"The investigator told: "As soon as documents that you are live will be ready, you will put for escape"

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Run away from places of imprisonment and the inhabitant of the Rovno area disappearing in the neighboring countries returned to Ukraine with intention to begin normal life, but it appeared that in the homeland of it... long ago buried

37- the summer inhabitant of the village Guerrilla the Dubrovitsky region of the Rovno area Anatoly Shinkar made escape from imprisonment places where served sentence for theft five years ago. I settled in Belarus. In December 2007-го arrived to Ukraine with firm intention to return to normal life. But it appeared that in the homeland of it... long ago buried. Police officers at first detained the fugitive, but then were compelled to release: the law doesn't allow to hold in custody the dead person. The investigator has no right to make official investigation as his person under investigation legally doesn't exist...

"With documents difficult. How to make them at the existing certificate on death? "

- I as all normal people, - Anatoly Shinkar tells lived. - There was at me a family, together with the wife we brought up two children. I worked at buildings. At first we lived with my parents, then decided to build the house. I even was discharged from office, having solved all forces and time to give to creation of own housing. Plans were the most iridescent. And suddenly like a bolt from the blue - problems with the law, court, a colony...

I got to prison by nonsense. Very much now I am sorry about it. I after all from - for it lost practically everything.

Generally, put me for five years for theft. To serve sentence sent to the Politsky corrective colony. It in the Rovno area. From there for good behavior transferred to the settlement. Many, by the way, think that the settlement is already almost freedom. Anything similar! It is the same zone, even stronger, with even more high security.

From the settlement I ran away. As - that me together with others condemned sent to clean the territory near the route Exactly - Lutsk, from where I, having snatched the moment, and I disappeared. I got by the night home. Anybody didn't see me, even the wife. I took the international passport stored there in garage and I went towards Belarus. To border from us only some kilometers. I crossed customs without problems.On a lift I reached to Minsk. According to the announcement in the newspaper I settled the builder to a private trader. Then I got over to other Belarusian city - Orsha. I went to Moscow later. Then there was Tyumen. And... again Orsha. After several years of drudgeries there was a wish to see a home especially as period of validity of the international passport came to an end.

I arrived in Guerrilla some days before new, 2008-го, years. Having seen me, mother in crying. Father in general shocked. What's the matter? " - I think. It appears, me long ago, nearly three years ago, buried. To parents certified a death. I at first didn't believe their words. Running beforehand, I will tell that I several times went on the mogilka. Feelings that still! Even there I drank hundred grams. However, near a cross I didn't assign flowers (smiles). - God forbid to somebody to come to a cemetery and to see there the grave! When parents recovered a little, we discussed the created situation. I made the firm decision to stay at home. Wasn't to disappear any more neither forces, nor desire. There was a strong wish to return to normal life.

Next day I decided to visit the wife, to look as she lives, but it appeared there the unwanted guest. I returned to parents. Soon I was detained by field investigators from the district, sent in Exactly. There put in the receiver - the distributor for thirty days. Here so strange it turned out: the dead man put... In a month released. Thanks to the investigator - the good person, treated my situation with understanding, not formally. "As soon as, - I warned, - documents that you are live, will be ready, criminal case will renew also you... will put for escape". And I here that think: what sense of what will send me to a colony or to the settlement? After all voluntary I returned to Ukraine, I want to live normally. If wanted to run away, long ago it would make, and the trace would catch a cold for a long time.

Generally, while my issues with documents are resolved, I help parents about the house. Sometimes I earn additionally on buildings. It is heavy to live in any uncertainty as though you and aren't present at all. Neither to get a job, nor to go where it is necessary, a new family to establish. And with documents difficult. How to make them at the existing certificate on death? The investigator says that the court can "revive" me only...

"All paradox that the person actually is, and legally isn't present it"

- Anatoly Shinkar made escape on April 16, 2003, - the investigator of the Rovno regional department of internal affairs Vitaly Trubka speaks.- At that time he served sentence in the form of freedom restriction in the settlement in the settlement the Town of the Rovno area. As soon as there was an opportunity - during public works outside the settlement - disappeared. On interrogation I told that, nobody noticed, I got home, I took the international passport and I got over to Belarus, then to Russia. In four years I decided to return to Ukraine.

On the fourth of September, 2005 in the wood, near the village Small Zholudsk (in the neighboring area), was found a corpse of the unknown man. There was an assumption that is Shinkar. On external signs (to growth, a hair color) the brother and the wife identified Anatoly. It is necessary to tell that the body already strongly went wrong by then and became almost unrecognizable. In the REGISTRY OFFICE certified a death of Anatoly Shinkarya. That is the person was officially recognized as the dead. Criminal case upon escape closed.

Having come back home in December, 2007, Shinkar first of all visited the former wife. The woman at once reported about its arrival to militia. It was detained and sent to the receiver - the distributor as the unidentified person. Resumed a pretrial investigation. But there was an ambiguous situation, in fact, a legal collision. Neither in court, nor in prosecutor's office, in the REGISTRY OFFICE where I consulted, nobody gives a definite answer what to do farther. To arrest, and also to carry out official investigative actions concerning Shinkarya it is impossible. All paradox that the person actually is, and legally isn't present it. Frankly speaking, earlier about such I at all didn't hear. By the way, therein we carried out dactyloscopic expertize. Fingerprints prove that it is live Anatoly Shinkar. And relatives recognized him at once. What doubts can be?.

- And what now to do to it?

- Yet won't receive on hands the new passport, neither it, nor I can't make any official actions. In principle, the exit from this situation is. Шинкарю it is necessary to nullify the certificate on death through court, to cancel assembly records in the REGISTRY OFFICE that it is dead, and to make new documents.

- Anatoly will receive new documents, recognize him live. But after all he ran away from the settlement...

- Frankly speaking, Shinkar not the bandit, he is the normal person who really wants to return to full-fledged life. On the settlement it had to be about two more years. Plus escape. It till three years of imprisonment. About five years turn out.But really Shinkar can receive much less - years one and a half...


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