Nikolaev "Golden eagle" neutralized psikhbolny which threatening with an axe, a shovel and a braid kept in awe the whole village

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As it became known"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", on August 18 around 12.00 in a call center of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area the signal that in the village Green the Nikolaev region of the Nikolaev area the man threatened with murder to inhabitants of the village arrived, thus he was ready to apply - an axe, a shovel, a knife and a braid.

His mother with whom that lived together became the hostage of own son even. Outright scared neighbors addressed to the chairman of the Village Council which caused militia.

26- the summer man who stood on the account in psychiatric hospital, I was in a condition of extreme psychological excitement. Its actions were completely uncontrollable and unpredictable.

"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"it was succeeded to learn that"the local fighter", left only a week ago a psikhlechebnitsa where he gets on 5-6 times a year. Having returned to the native village, the man armed with an axe, a knife, a shovel and a braid and walked about on settlement streets, directing horror at fellows villager. That it will make, having in hands such weapon, it was difficult even to present.

To rescue peasants from bloody massacre, it was necessary to work immediately therefore, the group of fast reaction of special forces was directed on a scene"Golden eagle".

Having seen the staff of special forces, the man забарикодировался in own house, but it didn't help it.

Thanks to professional actions of employees"Golden eagle"it was succeeded to localize a dangerous situation.

Police officers had to apply methods of hand-to-hand fight and a specific. As a result, the sick person who outright raged, delivered in psychiatric hospital.

Peasants departed for a long time after the endured shock and till the last moment didn't believe that thanks to professionalism of militia, remained safe.

We will note that it any more the first case when to calm down this inhabitant of the village Green it is necessary to cause "Golden eagle", but here an ill luck, the man soon again will appear on freedom, after all it on hands has a reference that it mentally isn't healthy, and according to the Ukrainian legislation, concerning such people of article of the criminal code aren't applied.


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