The Nikolaev car inspectors detained a drunk mopedist moreover and with drugs

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Yesterday, on August 30, in. New Bug inspectors of the Novobugsky company dorozhno - patrol service GAI stopped a moped of Delta which drove 42 - the summer local. The State traffic inspectorate of the Nikolaev area reports about it.

As it became clear during survey, the man was in an alcohol intoxication. And as the driver at themselves had no documents, he was delivered in Novobugsky regional department for an identification.

When militiamen delivered the detained man in militia regional department, on personal inspection they found about 4 grams of substance of a phytogenesis with a specific smell, most likely, hemp.

The substance is transferred to examination to NIEKTs on the basis of which conclusion the issue of initiation of legal proceedings as article 309 UK of Ukraine ("Illegal storage of drugs without sales objective) will be resolved.


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