Corpses 90-"emerge" x: the victim strangled the customer

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During the resumed investigation on the case of murder of "seylemovets" of Sergey Orazmuradov, by nickname the Oriental cherry, shot in 1991, to militiamen other bloody stories from a shadowy past of "boots" became known also. One of them - Deryushkin's murder.

Once again about the Oriental cherry

As already I wrote "1K", Sergey Orazmuradov's murder became one of reciprocal attacks in war between two powerful organized criminal groups of the peninsula - "Salem" and "Boots". First "boots" began hunting for the Giraffe - the leader of "seylemovsky" group Oleg Slatvinsky, and then switched over to the Oriental cherry. We will remind, he was killed by unknown in November, 1991 directly near gate of the house in Simferopol, in Krasnodarsky Lane. Then the investigation of case of Orazmuradov was suspended because militiamen allegedly couldn't find murderers of the Oriental cherry. However two years ago (during the second militia cleaning) criminal case was again brought. Testimony of some organizers and participants of murder of "seylemovets" of the Oriental cherry which were then, in 2006 were the cause, and are arrested. After "boots" "went to a soznanka", the following became known: in November, 1991, in the heat of war between "seylemovets" and "boots", the last decided to go to approach the first. It was decided "to screw up" the Oriental cherry from - for the conflict with Victor Bashmakov. On this murder the Boot left samolichno. It was accompanied by Alexander Danilchenko, Nikolay Kozhukhar, Victor K., Alexander Zh. and Vladimir M. (surnames of the last three we don't call in the interests of the investigation). Кожухарь together with Danilchenko approached to the Oriental cherry house, and when that went outside to tire out the car in garage, shots sounded. Orazmuradov died on the spot after that "boots" jumped in the car and disappeared from a crime scene.

Orazmuradov's murder stirred up all militia (there is information that the Oriental cherry "worked for office").

The operation "Search" then the murderer Sakura urgently moved in races was declared and left to Moldova.There they some time sat out on any camp site, but soon nevertheless returned to the Crimea where very quickly "solved" the problems with justice and again joined in war with "Salem".


It became known of all this from indications of three recently detained "boots" - Victor K., Alexander Zh. and Vladimir M. However, everyone told about Orazmuradov's murder, screening itself. For example, first. (by nickname Lobaty) I declared that at all I wasn't the accomplice of this crime. Say, which - that heard about Oriental cherry execution, but that day in Krasnodarsky Lane wasn't. However to Moldova together with group of companions everything is went. Lobaty claimed that went there at the request of Victor K. to celebrate any holiday. He knew Vitya since the childhood as was his schoolmate when both lived in Zhdanov. Later in the same city I got acquainted with Vladimir M. Vtroyem they started being engaged in restaurant business. Not without the aid of Victor K. who at that time was very authoritative person, opened some institutions and in Simferopol. Here such peace commerce. And as for discrediting communications with Danilchenko and Kozhukharem, that, according to Alexander Zh. statements, saw it them several times in the company of the schoolmate and the colleague Victor K. Deskat, on volume their acquaintance and ended. However testimony of Victor K. and Vladimir M. indicated the opposite. Revolted with such "slander", Alexander Zh. even asked militiamen to bring these two to trial for perjury.

In a word, Lobaty dodged as could, however it didn't rescue him. Say, enraged by Victor K. eloquence, he directly from the camera called on the mobile phone of the hairdresser (!) of the wife K. Bylo it on the eve of the past New year, and the woman just came to beauty shop to make toilet. To its surprise there was no limit when at the master phone rang out and her asked to take the call. She learned Lobaty's voice at once, he asked to transfer to the husband that that didn't speak much. The wife To. right there I hung up and I addressed to militiamen. She told about a strange call, and in some hours in the camera where together with other prisoners there was Alexander Zh., the search was carried out. One of convicts employees of militia quickly found Mobilka and withdrew. For it convicts thanks didn't tell Lobatoma. However, it got off with slight bruises.

Meanwhile the consequence proceeded, confrontations were carried out, and there was other, not less interesting information about Lobaty. As it appeared, it not only took part in Oriental cherry murder, but also, according to indications To. and M., with own hand killed a certain citizen Deryushkin.

Live dead person

Deryushkin in the criminal world of the peninsula - the personality quite ordinary. At first I was the free businessman and when in the Crimea criminal wars began, I left under "roof" to "boots". I didn't take part in bloody dismantlings, but here I understood trade business well. At one time I worked side by side for the organized criminal group benefit "Boots" together with Alexander Zh. - delivered goods to gangster restaurants and bars. By the way, I had joint business. and together with "boot" by nickname Bodya (it is well and until now). This tipchik became famous among "boots" for that slightly was didn't break Olga Dzyuby's murder. We will remind, in July, 1995 the wife of the most cruel of the Crimean authorities - Oleg Dzyuby was killed. As already I wrote "1K", the car in which it went home, shot on the "humpbacked" bridge at the railway station. Except Olga, in it there were a driver Evgeny Ikonnikov and two security guards. The truck going ahead, during descent started braking, and after it was compelled to brake and the car of Dzyuby. It was waited by fighters sitting in bushes. Automatic turns were distributed, and all four died on the spot. So "boots" revenged for death of "father" - Victor.

Very few people know that companion Zh. Bodya took part in operation on Olga Dzyuby's destruction also. He had to sit in a car, expecting when fighters will finish punishment and will jump to it in the car. However having heard shots, Bodya so was frightened that "gave on gases" and dashed away up hill and down dale, far away from a bullet rain. "Boots" for such cowardice cruelly beat it then, but nevertheless left in live.

But we will return to Deryushkin and Zh. Sotrudnichali these two not for long: they quarreled from - for the unlimited sum of money. Usual quarrel developed into hostility and hatred. In an organized criminal group all knew about hostility between Lobaty and Deryushkin and therefore at all weren't surprised when in 1996 to "seniors" the last was declared and told that wants to order Alexander Zh. Rasplatitsya Deryushkin promised alcohol party on 30 thousand dollars. "Boots" pretended that agreed, and meanwhile informed on Lobaty's preparing attempt.Most likely, they made it because Lobaty was the schoolmate and the confidant of one of leaders of an organized criminal group "Boots" Victor K. Alexander Zh. was shocked with news and nevertheless not at once believed in insidiousness of the enemy - demanded proofs. And then on negotiations with Deryushkin the false person who has written down them conversation on a dictophone left. Deryushkin confirmed the order, as, however, and that will pay off with a large consignment of alcohol. After that "Boots" got down to business.

In January, 1996 of the customer invited that he the eyes saw order execution. Deryushkin together with several "boots" left in forest area near the Angarsk pass on the route Simferopol - Alushta. There, in the depth of the wood, they were expected by Victor K. and Alexander Ge. Posledny lay dead in a deep hole. When there arrived Deryushkin, he first of all rushed to a grave last time to look at the enemy before his body will throw the earth. However when the customer was inclined over a corpse, that suddenly recovered, threw with a rope Deryushkin's neck and began to smother. Lobaty weakened a grasp only after his victim fell down dead.

Now Aleksandra Zh. is incriminated already by two murders - participation in Sergey Orazmuradov's execution and murder of the citizen Deryushkin. However, it still didn't admit the guilt.


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