Night club "Nine" will close – already there is a decision of executive committee

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More than a year ago in the neighbourhood with two Nikolaev 16 storey buildings standing on Komsomolskaya Street, the night club "Nine" took place. The room attached end-to-end to a house - and more than a year a powerful wave of decibels, piercing walls, the earth and air space, shakes the building. The fun heat usually falls on 2-3 o'clock in the morning when the civilians are simply obliged to sink into a deep sleep and to gain strength before the new working day. By the way, these houses - factory, and changes at many begin in 7.15 mornings, it is necessary so to rise in five.

And if only music! Nearly an every night under windows at residents scenes absolutely ugly are played. At walls and under trees young guys and girls suit toilets. Someone belches, someone makes love. To shame warmed by the alcohol, the unbridled youth it is impossible: in reply - a mat - the remat, and even empty bottles fly to windows.

Residents already as - that got gradually used to drunk fights … It first from bloody pools jumped aside. Got gradually used and to that the militia reacts to their calls inertly and doesn't hurry to come. "Knifed, you speak? And look, a wound deep? " … "And you have what address? So you call us, you have a territory of the Lenin District Department of Internal Affairs" …

In the night of August 23, exactly on the eve of our recently found independence, knife slaughter near club was especially mass and cruel. Residents from seen still can't recover. "Security guards, using bludgeons, throw out drunk and already inadequate visitors for doors, and those begin dismantlings at us under balconies, - eyewitnesses tell. - It is simply terrible to come back home in a night-time. And robberies of passersby here repeatedly were, and innocent people beat. We don't want to live in this atmosphere of dirt and violence … we are afraid for the children".

When built future club - an extension, residents informed that here will be cultural - the entertaining center. Yes, the curious center turned out - cultures and razvlekatelnost in it though take away. Though - "inside" as approves the club management, at them everything is all right: any drunk uproars, the public behaves decently. We trust. All "not decency" falls upon the heads of residents when the drunk company expose for doors. And that occurs "outside", the club management - is natural! - responsibility doesn't bear.

"Why not to make here children's sports school … or musical … As it would be good!. - It in the presence of the correspondent young mummies with small children on hands to which the destiny of young generations of nikolayevets isn't so indifferent were lost in day-dreams. - In these night clubs cripple our children. Look at the announcement of "actions" - "Ms. of bikini", "At fights in dirt", "The last foamy party of summer".
Nearly a year the initiative group of residents achieves that the city authorities brought an order to this institution which, by the way, according to documents passes as "snackbar". Wrote complaints - signed by two hundred apartments! Were on reception at the city management, achieved commission arrival.

On August 27 meeting of executive committee of city council at which the decision was passed took place: to deprive of the owner of "Nine" "permission to placement of snackbar and a billiard hall". Copies of the decision are transferred to tax specialists, law enforcement agencies, to a sanstantion who are obliged to watch its performance. However the initiative group of the residents resisting to violators of the law, considers that to houses all the same not to see rest, fight on it isn't finished, assumes "Evening Nikolaev".


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