The Odessa Organized Crime Control Department tried to enlist

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The history which was described in article "The Odessa Organized Crime Control Department on Service of the Caucasian Thieves" acquires details, specifications and … hatred. We will repeat in brief an incident plot. On July 27 this year in Odessa employees of "Golden eagle" and the Organized Crime Control Department stole on the street of the citizen Konstantin Timoshkin known in the criminal world as "Timokh".

Timoshkin has quite peace specialization. He isn't a bandit and not the racketeer, and "looking" behind the Odessa prisons. That is, it provides sidelets to all necessary, and also acts as the world judge in case of the conflicts between prisoners. And here, Timoshkin suffices directly on the street employees the Organized Crime Control Department, roll up a mouth we skip and throw in the "berkutovsky" minibus where brutally beat. Then bring to any cellar and there beat some hours, smother and in every possible way scoff. Then one of ubopovets includes a video camera and Timoshkin's interrogation begins. Main issue: "Who works for you in the Organized Crime Control Department? " Without having received the answer ubopovets, judging by a voice, absolutely young, starts demanding that Timoshkin under record declared that he "is ready to cooperate with law-enforcement bodies and will give them all necessary information. "

At the same time other bastard - ubopovets shoots interrogation with the mobile phone. Probably, to brag to the ublyudochny relatives. We have this disk in edition. After viewing of this nightmare absolutely accurately you understand that we still have "eagles", don't know, Lutsenko or Bedrikovsky who are ready to beat and kill anyone. Probably these citizens will declare soon that they were aware not of actions of the subordinates. In that case they not only criminals, but also full мудаки.

But we will return to a plot. Having received such record, ubopovets decide that "Timokh" will tell nobody that beat him and at him scoffed, and will cooperate about the Organized Crime Control Department. Also throw it near the prison, chained to a fence. And next day one of cops - executioners calls Timoshkin and orders to tell the that it was beaten by Azerbaijanians.Most likely "agenturist" from the Organized Crime Control Department decided at one stroke not only to enlist "Timokhu", but also with his help to launch war between "animals" and "Slavs". Ingeniously! However, "Timokh" tells the truth, and in response to a call tells ubopovets everything that thinks of it. Morons from the Organized Crime Control Department understand that their cunning "the operational combination" failed and start throwing disks with above-mentioned record by familiar "Timokhi". Thus these idiots - butchers don't understand that itself thus documented. Though persons on shootings aren't present, but the voice and some other details is very distinct and recognizable. We with pleasure will transfer a disk in SBU or GPU if the last decide to arrive under the law and to stop activity of "eagles" of Bedrikovsky. Request not to worry, eat WB of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at us the basis to assume, as you are involved in activity of this gang.

And now we will try to understand that it actually was.

Konstantin Timoshkin already is a lot of years as served the sentence. I married, he gave birth to the son, it built the house and bought a dog. I worked, I led a quiet life and I wasn't going to come back to prison. There was no it and any "a bone in a throat" at militiamen - not "быковал" and not беспредельничал. It wasn't tied and in any large financial schemes which the Organized Crime Control Department could covet. Why then to Timoshkin applied so cruel, boundless and illegal measures? After all as a result of this "ubopovsky recruitment" at Timonkin the skull bones are shattered, all body continuous bruise and for its health and life can still be charged nobody. For what there was this wild, barbarous beating? And who authorized it?

Yes, the militia is not the ballet. And in relation to murderers, tyrants, bespredelshchik, especially during the first hours interrogation cruel methods are often applied. But Timoshkin never was neither the murderer, nor the tyrant, a bespredelshchik. And nobody interrogated it. Then - that it was? The most terrible is that it there was "recruitment". That is, without having brains, without owning psychological methods of secret-service work, young "agenturist" with the permission of the administration solved stupidly and simply "вербануть" "Timokhu's authority". If worked - that the Organized Crime Control Department would receive an excellent source of information, and performers - awards. But if ubopovets though inquired about "Timokhe" a little, would understand that it won't be possible to break him. But ubopovsky butchers didn't find time to make it. As a result - обгадились and it is serious.Besides, silly geeks don't understand that will be terrible to live to them now. After all even peace "Timokhu" can be put in situation when he will be compelled to revenge. Besides, will revenge not one "Timokh". And, probably, not only to these stupid butchers, but also all militia as a whole.

The crime was, is and will be always. And the cop having though a few brains, understands that it is necessary to fight against it not infinately that in this eternal war there are rules and the code of honor. Also is in general - that the Law.

Still there live veterans of militia, on which account of ten successful and thin recruitments. Recruitments without gas masks, ломов and tortures. Yes, here it are militiamen. And those geeks who killed "Timokhu" is criminals much more dangerous, than a usual crime. First of all because they are criminals from own dullness and absence of any principles. And for them all - is equal whom to abduct and to kill, "Timokhu" or the journalist Gongadze. These geeks, and young, are ready on everything. And me personally, all - is equal, whether Bedrikovsky, Lutsenko and a lot of others of the deputy minister knows about their existence. For me now all of them - the same dangerous and dirty geeks.

We thought that the era of "eagles" came to an end with Kuchma's era. But it appeared that "orange eagles" it is better nothing than "Kravchenko's eagles". And I for hundred percent am sure that they in the same way kill and will kill peace citizens, as well as Pukachi, Kostenko and Popovichi. And the center of this evil is the Organized Crime Control Department. This structure necessary in 90-е years, before our eyes turned into the corrupted gang of murderers. Their absence of control and uselessness (the situation in the country changed long ago), led to that this structure itself became an organized criminal group. And it is necessary to destroy it for safety of all citizens of Ukraine. There can't be honest a chief of GUBOP Bedrikovsky if his subordinates are engaged in stealing and tortures of people. Can't be the head of law enforcement agency Lutsenko if doesn't see this danger.

Soon we will lay out on a site samples of voices "the Odessa recruiters". We hope that honest colleagues of these geeks if the such are available, will have enough courage at least to report in edition of "HORDES" of a surname of these freaks. Because while there are these bad people of danger all of us are exposed. Today they stole and spoiled "Timokhu", and tomorrow they will make too most with any citizen. Because they aren't able differently and aren't able anything else. Probably, they were mistaken a profession and would find itself, for example, on a slaughter.But it any more our problem, and Bedrikovsky and Lutsenko's problem.

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