Road accident details in Kharkov. "One of vital credos of the murderer – to live at the expense of suckers... "

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It is drunk - the reckless Ukrainian orgy which is becoming aggravated during holidays or in their eve, reaped again the bloody crop. In paskhalno - May Day decade of the most resonant there was the Kharkov tragedy though by number of victims it obviously conceded to the helicopter.

As witnesses of road accident in Kharkov, where the drunk driver killed six passersby, there is a weight (by the way, one of the reasons of the happened resonance), many mass media almost constantly already painted all this horror. To avoid repetitions, the author will cut chronology the tragedy a little, having focused attention on not numerous little-known certificates concerning the incident, and also will try to pay attention of public to some socially - political aspects of this tragedy.

According to official information of provided local GAI to the governor Arsen Avakov, "… 2-го May around 17.05 on the street the Poltava highway … the car of L-200 Mitsubishi state. No. AH 99-93 AT under control of Poltavts Andrey Pavlovich 1971 carried out arrival on the pedestrians who were at a tram stop. " - read, I crashed at a full speed into crowd of people expecting the tram. As a result of road accident directly a place six people, including two children were lost. Andrey Poltavets got off light and several punches which to him eyewitnesses of the tragedy before militia arrival managed to give. By the way, under the certificate of some passengers, I rescued the gun from Poltavts's immediate mob killings, threatening which it I tried to stop the flown into a rage people. The militia, however, doesn't confirm this fact. Yesterday court Poltavtsa before consideration of the proceedings initiated against it in fact detained.

"The road accident reason - the driver was in a state of intoxication (alcohol blood 2.8 promily, urine 3,26 promily, UD according to Art. 286 ч.3 is opened)... ". As for promily, that, according to narcologists, responsible for road accident before it used shortly not less than a halfliter of vodka, his statement that drank in days before 150-200 гр. vodka, and pass tragedies only I plaid about a green tea - a full crap. Art. 286 essence ч.3 on which criminal case is already brought, briefly was commented by the chief of city GAI Garik Varshamyan:"The violation of the rules of the traffic which has led to death of several people - from 7 - ми till 12 years of a prison term".

As for bloody details with a tightening of victims under wheels of the mad SUV, I miss them. It is enough to mention only the comment of one of eyewitnesses of the tragedy, the former military Nikolay Nekrasov: "Imagine that the easy tank crashed into crowd of people at a speed of 150 km/h. The result is obvious". GAI officers claim that jeep speed at the time of accident was about one hundred, and a two-three of eyewitnesses - motorists visually estimate it not less than at 150 km/h.

One more witness of the tragedy, long time following for ill-fated "Mitsubishis", claims that roughly driver started violating the traffic regulation him as soon as, I got to a field of his sight. And on Konev Street created an emergency, trying to overtake the standing tram at the left, and moving towards it was compelled to stop too to pass the reckless driver. And on all route, the witness claims, GAI officers and ппс - nicknames few times came across, but none of them didn't risk тормознуть future murderer. On various Kharkov the Internet - forums some people unanimously claim that many times earlier watched a peculiar manner of driving of the owner of this car. Here one of similar revelations: "Often I met this bespredelshchik on roads, number AX9993AT is easily remembered and criminal, on - to mine …". That is it turns out that in sight of GAI Andrey Poltavets could and had to get not only, in day of the tragedy, but also it is a lot of earlier. But didn't get, or nevertheless got, but further everything was solved mzdoimno - amicably?

Now about the place of accident. The tram stop near the Southern station any more for the first time becomes a place of tragic death of people. The Kharkov citizens who are constantly using trams of this route, are as if in a trap - to stand at a stop it is scared, but it is necessary to go. In GAI claim that being the intersection of the Poltava highway is slightly lower and Red Army is one of the most emergency, for the last three years there were 30 road accidents, within five years five people suffered, and the notorious stop already again became a tragedy place. Nearly seven years ago here in a similar situation three people got under Audi wheels, one of them was lost.

And only today already mentioned chief горГАИ G. Varshamyan started talking that in the itself stop "is extremely dangerous, and there it is necessary to establish a protection".Really for similar conclusions it was required tens accidents and crippled, and seven victims?

However, this question, probably, needs to be addressed not only GAI, but also that municipal горслужбам which are responsible for the equipment of safe stops and the road. Under the certificate of many eyewitnesses, a cause of accident became not only the ultraboundary speed of a jeep and a drunk condition of the driver, but also a huge pothole, having flown in which car I lost management and I crashed into people. That is guilty of the happened tragedy not only Poltavets, but also road builders, indirectly testifies one of his colleagues, agreed incognito to communicate to me. Under its certificate, Andrey Poltavets was the most experienced driver. Yes, happened, having drunk, I took the wheel, but right there I sobered. And though, sometimes, I violated rules, but always I controlled a situation. And only any unexpected external factor could lead to accident. The ill-fated pothole in which, by the way, the author where - that about a year ago, hurrying from the tram on the train, nearly didn't break a leg personally could become such factor also.

No, I at all don't wish though to rehabilitate Poltavts, but also for eternal ямину on the road near a stop someone has to at last - to answer that? ! With this question I addressed in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies where me at once besieged, having told that similar questions are ready to answer only to the journalists having accreditation in a press - service - I lost it, seemingly, forever about two years ago after one of articles whether about Gep, whether about Dop. Militiamen in response to a similar question only puzzly hemmed: pier, what there a pothole if responsible is available. And only in regional prosecutor's office I was told confidentially that if business will be untwisted according to the full program then the penalty can comprehend not only Poltavtsa, but also someone from responsible housing and communal services. And the full program can happen only if corresponding "vkazivka" comes from Kiev. Especially as at the deputy general director of the Kharkov JSC Avtomar Poltavts of the high-ranking implicit defenders it can appear enough.

Now about Poltavts's person. Already mentioned his colleague - incognito so characterized the chief: "Special mind doesn't differ, but as the performer knows the business not bad. It is very vigorous and physically strong. One of vital credos - to live at the expense of suckers. But thus anything can't achieve. Can be only "under someone".Who this patron I do precisely not know, I can only wonder. Possesses any animal intuition, but this time it obviously brought it. Recently I had an impression that he looks for death. Here also I found, however, the others. Though if gets to a pre-trial detention center or on a zone, there it it is possible, and will find. Convicts of infanticides punish strictly …"

Well and finally some words about political and social aspects of this tragedy.

After accident

Already next day after accident with very rigid statement concerning her responsible, with an unambiguous appeal to law enforcement agencies to take the most urgent and drastic measures to a legal investigation and punishment of responsible the Kharkov governor acted. Local regionals right there estimated this statement, as political and public relations on the tragedy. In opened, however, none of them yet didn't explain in what the political component of the governor's statement consists. But in private telephone conversation one of familiar Kharkov regional deputies built the following chain: JSC Avtomar is one of structural units of Ukravtovaz trading house which in turn is very closely tied with the well-known corporation "AIS" which actual owner is нардеп - the regional Dmitry Svyatash. Well, and Svyatash, except other, is known not only as Dobkin's close friend to Kernes but also as the probable candidate for a post of the mayor of Kharkov from regionals, awaking there will be early elections of it. Chain, of course, zybenky, but you never can tell?

The Avakovsky statement also underwent obstruction and from human rights activists. However, yet Kharkov, and why - that Vinnytsia which saw in it pressure upon law enforcement agencies and Poltavts's barefaced pre-judicial charge of the tragedy. With a request to comment on the statement of Vinnytsia colleagues, and also the statement of the governor and the tragedy the author addressed in the Kharkov human rights group. However there, having referred to absence on a management place, any comments while refused. And the girl who has lifted a tube, having reported it, only also I added supposedly to them there, in Vinnytsia it is easy to discuss the Kharkov events, they would try at with such zayavy to act after the similar tragedy …

And really Kharkov now simply rages. The indignant citizens simply compete, offering penalties, due will fall upon Poltavts's head.And rather tolerant Internet public on a set of local sites simply exercises the wit in ways of worry not only responsible for the tragedy, but also GAI officers with other militiamen and authorities. Certain - on Kaloyev who one of the first Poltavtsa suggested to settle without court, and - screws with housing and communal services to hang out GAI on columns round a stop where there was the tragedy, many designate, almost in national heroes …


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