The malefactor who has stolen a taxi, the brought-down pedestrian and stolen phone, from mob killings from taxi drivers was rescued by militiamen

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In the night of the sixth for August seventh all May Day taxi drivers were engaged in searches of the malefactor who stole the car at their colleague. One of participants told about it "night searches".

He told that the young girl asked for the help - the driver of a taxi "006" which serves the city of Pervomaisk of the Nikolaev area. Irina, so call the girl, I told the colleagues that the unknown - the client of a taxi, tried to rape her and when it didn't manage to be made to it, simply on simply I took control of her JELLY car and I disappeared. According to the girl everything occurred near the settlement of the city Suburban type, around 22.00.

Taxi drivers looked for the offender of the colleague all night long and probably well that didn't find. Could simply the mob killings will come true.

The malefactor was found only in the morning on August 7 and that not by taxi drivers, and police officers. Probably it and rescued it from furious taxi drivers. According to one of them, to the car thief was by sight years 30 and it, according to police officers for this night I "behaved oddly" very strongly.

After the criminal left on a stolen car, he made arrival on the person and disappeared from a scene. The man with a fracture of the leg and other injuries now is in May Day central regional hospital. And between stealing and road accident "the night idler" got on well at an interval at someone else and to steal the mobile phone.

That pushed the young man on commission of such complex of crimes it isn't known yet.

At present the criminal is detained and to be in custody. Most likely in relation to it criminal case on a number of articles, in particular will be brought: Art. 289 - "An illegal taking the vehicle", Art. 186 - "Robbery" and Art. 286 "Traffic safety violation of the rules".


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