In Nikolaev the speculator in foreign currency, "taken hostage" the tax specialists, celebrated three days need in an exchanger

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"wrote about that on the Independence Day inhabitants and city visitors became witnesses of "show" which law enforcement officers in the center of Nikolaev arranged. We will remind, our edition wrote that from - for visit of militiamen the Nikolaev speculator in foreign currency забарикодировался in currency exchange point.

On a place of events it wasn't succeeded to receive any distinct comments from participants of action, however, as well as next day, after all in all structures which representatives took part in this action, there were "blamestorming sessions".

But by the evening to the correspondent"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"it was succeeded to communicate to one of the high-ranking officers of GNA in the Nikolaev area who on the terms of confidentiality agreed to shed light on an event.

From his words, everything began on Saturday when the staff of tax police came with check to point of a currency exchange which is located around Sovetskaya St. and Lenin Avenue crossing. The speculator in foreign currency who that day was on a workplace, забарикодировался in a booth. Staff of tax police besides that "exposed watch" also the car which is registered for city tax, blocked doors of point of a currency exchange that the man, God forbid, didn't escape.

Three days the speculator in foreign currency was locked up. It had to celebrate need directly in a stall.

After such long time spent indoors, the man it became bad.

At this time owners of point of a currency exchange wrote the application in prosecutor's office about illegal actions of staff of tax police.

The only structure which at present gave at least any official comments concerning an event, - prosecutor's office.

"In prosecutor's office of the city of Nikolaev the local resident with the complaint to illegal actions of staff of tax police of GNA in the Nikolaev area addressed.On the basis of this address, the staff of prosecutor's office carries out a pre-investigation inspection", - quotes the deputy prosecutor of the city of NikolaevRomana Parsenuekapress - prosecutor's office service.

Press - service GNA, in spite of the fact that chief of tax policeNikolay Matorain conversation with the correspondent "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" I promised that official comments from tax will be after a dinner on August 25, till this time them didn't provide therefore information should be received from own sources.

Reliable sources in prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area claim that the question of initiation of legal proceedings concerning the staff of tax police under several articles, in particular, - "is considered at presentExcess of office powers and abuse of power" and "Illegal imprisonment of the person".

Proceeding from it it isn't difficult to guess why still there are no official comments from GNA in the Nikolaev area.

The speculator in foreign currency managed to be released only on the expiration of three days after intervention of staff of prosecutor's office and militia. From a place of events it was taken away by an ambulance car.

We will note that after release of the man in point of a currency exchange of foreign currency it wasn't succeeded to find.

The same high-ranking officer of GNA in the Nikolaev area told that now even in the tax say that with arrival to tax administration of new team repartition of spheres of influence began. In spite of the fact that having come to a position of the chief of GNA in the Nikolaev area,A.LavreshovI declared that won't bring the people, were replaced a number of heads in the regional device tax and on key posts people who worked earlier withare putA.Lavreshovin structure Odessa облГНА. In particular, tax the Factory district of the city of Nikolaev the person working in the city of Izmail headed, and Berezansky tax (Kurortny district) was headed by the person from Odessa.

Why - that in Nikolaev cases of imprisonment of citizens law enforcement officers became frequent recently. It is possible to remember, how in Nikolaev captured hostages whom released only in 5 hours.

And here as for actions of staff of tax police, occasions to get on pages of our edition they give very often.To remember at least as the tax police blocked entrance in Nikolaev речпорт and I carried out mysterious inspections.


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