Review of literary novelties

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Mix from mystical and romance novels, a fantasy, stories of animated films and detectives - all this arrived last week in the Nikolaev bookstores.

Vadim Panov. Smell of fear. - M.: Eksmo, 2008.

Traces of the murderer, which cruelty I discouraged even professionals from Moscow criminal investigation department, conduct to the Secret City - monastery of magicians reliably covered among the megalopolis and magicians, descendants of ancient masters of Earth. The destiny of the Secret City appears in hands of two mercenaries: they are expected by revolt of Red Caps and hunting behind Stepan Razin's treasures. The fantasy, history and the detective - everything mixed up in the Secret City.

To look for the book in shop: "Young Guard", Sovetskaya St.

English colloquial. Business - a course. Interactive audiocourse. - M.: Weber, 2008.

The set from two books and four compact - the disks Language Training System by Varich was specially developed for the organization of the most effective form of colloquial training with the maximum use of opportunities of a color visual memory. With their help it is possible to organize without effort a house language laboratory and to learn English independently.

To look for the book in shop: "Young Guard", Sovetskaya St.

Cecilia Ahern. I don't trust. I don't hope. I love. - M.: NUCLEAR HEATING PLANT, 2008.

The novel of Cecilia Ahern, the author of several global best-sellers, consists of several hundred letters in which nearly fifty years of life of the main characters were located. It is romantic history about that, what is the time sometimes it is required to find the true love. Especially if it absolutely nearby.

To look for the book in shop: "Young Guard", Sovetskaya St.

Katerina Hapkha. Кунг - faugh the Panda. History - the animated film. - M.: Nuclear heating plant, 2008.

The history how to become the real master кунг - faugh even if you are the lazy clodhopper, became popular thanks to the animated film. Now children of 5-10 years will be able to read also the book how a fat panda On, having won against the Violent Five - the Tigress, the Viper, the Mantis, the Crane and the Monkey, - realizes the dream: becomes the Soldier Drakona. But it should work thoroughly over itself …

To look for the book in shop: "Young Guard", Sovetskaya St.

Dmitry Yankovsky. Good luck epicenter. Series "S.T.A.L.K.E.R. "- M.: Eksmo, 2008.

One more book from a series "S.T.A.L.K.E.R. " describes a way of the stalker by nickname the Lemur through the Dark Valley. As the fellow traveler the geologist Artem to whom and troubles like terrible monsters or anomalies in unexpected places were attracted got to it … It would seem, gamers with an experience difficult to surprise - and still the end of this book will be unexpected even for them.

To look for the book in shop: "Young Guard", Sovetskaya St.

Rubin dyne. Leonardo's handwriting. - M.: Eksmo, 2008.

Dina Rubina's mystical novel will tell about the woman who writes with mirror handwriting, has brilliant abilities to the exact sciences, the improbable stuntman and the fokusnitsa knowing everything about mirrors. She is able to see the past and to predict the future, to her is subject more, than the ordinary person is capable to imagine, - and she hates for it herself and the one who allocated it with such ability. "Leonardo's handwriting" - history of the woman rejecting gift of heavens.

To look for the book in shop: "Empik", "City-center" shopping and recreation center.


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