at this moment should have held big works a marshrutochnik who tried to jump out of the car behind the documents. As a result of a taxi with Evgeny nevertheless caught up. The thief was detained and forwarded in regional department. Marshrutochnik received the documents, and as a bonus also the phone. With a monetary bonus the issue will be resolved later. Well and Evgenia, naturally, waits punishment.


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