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25 years with impunity I killed and I forced in Ukraine, on interrogation I wrote 67 surrenders, each time eliciting tea or coffee at field investigators.

Staff of pologovsky militia who came to detain Sergey Tkacha, tell: "It was quiet. I was silent. I watched a search course. It seemed even that at first I was surprised".
And that to it not to be surprised, after all with impunity I worked - I killed and I forced young women and girls of 25 years! I began to give evidences already in the District Department of Internal Affairs when it was convinced that in his house it is collected proofs - the car and the small cart.
Field investigators, on whose share dropped out the first interrogations, note: cunning, cool, resourceful, memory - amazing argues normally, sensibly: in details remembers everything, even the first victims killed in 80-x what they had an underwear that is put on from above …
I wrote down indications. Competently, coherently, logically, accurately. In the Pologovsky District Department of Internal Affairs and prosecutor's office wrote 67 surrenders, since 1981. In other words, I confessed in 67 crimes. I admitted the crimes committed in Pavlograd and other cities of the Dnepropetrovsk area, in the Crimea, in Harkovshchina, and, certainly, the Zaporozhye area.
In the territory of the Pologovsky area the Weaver forced and killed 2 years - from September, 2003 to August, 2005. Speak, I was going to leave because felt: it becomes too hot.
To it - 54 years. For children and teenagers - "grandfather", or "the kind uncle"; for the staff of JSC Mineral - the conscientious, good worker; for people around - usual, nothing the remarkable person; for the former wives and cohabitants - "the normal man", without any strangenesses or deviations.
Those law enforcement officers who communicated with it after arrest, noted: any visible deviations in mentality. Sociable. In the first days of interrogations I confessed in 3 pologovskikh crimes, and then - went - went.
Everyone in the morning the arrested scrupulously washed, had a shave, directed as far as possible марафет. Then, in an office of the investigator I waited a roll, coffee or tea (without it "to work" that is to give evidences I didn't hurry), the pure pile of paper which is well writing the handle, an eraser, a ruler …
Victimized by a chronic sleep debt, investigators and field investigators fulfilled all its requirements:from "Úедрот" the criminal poured out the full measure of horrors. He coolly told, showed, as well as that created with the victims.


As razysknik understood, the Weaver acted and by calculation, and impulsively at the same time. In free time - whether in the day off, whether after work, it came for walk and seemingly aimlessly loafed on Bed curtains. But there came minute when its look stopped on the nice girl or the girl, and it started working.
Possessing strong skills of the topographer, acquired during service in army, instantly I found where it is better to attack the victim then to ensure withdrawal ways. Strong hands of the candidate for the master of sports in weightlifting, effortlessly, I broke cervical vertebras of the defenseless.
Dauntlessly and judiciously I could plead even if to it asked a question in a forehead. At work of the Weaver remembered how once in soul, having looked at its scar, one of workers, half in jest, asked, whether instead of it that maniac who is looked for by all area? Without having been confused at all, the Weaver right there supported the "cheerful" theory, having transferred everything to "trick".
- Usually, the murderer found deserted, inaccessible to ordinary passersby, a place? Sergey Olshansky, the deputy chief of criminal investigation department of Pologovsky RO Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye area, the militia major remembers. ? For example, he raped one girl and killed near the transformer box, near "Privatbank". Who will go to the transformer box? It is dangerous! And the body lay, covered with a tin leaf so at first it it wasn't noticeable.
It attacked behind therefore even survived anything distinct couldn't tell about it. The set of identikits was made, but more - less close to the original the murderer was described by the penultimate victim which by miracle remained is live. When its description was added by the young man who has seen the Weaver on the small river together with girls one of which subsequently I killed, it became clear, how exactly the maniac looks. Fortunately, the young man (subsequently him marked out an award for rendering the effective help to the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs), approximately knew where to look for the man noticed by it.
The biography restored to trifles Sergey Tkacha testified: it began to kill long ago. I committed the first murder in 1980 - m to year in Simferopol. At first I strangled absolutely unfamiliar girl, then, having mocked at a body, "I felt unusual inflow of sincere forces" and on pleasures I called on "02".
How then explained in surrender? to help "colleagues" to find a corpse. But "sincere" conversation it didn't turn out - the militiaman refused to call himself, and the Weaver in a fit of temper hung up. As he explained subsequently, then - that and there was an idea to prove to the top management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs an unsuitability for a profession of militia workers.

- In the field of suspicion many people got? the investigator of Pologovsky prosecutor's office Alexander Potapov tells. ? First of all - earlier judged for serious crimes. Those places where crimes were committed, were carefully fulfilled.
After one of the first attacks the girl remained is live, but couldn't describe the criminal - it attacked her behind and at once strangled.
In July, 2005 where - that for 300-400 meters from the settlement, in the field, where people had kitchen gardens, one more victim incidentally survived. As it became clear, he on the habit to walk in free time on Bed curtains and in the country, came across it incidentally. It weeded potatoes. The weaver approached to it, began to talk. It is unlikely the girl even pricked up the ears - well, the uncle and the uncle! As he explained then, the sexual inclination at him arose suddenly, and he right there attacked the interlocutor.
Then it described it: the such - that and such - that, above average height, with moustaches, gray-haired. According to this description it was impossible to find the criminal, but we started checking persons from 45 to 50 years, with moustaches and a gray hair. Him didn't contact - as the former criminalist, he was able to hide proofs.
The weaver easily came into contact, started and supported conversation. In the latter case, for example, easily I gained the confidence of children. In a recreation area (at us the part of the city on the small river the Horse tram so is called) three nine-year-old girlfriends bathed. And he with them began to bathe. I started the conversation, - I rolled one girl on a back.
When girlfriends left, swam away in bushes, submerged remained, raped and a body hid in thickets. Girlfriends returned, asked it about the disappeared. "Left, probably, home"? without having trembled a uniform muscle, the Weaver answered. As then I explained, it "suddenly had a desire".
One more girl, the Gipsy who arrived to the father to stay for a while, we wouldn't find for a long time. According to the statement of the father it was wanted, but we thought that the teenager could go to mother to the Western Ukraine on passing transport.
The murderer met it in the area Bed curtains-5 where once I lived with the cohabitant, killed, raped and threw in a well of the thrown house.We found a body only when it started giving evidences.

On the pologovsky earth the Weaver committed the first crime in September, 2003, the last - in the first of August 2005-го. In its arsenal 8 how investigators speak, "episodes"? crimes which he assumed. In this meat grinder of only 2 victims escaped.
- We sat at work till 23-24 nights? Potapov remembers. ? And in the morning again for work. Every day at 21.00 - operational meeting on an occasion fulfilled. Reported that is made that else it is necessary to make. People were interrogated, examinations were appointed.
Assumed that it is necessary to be afraid of spring and falls because the first crime was committed in the September, the second - in May. Further there was a September, November, May, again November …
As militiamen soon found, the picture "fall-spring" wasn't danced". Crimes were committed both in the summer, and in the winter. For example, in the Chaplinsky region of the Dnepropetrovsk area adjoining on the Pologovsky area, found a corpse of the girl killed and raped on pologovsky type in January. Careful survey of a crime scene, body pose - everything indicated the maniac.
When results of analyses of DNA came, doubts didn't remain - and here, and in Chaplino one person acted. "Pauses" between murders in Bed curtains became clear.
- When passed half a year and date of the following murder came nearer? Sergey Olshansky tells? we spent the day and spent the night in regional department. There was a strengthened working off of areas where he committed crimes, forces on protection of a public order of area lended a hand, "Golden eagle" …
was connectedIt was difficult to understand, what months were preferred by the maniac: crimes in Bed curtains happened in September and May, August and November … For example, on September 14, 2003 behind houses on Zarechnaya Street found the girl strangled behind (it remained it is live). On November 19 the same year - behind the transformer box near "Privatbank". Further - in the drainage channel near Aurora Street … In November, 2004 - in a forest plantation.
Then murders became frequent. As tell in prosecutor's office, the maniac went "racing". On August 1, 2005 passersby found a corpse of the young woman behind the railway bridge which conducts on the Red settlement. The murderer, on - visible, met the victim on the bridge. On August 3 a body of the nine-year-old girl took from - under snags near a place where she bathed.And who knows, how many would be still terrible finds if on August 5 Sergey Tkacha didn't detain!
Pologovtsa tell, in what intense rhythm for months there lived their city. Rozyskniki went on small streets and the tropochka, the most chosen local, at any person who seemed to them suspicious, documents demanded; stopped passersby to ask on suspects … And them understood. Pologovtsa we were glad to help and didn't possess standing information. Recently, when intervals between murders were reduced, in the city daily worked to 150 field investigators, and in the summer of 2005 here from all Ukraine a shift method came to one and a half thousand pros.
Plants helped - settled people on the to hostels, organized food. Simple inhabitants helped - took in the houses and apartments of field investigators on a free billeting.
Speak, прижухли and it is strong подувяли local drunkards, hooligans, brawlers and addicts - in general it was terrible to them to be shown in crowded places - "will sweep up" in a lock-up in a flash.
In one of such days on the street the young man approached to the police officer and told that, it seems, knows who the murderer and the tyrant - saw "uncle" who bathed with little girls on the small river. Moreover, knows it.
- By means of this person we also contacted the Weaver? Sergey Olshansky explains a situation of August, 2005. ? At first carried out a complex of expeditious actions - we won't arrive to the person from a bay - барахты. We should learn his personality, character, a work place that it is … Made it quickly, quickly, because many people were involved.
We learned that the suspect works for JSC Mineral as the worker, 3 times was married and got divorced, itself a sort from Russia, the Kemerovo region; in youth I served in law enforcement agencies - I was the criminalist, even I studied in somebody to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It isn't surprising that it didn't get earlier to our field of vision never.
Where throw - everywhere the Weaver was positive. At work as on people knowing it though a portrait on the Honour roll hang up told. Once, at the request of the master, even I got into ice water to lift the fallen detail. And business was in December! I didn't clash with neighbors, easily I communicated with interlocutors, I wasn't neither gloomy, nor closed …

We long extorted from people who by the nature of service recognized the Weaver closer what he makes impression as treated arrest.
To the thrown house on the edge of the village Bed curtains where Sergey Tkach moved, having scolded with the cohabitant, field investigators came at noon. Their first finds confirmed: hit "the bull's eye". There was a set of bags with things, including female, it is a lot of the small female subjects taken from places of crimes "for memory". Criminalists, and sent to the help from all Ukraine, determined by the made cards of the gone things: this lipstick - from a corpse such - that girls, this pocket mirror - from such … There were there trinkets, costume jewelry, more - less expensive jewelry, a knife … From everyone killed the Weaver took himself something subsequently to be dipped into "delightful memoirs".
- It held on in remembrance many "mascots"? Alexander Potapov tells. ? For example, at the girl killed near "Privatbank", I took away a knife with the corrugated metal handle.
When we interrogated the witnesses, one of them told: "I gave to the girl a knife. Such and such - that". The relative confirmed: "Yes, it had such knife when it left". And at a search we find it!
In a forest plantation it took away an umbrella from other victim. The criminalist had the exact description of an umbrella verified even on the catalog. This umbrella was found in the murderer.
At 6 o'clock in the evening field investigators finished the main work in the house Sergey Tkacha, and in the 6th mornings (18 hours later) delivered him still suspected, in the District Department of Internal Affairs.
- It didn't make impression abnormal? Alexander Potapov, the investigator of Pologovsky prosecutor's office remembers. ? The impression was the normal, decent, informed, widely-read person.
Militiamen told us and such: the Weaver had thorough professional knowledge. The half-educated person of a correspondence department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Novosibirsk school I had rather profound knowledge on criminalistics, I showed not a superficial acquaintance with special literature by profession, I could not only talk on a subject, but also surprise with the memory.
By the way, about memory. Under the certificate of many, it was close to the phenomenal. In combination with the specialty of the technician received in army - the surveyor I made rattling mix, helping the maniac to kill and leave with impunity from places of crimes.

Sergey Tkacha call still "the Pavlograd maniac". The matter is that after a series of murders in the Dnepropetrovsk area it was looked for almost by the experts best in Ukraine.Work more than 600 militiamen of Dnepropetrovshchina the Minister of Internal Affairs Ukrainian coordinated the Soviet Socialist Republic Ivan Gladush, and public prosecutor's supervision was exercised by the deputy prosecutor of Ukraine Mikhail Potebenko, in the future - twice the Public prosecutor of independent Ukraine, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada.
Nevertheless the maniac couldn't catch quarter of the century. "He committed the first crime in the Crimea"? the general - the militia lieutenant Gennady Moskal, the deputy minister of internal affairs of Ukraine of that time told journalists. ? Further it "was noted" in several areas of Ukraine.
In 1984 - m to year materials on series of similar murders which remained unsolved, were requested by department administrative оранов CPSU Central Committee. But the Weaver already moved to the Zaporozhye area and became much more careful. For example, in the Pologovsky area where appeared in 2000, I committed the first crime only in 2003.
The criminal in crimes for which other people serve sentences will confess. In the Pologovsky area such two. About one them them which case was considered by the Zaporozhye appellate court, in due time wrote regional newspapers. Then on a dock the young man who didn't deny sat that he is a murderer.
He told as, for as why finished with 17 - the summer girl, studying technical training colleges whom considered as the maiden of easy behavior. Its civil marriage took for fiction, and refusal of fast sex for which suggested to pay, counted for itself offensive. According to him left that it didn't plan murder, simply didn't calculate force. I repented of deeds. Now the Weaver assumes this crime.
- When he started admitting? the investigator of prosecutor's office Alexander Potapov tells? he began to assume crimes of last years about which not only in detail wrote newspapers, but also gave pictures from a place of events. But after all on those crimes there were not simply recognitions condemned, on them proofs were collected, investigative actions with participation of lawyers are carried out … And I don't consider that people sit for the others. Accused showed that did, told, experts confirmed …
And Weaver? I think that, attributing myself other murders, it as though "lifts" the rating. Pier, I will be more coolly, than Chikatilo and Onopriyenko together taken.
Alexander Viktorovich found confirmation to the riddles during informal conversation with the Weaver. Asked it a question, whether entered killed cafe?
- No, didn't enter? surely the interlocutor answered.? It passed by cafe, rose up, and then returned and passed by him squating, it followed for it.
The Weaver of all facts of the case, that the girl came into cafe didn't know, bought there beer for the cohabitant, stirred with the friend … Newspapers didn't write it.
- On this detail I also caught it? Alexander Potapov is sure. ? He probably wanted to surpass those maniacs who were to it.
At an infallible memory, such you won't write off for forgetfulness of the criminal. According to investigators, he brought them to the place of old crimes and unmistakably told as as did. For example, in the forest plantation, expanded to full unrecognizability, accurately I conducted to a ravine, and I explained with the road where in it the stone lies. To amazement of professionals, everything coincided for 100%.
- Many now speak? Sergey Olshansky continues a subject? that someone sits for its crimes. Such doesn't happen. After all besides recognition the criminal tells and shows on the district: here the crime, here the small river was committed, here on the such - that distance the stone …
layWhen the person shows how he committed a crime on the district, we compare its indications what saw the eyes when for the first time came on scene survey? meets - doesn't meet. For example, the person shows: here I killed, here the girl threw … Also shows where really found a corpse. Or specifies details: here I smoked, here threw a cigarette - according to the scene description there the stub really lay. Such you won't compose. So and I don't believe in innocence.
After all besides everything there were also the examinations which have proved his participation in murder.

As a result of interrogations and conversations with Sergey Tkach law enforcement officers with amazement learned idea with which the maniac rushes: to become most "cool" in the world the monster, to write most (or to provide such right to professionals) the book where he will be a hero. Probably, to provide the right for shooting about itself. It is desirable for Hollywood to receive for it one million dollars. Weaver plans to distribute this one million between the five children from 3 marriages.
Tell that the pologovsky maniac takes offense - him know in Ukraine a little. It "surpassed" in number of Chikatilo and Onopriyenko's murders, and not very famous whereas Chikatilo's name, for example, passed into the category nominal - anybody on the former Soviet Union shouldn't explain his name who is such.
- In psychiatry there is such concept? "syndrome of the Fame-thirsty person"? the known psychiatrist Vladimir Golovachuk in Russia told in interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda". ? It when the person commits crimes to become famous. The weaver gave the report in the actions and treatment doesn't need.
As well as the majority of maniacs, it is emotionally cold, vindictive, with the increased malignancy, aggression and strongly expressed egocentrism. Such lines also form the serial murderer.
However, experts consider that evidences of the Weaver which he gives in Dnepropetrovsk appellate court, aren't simply extremely curious for psychiatrists. They will be included in the latest Ukrainian textbooks on the practical psychology, published for a narrow circle of specialists of the Ministry of Internal Affairs by request of militia department.

To the village Bed curtains where, in due time, I rendered habitable the thrown house Sergey Tkach, we went to talk to people. However in week winter day here very few people on the street you will meet.
The house of the Weaver is razed to the ground by his fellows villager - though so people expressed the attitude towards the maniac.
Looking at ruins, you understand: The weaver not for nothing is afraid of national anger. And he not only on a dock demands for itself(himself) special guarantees of safety, he even on investigative experiments is afraid of snipers and carefully studies, from where it is possible to get to him from a rifle when it leaves the car. Speak, once I refused indications on the district because near a crime scene there passed a funeral procession. It was necessary to wait everything for the termination of a funeral.
… In the village Bed curtains we met Tamara Globa, the killed Lena Kirilova's mother. Tamara Vasilyevna is going to go for all court sessions. On the first I stayed day, in the middle of February will go to the second. What impression was made on it by the Weaver?
- Well, what to tell you? ? Tamara Vasilyevna doesn't cry nearly. ? People there was much. Journalists let only for the process beginning, and then suggested to leave. The weaver in a hall didn't look, I think that he us, parents, is afraid. Sits hunched, it behind a fence and it isn't visible. To it raise questions, he gets up and looks strictly at the judge.
The court went long. A lot of time was taken by points of order … Then read about our 40 children, to them killed. Then there was a break. After other break we went with Allochka Litovchenko - there is no place to stop in Dnepropetrovsk to us.
As mother of Lena told, she for the first time saw the murderer of the daughter right after his arrest.
- Small dog! ? with conviction Tamara cuts. ? I his two fingers would smear. It it the hero was when killed our children. And that behind I attacked. And us, parents, it now oh as is afraid!
On all walls in the house where there lives Tamara Vasilyevna with the husband and in the house of her son, in a mourning frame hang Lenochki's photo, the beautiful, clever, sports girl. On January 31 this year it would execute 20 years.


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