The spoiled deputy - the regional accuses Gepa and PR management of corruption

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On July 23 on the press - conferences Kernes showed to journalists quite interesting audio recording which on his plan would have to expose Oleg Medvedev, the owner of Okolitsa restaurant and in combination the deputy of the Moscow regional council from Party of Regions in the organization of attempt at known people in Kharkov. The crippled Medvedev's letter which forces to look on another at all these events got to our order. The State Office of Public Prosecutor within 2 years investigates case in the relation of the deputy of regional council Oleg Medvedev suspected of the organization of attempt at murder of Kernes. Records of the conversations, made business - Medvedev's partner - Boris Zaytsev from July to October, 2006 became the basis for initiation of legal proceedings. Medvedev detained in December 2007-го years. But at the end of June it lowered on recognizance.

Who and for what put rather ambiguous wounds to the regional Oleg Medvedev in July 2006-го years it isn't known still. However about communication of the deputy of the Moscow regional council and the top officials of the city started talking at once, after attack. In criminal circles at that moment scandal connected with supply of cocaine - the goods allegedly intended for high clients was discussed, didn't arrange consumers with quality. Experts on prison rules claimed, character of mutilations of the deputy says that punished Medvedev under zone laws - ears, the nose and buttocks make an incision that who steals from the, including could dilute a consignment of drugs. However the victim completely denied the criminal version of attack and didn't decide to write the application in militia long time. According to him, he remembered only that at an entrance when he came back home in the evening it was attacked by unknown.

Oleg Medvedev, without ears, with the cut-up buttocks and newly sewn nose.

According to messages of agency ATH right after treatment in Kharkov Medvedev went to Germany where spent more than a year - there it made a series of plastic surgeries.The income of family business, and it is Okolitsa restaurant on Saltovka, on treatment didn't suffice, Medvedev's relatives told - it was necessary to sell the apartment. After a while it returned to Ukraine to renew the visa to continue treatment. For the third day after arrival in the apartment of the deputy phone call was distributed. Details of its disappearance were told by mother of the deputy Lyudmila Medvedev. To give interview while there is a consequence, she refused, but reported: the fatal call was from the secretary of the City Council. That allegedly invited the deputy to a rendezvous in Bukhara restaurant, however neither through promised time, nor in some hours Medvedev didn't return. Only at night he called parents and reported that is detained.

It became known later - Oleg Medvedev accuse of the organization of attempt at Gennady Kernes and ask on activity of another ex-the regional - Vyacheslav Kartavykh. Having a burr at City Council session Gennady Kernes publicly accused of the organization of attempts. Then the first lost both membership in Party, and the mandate of the deputy of the City Council.


Publications in UK so touched one more Kharkov character Vasily Salygin that he complained in prosecutor's office of our author Sergey Ermakov whom called on interrogation already on August 4. As our author assumes, Salygin demands to establish how the data allegedly containing secret, appear in publications on UK behind its signature. Probably he strongly took offense for information on its foreign voyages, and also that it has Green - the card.

At the same time the SBU deprived of it the admission to the state secret and even made the protocol on corruption concerning illegal receiving an extra charge for participation in secret. Therefore all its foreign voyages were secret unless for his wife who having read the publication made grandiose row. There is Salygin said lies to it, the pier went to Kiev to solve region problems …

Sergey Ermakov refused to call information sources, according to item 11 of Art. 26 of the Law of Ukraine "About printing mass media (About the press)", and also Art. 63 of the Constitution of Ukraine. At the same time he is convinced that taxpayers have to know, how many money and where exactly the official elected by them spends. And foreign voyages of the civil servant on a diplomatic passport, according to the decree of the President about diplomatic passport, can be only business trip. Respectively, there is a direct interest of voters to know, on what their servant squanders their money.


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