Devaluation of the state awards of Victor Yanukovych

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New presidentVictor Yanukovychdistributes the state awards at speed which was inherentTo Victor Yushchenkoin the last days of a tenure.

Annually the country becomes the witness of the same picture. On the occasion of an independence holiday from - under a presidential feather there are piles of decrees about rewarding with awards and medals of hundreds citizens. And the majority of surnames which appear in prize lists, a little that speak even to attentive TV viewers and the Internet - to readers.

And if it were simple drummers of work, the phenomenon wouldn't cause the corresponding reaction. But in the vast majority of an award little-known officials who didn't make the scientific invention receive and didn't save nobody's life, and simply performed the work, for what received a quite good salary and have prospect on the same quite good pension.

And they got to a prize leaf thanks to the positions and communications which at them arose in the course of work in public service.

Therefore from year to year when some hundred unclear persons receive these signs of attention, the state award depreciates as that.

The first decree of the president Yanukovych about rewarding on the occasion of the main state holiday totals neither more nor less -292 (!) surnames.

So many citizens of Ukraine received the state awards and honorary titles - with the formulation "for a significant personal contribution in socially - economic, scientifically - technical and cultural development of the Ukrainian state, powerful labor achievements, long-term honest work and on the occasion of 19-й anniversaries of independence of Ukraine".

292 awarded is apart from security officers, foreigners and the foreign Ukrainians who have been separately marked out on the occasion of a holiday.

For comparison,Yushchenkoone of the last decrees, of February 8, 2010 - that is next day after the second round of elections - I awarded 184 persons. But it was not the limit - the incumbent president surpassed the previous.

Actually forYanukovychlong ago it was noticed desires to distribute the state awards.Eyewitnesses tell that when in 2008Tymoshenko and Yanukovychagreed on the new Constitution where the president would be elected in parliament, the leader of regionals especially insisted that behind it there was a right to favor awards and medals.

So that is necessary to receive an award by a holiday fromYanukovych?

The analysis of prize lists on an Independence Day-2010 allows to build a certain system.

Chances the order bearer at you to become much higher, if:

1. You are connected with football club "Shakhter" and its owner. So, directlyRinat AkhmetovI received fromYanukovychby a holiday award of the prince Yaroslav the Wise, and head coach of team of doublers "Miner"Valery Yaremchenko- rank "honored worker of physical culture and sports".

2. To you also will carry to receive an award if you are connected withAndrey Klyuev- other pillar of Donetsk elite. Independence Day with the award "For Merits" celebratedLyudmila Arnautova, head of group of advisers of Klyuev. In what merits of this person before the state - difficultly to tell as any mention of it on the Internet isn't present consist.

It is slightly better known aboutSergey Kaltsev- the deputy head of the Zaporozhye organization of Party of Regions who also is marked out now by the award "For Merits". Together with the brotherVladimir Kaltsevthey - "looking"Klyuevain Zaporozhye.

"The honored worker of the industry" by the Independence Day was entitledVladimir Shpakovsky- the director of "Artemovsky non-ferrous metals processing works", belonging to Klyuev.

3. You will receive an award by the Independence Day as compensation for humiliating the title "carcass". On the occasion of a holiday of an award gave out to the whole group of deputies - deserters. So, sensation could become rewarding with Yaroslav the Wise's award of the ardent oppositionistVladimir Stretovich, which to everything the vice-the prime minister in the oppositional governmentappearsTymoshenko.

But the solution here lies on a surface - recentlyVladimir StretovichI accepted in the Hristiansko's ranks - democratic partyDavid Zhvaniya- the main recruiter to the coalition in the environment of NUNS fraction.

Besides, by a holiday deputieswere entitled "the honored lawyer"Victor Shemchuk and Oleg Novikov, and the award "For Merits" -Valentin Zubov. All three - deserters.

4.You are marked out by an award if your creativity is pleasant personallyTo Victor Yanukovych. The wife of the deputy - the regionalYana Tabachnika Tatyana NedelskayaI received the highest assessment in Soviet style creative hierarchy - a rank of "the national actress". Though the author of these lines never had to hear that "people" where during a feast or, maybe, at a wedding sang songs of this performer, confirming her high status.

It is favorable to be the partner in life of the favourite singer Yanukovych also. HusbandTaisiya Povaly Igor Likhutafor an Independence Day I became "the honored worker of arts".

The opera singeris a unique personVladimir Grishko. By an Independence Day in 2005 from the president Yushchenko it received Yaroslav the Wise's award. In January 2009 by Day of ConciliarityGrishkoI received fromYushchenkoaward "For Merits" of the first degree. But on the last electionsGrishko sang for Yanukovych. And by the Independence Day-2010 I received the award "For Merits" - the second degree. Obviously, more in the country of such collectors of awards isn't present - in five years three highest awards!

5. Also quite good chances to be awarded at the presidentYanukovych, if you resemble from Yenakiyevo. As, for example, vice-chairman of the Donetsk regional councilVladimir Ishkov, the received award "For Merits". But, probably, much more "merit" in modern Ukraine is other detail of the biography:Ishkov studied at the same time with Yanukovychin Donetsk polytechnical institute on specialty "automobile economy".

The award "For Merits" is now and atRobert Markarov- whole honourable president of Enakiyevsky city federation of free-style wrestling. And director of production "Enakiyevsky of steel works"Sergey Chernenkoit was limited by the Independence Day more modestly to a prize - a rank "the honored metallurgist".

6. If you are responsible for safety of the president, and attention to you corresponding. From now on "the honored worker of transport" is Yanukovych's pilotYury Assaul, which official position sounds as "the commander of the aircraft Il - 62 state air enterprises" Ukraine ".

7. If you are a deputy from Party of Regions, at you about - very high chances to return since a holiday not empty-handed.

Leader of fraction of Party of RegionsAlexander Efremovnow can hang up to itself on a breast Yaroslav the Wise's award, deputiesIvan Popesku and Igor Prasolov- award "For Merits".

Other deputy - the regionalYury Karakaythe honored worker of science and equipment" leaves celebrations as "(as, you didn't hear about such the scientist? ) ; At once four deputies from PR became "honored economists" -Sergey Moshak, Eugeny Geller, Alexey Plotnikov and Vitaly Homutynnik; deputy and in combination head of Federation of labor unionsVasily Haracarries a title "the honored worker of the social sphere", and a torch of intellectual thought of the XXI centuryVadim Kolesnichenkothough doesn't consider Ukraine really independent, but a holiday of independence "The honored lawyer" decorated to himself a rank.

Doesn't forgetYanukovychand about the former deputies who passed to executive power to realize its manuals.

So, right handVasily Dzharta, vice-the prime minister of the government of the CrimeaPavel Burlakoin what the award "For Merits", and the minister промполитики deserved all UkraineDmitry Kolesnikovthough less than half a year works at a position, but already has a rank "the honored worker of the industry".

8. Doesn't offendYanukovychand colleagues on the coalition. The whole bouquet of awards carried home the blockLytvyna. Head of fractionIgor Sharovnow too it is topped by Yaroslav the Wise, and deputiesOleg Zarubinsky, Nikolay Derkach and Sergey Grinevetskyreceived everyone on the award "For Merits".

Gifts and Litvin's subordinates from the office of the Verkhovna Rada received. Award of the princess Olga gave outTo Larisa Trofimenko- to the general director of the state hotel "Kiev" which is on balance of the Verkhovna Rada. Than this poor hotel to modern European measures deserved such honor - difficultly to tell. Well unless that in it free of charge there live deputies.

Danila Galitsky's award receivedVladimir Martynyuk- chief of the department of shots of the office of the Verkhovna Rada. Probably, work at the husband very difficult if demands to celebration by the state award.

One more parliamentary official received "For merits" - the deputy head of legal managementVladimir Milovanov.And the rank "the honored journalist" gotTo Yury Gundarev- to the head of editorial department in management of documentary providing the office of the Verkhovna Rada.

Still why was considered that journalistic work is something other. But probably in Presidential Administration know, who "the honored journalist", and who - No.

But also on it the prize leaf from Litvin doesn't come to the end. The manager of the secretariat of committee of parliament concerning the budgetAndrey VatulyovI became "the honored economist". Thus that the committee is headed by litvinovetsNikolay Derkach, which also received an award by a holiday.

Vasily Bordenyuk, the head scientifically - expert management of the office of the Verkhovna Rada, by a holiday was entitled "the honored lawyer". But it was even more luckyTo Georgy Savvich. In parliament administration he heads department financially - technical supply. Work very responsible. Now it "the honored worker of a services sector".

9. Communists got slightly less awards by an independence holiday. But they, in - the first, this independence still consider as a certain misunderstanding of history. And in - the second, recentlyPyotr SimonenkoI declared that though they in the coalition, but at the same time KPU - the only real opposition of the present power. Therefore to receive many awards from супостата it is absolutely wrong.

Nevertheless, by an independence holiday Yanukovych wrote out to the deputy - the communistTo Valery Bevzthe award "For Merits", to other deputy - the communistTo Sergey Hrapov- also "For merits", and to the manager of the secretariatAdam Martynyuk to Alexander Melnik- award Danila Galitskogo.

Well and a modest souvenir there was a rank of "the honored lawyer" forOleg Matveev- the son of one more deputy - the communistValentina Matveeva. However this award contains in other decreeYanukovychabout rewarding of representatives of power structures.

ExceptMatveeva, the award "For Merits" by a holiday of independence foundVictor Pshonka- first deputy public prosecutor and godfatherYanukovych. It is a pity only that in the decree don't report, which "merits" of each order bearer are noted by an award.

Also "The First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs received for merits"Sergey Popkov- that which in November 2004-го was going to send internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for suppression of Orange revolution.

Other deputy minister of MogilyovSergey Chernykhby a holiday of independence I became "the honored lawyer". Considering that Chernykh is head of department on fight against the organized crime, assignments to it an honorary title has to signal that organized crime daily bears nonrestorable losses.

"For merits" Yanukovych gave one more to the head of department of local police inspectors of the Ministry of Internal AffairsTo Arkady Zaporozhtsev- too, probably, with inspectors in Ukraine now everything is all right.

But there is more to come. Except awards, by an independence holiday Yanukovych distributed stars on shoulder straps to heads of power structures, and also appropriated diplomatic ranks.

And why so it happened that from nine persons involved in the decree five people to whom the highest diplomatic ranks were appropriated, work in management of the protocol of Presidential Administration. Inclusive with the head of this divisionYury Ladny. церемонимейстру by the Independence Day Yanukovych appropriated the title "Plenipotentiary Ambassador". Though Fine day I didn't work as the ambassador, but its position on Bank is equated to the corresponding diplomatic rank.

Among other increases in a rank by a holiday the Minister of Internal Affairs with the deputies received also. ItselfAnatoly Mogilevwith the general - the major I turned in the general - the lieutenant.

And in a case with new stars on shoulder strapsMogilyov YanukovychI violated the decree of the president "About an order of assignment of the highest military ranks, the highest special ranks and cool ranks".

The document provides that assignment of the next rank can happen "as a rule, not earlier as in a year of stay at the corresponding position.Mogilyovdoesn't work as the minister also half a year.

However, not for nothing the decree contains the reservation that such order has to be applied "as a rule". And forMogilyovit is possible to make and an exception.

Sergey Leshchenko


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