Gennady Moskal: While the Ministry of Internal Affairs stays idle, the narcotization of the Ukrainian society sharply grows

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The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from "National self-defense", the Minister of Internal Affairs of the oppositional government Gennady Moskal in the interview told about the real picture of distribution of drug addiction in Ukraine, and explained why nobody struggles with this evil.

- Tell please, the Ministry of Internal Affairs gives statistics that in 7 months of this year nearly 147 thousand addicts are registered. Whether this figure of reality answers, or the real picture of drug addiction disappears from Ukrainians?

- The number of drug addicts is obviously underestimated, almost by 10 times. In what reason? That there is the general instruction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Health which regulates statement of addicts on the account. Their quantity has to be identical that at the Ministry of Internal Affairs that at MOZ. Employees of militia have to deliver the addict to the expert in narcology, it is necessary to take from it on the analysis blood and urine, and the most important - hair which give 100%-but exact result. If results of analyses are confirmed, the expert in narcology performs external inspection of the addict on existence of traces of intravenous injections and so on. And only after that it is put on the account. But today both the divergence of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and a divergence of MOZ led to that only every tenth addict is put on the account. That is, this figure - 147 thousand people - needs to be increased on 10.

- So how many really addicts in Ukraine?

- According to the most conservative estimates, this figure will be not less, than 1,5 million people. Means that this efficient population because pioneers and pensioners addicts don't happen. It is very big figure, but number of addicts every year also grows! It at all doesn't cause any alarm in Ukraine, the European community and the international organizations like this problem first of all, yaks are engaged in fight against drug addiction. They put today Ukraine on the first place behind rates of a narcotization.

- But to the addict well to feel, it is necessary to get drugs every day. And on it the necessary large sums …

- Quite so, and it is suppressed today by the new management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.Addicts can be distributed on groups: addicts "opium", what use only marihuana, and what use heavy and so-called synthetic drugs: heroin, cocaine, Ecstasy, amphetamine, трамадол and so forth. Price of these drugs the different. Besides, the price fluctuates depending on the region is depends on that, there is this or that region a source of raw materials of concrete drug, or it is delivered from other areas. For example, in Kiev and Ivano - Frankovsk pictures absolutely different because in Ivano - Frankovsk there is the source of raw materials of maslyanichny poppy and heavy drugs there very little. And to Kiev 100% of all types of drugs are delivered. On the average, according to the most conservative estimates, to the addict to maintain the dependence and that he had no "withdrawal pains", at least 300 hryvnias a day are necessary. Let's count: in a month it will be 9-10 thousand hryvnias, and in a year - already in 120 thousand hryvnias. We will increase by number of drug addicts in Ukraine - 1,5 million people, and it leaves 180 billion hryvnias. That is, in Ukraine it is spent for drugs in a year of 180 billion hryvnias! It is so much money, how many rotates in narcobusiness, isn't present in one branch of the Ukrainian economy!

- And which today prices of drugs?

- As well as in any business, on "potion" is wholesale to the price, and retail. If to speak about retail prices, on the average, 1 гр. heroin costs 80-100 dollars, 1 гр. cocaine - 150-160 dollars, 1 tablet of ecstasy - 8-12 dollars, 1 гр. amphetamine - to 200 hryvnias, and one its dose, so-called "check" - 70-80 hryvnias, 1 glass of maslyanichny poppy - 70-100 hryvnias, 1 "cube" of ready opium for the use - 50-80 hryvnias, packing from 10 capsules трамадола - to 200 hryvnias, 5 гр. marihuana - 200-250 hryvnias, 1 tablet of a methadone - 20-50 dollars.

- From where we have in the country so many drugs?

- In - the first, poppy though not opium, but maslyanichny, at us grows in the western Ukraine, and marihuana, that is, hemp, primordially grows in the majority of the southern regions. Besides, bring from Holland and land in Ukraine seeds of hemp which has higher content of narcotic substance. It is business which is already put in Ukraine in a big way.

- What main places of drug trafficking?

- It first of all entertaining institutions which appeared absolutely out of sight of bodies of militia, it and schools, technical training colleges, and higher educational institutions.I remember that else at the time of Lutsenko's cadence passed anonymous polls of students of higher educational institutions, and it appeared that 70% of students at least once used drugs.

- If such big degree of a narcotization why the Ministry of Internal Affairs doesn't sound alarm, same their duty?

- In - the first as earlier three families specialized in Kiev on heroin and cocaine sale, so they and remained today. They openly sell it and use their services both politicians, and simple ordinary addicts. And nobody touches them. I consider that sale of drugs "is protected". The second: at guards the weak it is material - technical base, it almost is absent. The third: training. Today students who graduate from educational institutions of system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, actually need retraining from "zero". In real fight against drug addiction what demanded by the Ministry of Education isn't necessary - that chairs professors, associate professors, candidates and doctors of science managed. It can be if classical subjects are taught. And if to teach future militiamen to fight against drugs, teachers there have to be practicians who really were engaged in this business. If the teacher saw the thief in the movie "The Meeting Place Can Not Be Changed", and the addict - in a TV series, scientific degree and a professorial rank won't help to teach students of higher education institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to deal with this problem. It is necessary to teach skills which are applied in practical work of militia. That is, unfortunately, today there are no educational institutions which would train people for real fight against drug addiction. Educational institutions give the general concepts and the theory, and on it study comes to an end. Fourth aspect: lack of funds for fight against drug addiction. The Ministry of Internal Affairs doesn't allocate funds which would be provided in the separate line on quickly - search activity and on expeditious purchases of drugs. And without it not to catch distributors of "potion". Control purchase can be carried out only for the money provided by that article of the budget which finances quickly - search activity. Not to buy drugs for own money of quick workers because further in court this criminal case "will disorganize", the distributor will acquit, and the field investigator will put on a dock. There is also a misunderstanding of a problem of fight against sale of drugs by the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.Those workers who dealt with problems of fight against drug addiction, and worked not bad, with arrival of the new management dismissed because, see, they were "orange"! But addicts don't happen "orange", "is white - blue" or "is white - warm". It doesn't fit into any logic and common sense. There are addicts, and with change of the president they didn't die out as cockroaches, and, unfortunately, those people who fought with them, and were able to fight, almost all expelled, considering that they the wrong political orientation. Here it also led to such bad situation.

- And why Europe considers, what our country overtook it on rates of a narcotization?

- Because we have very weak law-enforcement system which doesn't reject pressure of this evil. It isn't conducted quickly - search activity in relation to distributors of "drugs", wholesale and retail. On borders - corruption which allows to deliver drugs which at us aren't made to the country. If guards also "take" someone and it show on TV, I for 99% can tell you that this consequence so-called competitive fight when distributors move away competitors hands of guards. If that fight against drug trafficking which show on TV, really influenced number of receipt to Ukraine heavy and synthetic drugs, them would become less. But, unfortunately, their quantity only grows. What purpose to himself is set by the person who is engaged in retail trade? To create the greatest network of buyers. One retail seller in a year can involve in this evil 10, 20, 30, and even 50 people. Count if we such rates go further, we not that will advance Europe, we will be ahead of Colombia soon or Mexico which can't cope with this trouble. I can make today nobody a complaint, because the main who has to be engaged in fight against drug trafficking, this Ministry of Internal Affairs. If they consider that it is for this purpose too little number of workers, or they have a low qualification, it is necessary to be reconstructed on march. Because over Ukraine the hanged big danger which can lead to that we will become an enclave for the distributor of drugs in Europe. Our neighbors take very drastic measures - severe punishments, rigid laws and professional actions of police reduce drug addiction distribution, and in Ukraine for it today the most favorable climate:the militia either stays idle, or "protects", "zero" and new nobody wants to adopt the legislation because it isn't favorable to anybody, borders are open, the people from blessing and at a divergence of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are ready to consumption of drugs. I consider that threat very big, discussion of this problem needs to be taken out on the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. Otherwise we will turn into the country which never will want to open gate to Europe.

- Whether drug addiction and crime rate growth is connected among themselves?

- Directly! The addict in a month needs 10 thousand hryvnias, and such salary today anybody and anywhere doesn't pay. Besides 95% of addicts anywhere don't work. To maintain the dependence, the addict needs to steal every day something. Therefore lack of fight against drug addiction just also led to such mad rise in crime in Ukraine.


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