National team from "criminal": "We you, the cop, will fill up! "

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Recently in Sverdlovsk district court of Irkutsk the corrective colony No. 4 located in Plishkino protected the discredited honor. Establishment of a general regime tried to call to account not only the newspaper which has published the critique, but also inhabitants of the settlement, dared to wash the dirty linen in public and to tell about how the beskonvoyny condemned terrorize Plishkino's inhabitants. However the numerous witnesses, not too lazy to arrive on court sessions, opened a picture much more detailed and gloomy, than that that outlined a hasty feather of the journalist.

The events described by people really strike.

Worked nine years in a colony No. 4. In the summer of last year on it attack was made. When it prepared hay in the wood, it suddenly surrounded about ten beskonvoynik. The supervisor with them wasn't. They selected at the man a mowing machine, car keys with the trailer, twisted to it hands. In such state it took through all settlement in its own car. On same, on the substance of taken at the owner to the car the band brought the grass mown by it to the hostel. Here all grass scattered in search of hemp. Potions didn't find in a mowing. But the car tired out on the colony territory. And the owner hardly managed to help out it from there.

Witness E. there live in Plishkino 17 years. According to him, and in the afternoon, and at night the condemned go on the settlement without maintenance, frighten inhabitants. There were cases of attack of beskonvoynik who claim: "We here owners! "" Once E. together with other fellow villager stopped after midnight in a residential zone where prisoners shouldn't be at this time. One of the attacking was armed with a bat, another - something it seems топорища. "What you here do? ! " - people in a uniform shouted, threatened to beat, were praised that wait still for help.

Witness Ts.I told how in the summer of 2006 beskonvoynik on his eyes beat the taxi driver without any motivation. Only because that stopped near the greenhouses belonging to a colony. Beating there were not less than twenty people.

Practically all respondents Plishkino's inhabitants confirm with court that serving in "four" sentence uncontrolledly leave for the territory taken away to them, clash with peasants, intrude upon leisure and a law and order. The management of a colony not only doesn't react to complaints and statements of locals, but also encourages the condemned. In fact, the special squads dictate in the settlement a mode from a permission and administration connivance. Reached before that in Plishkino "the national team" from the so-called criminal patrols. From - for similar actions the prices of sold real estate and housing rent strongly fell in the settlement. There are no clients.

Probably, none of the local wouldn't dare to protest against the developed orders, if not an egregious example with children. School students left from a disco and stood near shop. Here they were met also by the chief of a colony Chichigin. The officer ordered to children to clean the bottles scattered near shop. Those answered that won't begin to clean because didn't litter. Then Chichigin seized the child by a throat and began to smother. At the fellow grew turbid in eyes, he fell on knees. When the chief of a colony released at last the victim, his dashing "combatants", eight - ten condemned, surrounded boys in a ring and understand steel why they didn't execute the order of the owner of a zone. To school students got. Beat even a ballot box on the head. Mother of one of injured teenagers addressed in Head department of execution of punishments across the Irkutsk region. Then Chichigin achieved for it an administrative penalty at work.

Disorder in the house of the militiaman Levchenko became apogee of the conflict. Judicial proceedings brought additional paints in this and without that a bright plot. Hackneyed school students addressed to Sergey Levchenko who works in militia, with a request to help them to write the application addressed to the prosecutor of the region. It, of course, didn't refuse. In a week after that the militiaman was attacked by the condemned. Beating the guard, they scoffed: "You think, to us for it something will be? Chichigin gave a green light to us. We you, the cop, will fill up! " Bespredelshchiki threatened to kill Sergey, his child, to rape the wife. Punishment proceeded until Levchenko didn't faint. But also to these business didn't come to an end. Once mother of the militiaman, having returned in the evening to the apartment, I saw the real disorder.The office form of the son, thing of the grandson rolled on a floor trampled, books, from above - the turned cases with the beaten-out glasses, the broken ware everywhere were scattered. The witnesses seeing thugs, assured that a raid the head of the safety department of IK-4 ordered. In this regard incident the hostess of the apartment, mother of the militiaman Levchenko, complained in GUFSIN and achieved compensation of damage of 8000 rubles.

So who discredits honor of correctional facility and "creates a negative image of corrective system of Russia"? The proofs investigated in court allow to draw a conclusion that in the territory of the settlement of Plishkino there were conflict relations adjoining on violation of the law between locals, employees of a colony and serving sentence. And the management of correctional facility hides and even encourages violations condemned a mode. Also there is it with the connivance of regional prosecutor's office supervising behind legality. Prisoners often happen in the settlement on various production affairs. After all in a colony prisoners make various metaloplastikovy windows, joiner's products, a metalwork, a professional flooring, plywood. Also there are auto repair shops where make car repairs, sell tires and disks. Inhabitants of the settlement asked more than once for the help in law enforcement agencies, tried to defend the rights in world court. However participants and witnesses of the conflicts anybody didn't call to interrogate, their complaints, without checking, lowered on brakes.

The Sverdlovsk district court made the decision: about protection of business reputation of a colony No. 4 to refuse the claim. Besides, the judge Svetlana Byelik took out private definition on business: the established violations of the law about execution of criminal penalty are brought to the attention the chief of GUFSIN across the Irkutsk region, the general - the lieutenant of internal service Pavel Radchenko. It is offered to it to take measures for legality restoration in a month.

It is difficult to believe in this history. Especially as the chief of a colony No. 4 is in Head department of service of execution of punishments on the good account, it is appreciated by the management ability to keep an order in the correctional facility entrusted to it. Whether only not too peculiar understands this order the praised officer? Whether it confuses it to the word "mode"? Whether forgets, what peace, law-abiding inhabitants of the settlement at all aren't a part of so-called special squads?


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