Going to bank, prepare for a robbery! How to behave at the time of a robbery?

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If you are a visitor, and appeared "in unnecessary time in an unnecessary place", your chances the hostage at a robbery of bank be very great. Having appeared in the seized bank, take some measures which will help you not to suffer physically, and, probably, even to survive.In some banks there are armed militiamen or security service specialists. If such employees are in bank, to their duties belongs not to allow bank capture by the armed robbers. Be always on the alert. Be ready to fall to a floor to find shelter especially at the first moments of a robbery. Rise from a floor only if you are sure that firing stopped. In any situation don't get up and don't show excessive curiosity. As a rule, the person who fusses, can be killed or wounded on cross fire or a casual bullet.

Don't give even the slightest reason that bandits took you for the security guard or the militiaman. Bandits can act with groups, and not all from them open itself at the beginning of a robbery. They can be among other clients of bank in readiness to kill any who will seem to them the security guard or simply potentially the dangerous. Don't do sharp movements, don't get anything from a jacket or bags.

If you employee of bank

If you work in bank, your chances of a meeting with the robber are much higher, than at the simple visitor. Voprevykh try to remember that the bank belongs not to you, and the owner who didn't find time to take care of your safety and if it not so then who swings the gun at your person and demands money at all. If your workplace isn't equipped with a bullet-proof glass, and in bank office even there is no armed security guard and the system of automatic blocking of the doors reacting to an entrance to bank of the armed person then, the owner himself is guilty that robbed his bank.

Remember, the bullet from the gun is capable to punch any plastic and a tree, without speaking about the thin glass separating you from the robber. Give to the robber money, him all the same will find, and here health and life to you already who won't return.

It is best of all not to look to bandits in the face, and at once to calm them the phrase:"Yes take money, I am not sorry, not my bank".

Pressing of the disturbing button can anger the robber if you make it considerably for it. But even if you managed to press it imperceptibly, the arrived militia can provoke the bandit to take you hostage or even to kill, you have to remember it. Remember once again if the bandit got into premises of bank, it not your fault, and wine of shareholders allowed it to rob the bank, saving on your safety.

The hero after …

In New year the worker of one of banks of Ukraine detained the robber, but made it the price of a bullet wound in an abdominal cavity and a foot, it is necessary to tell that after any trauma of people loses health, and after wound in a stomach, the person in general for the rest of life remains the disabled person.

On the eve of Easter on April 26, 2008 around 11.00. unknown shot 1 employee of bank and 1 more wounded then, having stolen about 15 thousand hryvnias, disappeared.

Even if our hero both was armed, and didn't get on the robber with barehanded, and would use the weapon on defeat and liquidated hit that to it, most likely would be not to avoid long investigation as a result of which, him still could find guilty of excess of measures of necessary self-defense. Well and the second case at all doesn't need my comments.

But the it annoying at all. And that having shown heroism, you don't receive - that - го except "thanks".


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