Freight not marked

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Businessmen of underground vodka distilleries transported alcohol in barrels from - under gasoline and diesel fuel.

On the route Kiev - Odessa "KAMAZ" rushed. On the trailer - the Odessa numbers. The driver had an excellent mood. In a pocket of a jacket the roll of money - two thousand hryvnias lay. And in a body and the trailer closely stood 110 plastic barrels filled with alcohol.

I drove and didn't count that on the way back to it so will carry. Freight in the passing direction turned up. Otherwise it should rumble empty to the Odessa.

Near the city of Zhashkov in Zhitomir area it noticed a foreign car standing on a roadside, and nearby - three men. Those, having seen by truck the plate "Empty", waved to it hands. The driver of "KamAZ" curtailed on a roadside and left a cabin. Two decently dressed guys approached and, having given a searching look to him, suggested to earn additionally. What fool will refuse such offer?... It is necessary to take barrels with alcohol to Kotovsk. There it will meet and will take away freight. They are ready to pay for this "service" to it already two thousand hryvnias! Certainly, the inhabitant of Odessa agreed with pleasure.

One of guys sat down in a cabin of the truck and asked the driver to follow a foreign car. Soon they drove up to any warehouses. Here for them already waited. The team of loaders quickly loaded into a body and "KamAZ" trailer two hundred-liter barrels with alcohol. Then one of benefactors stretched to the driver money and wished happy journey.

The truck at full speed rushed towards Odessa. And the happy driver didn't forget to peer sharp-sightedly afar - whether there are no "GAI officers" there. He wished a meeting with them least of all.

But this day the fate obviously turned away from it - near the Curve Lake stopped the inspector of the May Day separate company of GAI. Considering that at the driver wasn't at itself documents on alcohol, the truck delivered in krivoozersky regional department of militia and put on a shtrafploshchadka. By the preliminary estimate, the withdrawn party of alcohol was estimated at 704 thousand hryvnias.
Matter of course, it was very dangerous to leave such valuable freight without appropriate protection. Then the management of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of area made the decision: before clarification of all facts of the case alcohol party round the clock to protect to the armed fighters of special forces the Organized Crime Control Department "Falcon".

On clarification of all details some time left. Barrels with alcohol stood open-air.And when experts regional scientifically - research eksperno - the Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs criminalistic center of area checked quality of the withdrawn alcohol, came to a conclusion: it isn't suitable for use on the direct appointment - production of alcoholic drinks. Moreover, it is dangerous to use it even for production of technical liquids: glass washers, etc. After all alcohol was poured in barrels in which earlier transported gasoline, oil and diesel fuel. Taking into account it the local court made the decision to destroy a dangerous substitute. Recently all party of this "swill" was burned in the furnace of one of the industrial enterprises.

So, thanks to professional vigilance of inspectors of the May Day company of traffic police of UGAI of area this dangerous freight of alcohol didn't reach one of underground vodka distilleries.


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