Pleasures of motherhood or children as source of the income

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The birth of the kid - an event which usually all family expects with impatience. But not always similar events become really joyful. There are quite safe families which for one reason or another can't get desired posterity. And there are families where the next child right after the birth becomes an excess burden. Or on the contrary, "means" of earnings …

30- summer Victoria Bychkova - mother of 5 children. To the senior - 7 years, younger I was born 3 months ago. Children have also a father - the man without passport, a registration and work. Mother also doesn't work. Besides, recently both "were fond" of alcohol, though had no objection "to overturn a glass" earlier. The only source of the income - a grant according to the maintenance of children. Only on children only small part of that gives the state …


On the account at a social service the family costs since 2006. Employees of Service for children of Factory district administration repeatedly persuaded careless mummy to place kids in orphanage "Sun" where kids will be fed and looked after, at least until it won't find any work. But the woman always refused: "Will take away children - I will burn all yard! "

Any child of family Bychkovykh doesn't go to kindergarten. Children hungry, dirty. Doesn't drive a grief - mother of children and on reception in children's policlinic though all of them need medical care. - Nastya - at the expense of the state expensive operation (the girl was born with congenital heart disease) was performed on the average child. The pediatrician Igor Shilov had "to escort" personally mummy and the baby on operation as the money which has been given out to the mountain - mothers on the road, quickly "evaporated", and Victoria had expensive mobile phone and new jeans. Special leaving, after all the baby - practically the disabled person is necessary to the girl. But, most likely, mother it excites a little because after operation she never showed the child to the doctor.

At one of children the fracture of the leg was recorded. That served as the reason - a beating or the kid himself fell from a bed - it isn't known. Neither in policlinic in a residence, nor in BSMP mother didn't address. It is possible even that he was "treated" by houses.According to the pediatrician examining children in the spring during compulsory treatment for a pediculosis, the leg grew together incorrectly.

The most younger child - 3 is unhealthy also - monthly Daniil badly grows fat, necessary vaccination isn't done to it.

In March, 2008 the staff of Service for children and criminal militia for children of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area collected and transferred materials on Victoria Bychkova's deprivation of the parental rights. However Victoria Bychkova, then still almost teetotal, it was succeeded to convince court that she will be able will improve. The woman got off with administrative responsibility according to Art. 184 for evasion education of children.

As it became clear, a grief - mother, the father didn't make any conclusions.

According to neighbors, civil spouses began a thicket to drink, behave more aggressively and often to leave children of one, without supervision.

On July 29 the staff of criminal militia for children and minors, a social service and journalists left to the address where lives family, with the purpose to collect materials for repeated judicial review.

However none of adults of the house didn't appear or they simply didn't want to open to "uninvited guests". The children who have told communicated to caseworkers only that mother "left on the market", and they, as well as 3 - monthly Danilka, "watch TV".

Olga Kucheryavaya, the employee of criminal militia for children told that any more the first time a door of this house isn't opened by militias. Though when employees of social services bring financial support, Victoria Bychkova always is at home. The woman understands that pictures of the emergency room where there lives family, dirt and insanitary conditions in which there are children, become the proof in court for repeated consideration of the case about deprivation of its parental rights.


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